RoivasSevil Visit - May 12, 2012

On May 12, 2012 RoivasSevil came in chat with a darkened camera and begged for assistance coming 'through the Dark Place' where they had become lost. The chat was short, and followed with hurried debate regarding the wisdom of calling RoivasSevil. Debate was eventually dropped for the sake of time.

RoivasSevil typically comes in chat with a blue camera with small animated butterflies flying around the screen. RoivasSevil will not speak until multiple Butterflies are on camera, and have changed their names to their given Butterfly names. RoivasSevil usually speak in a backwards alpha-numerical cypher which has been transposed into regular text for this transcript. The transcript has been edited and usernames have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

May 12, 2012

RoivasSevil enters the chat room. The camera is faded and dark.
RoivasSevil: Please help. More butterflies.
Chat: What's wrong?
RoivasSevil: I am lost
Chat: What do you mean by lost?
RoivasSevil: Have you ever had a dream where you can't wake up but yous till know you're dreaming?
Chat: So you're dreaming?
RoivasSevil: I do not sleep so I do not dream.
Chat: Well, then what do you mean?
RoivasSevil: This is how I am lost.
Chat: So you are lost because you feel like you're dreaming even though you can't sleep?
RoivasSevil: I have gone into a part of the Dark Place I do not understand.
Chat: Did you go there yourself, or were you brought there? Was it an accident?
RoivasSevil: I am trying to appear to you.
Chat: So you go into the Dark Place to try and appear to us and got lost and confused…
RoivasSevil: I can almost see…
More Butterflies gather on screen
Chat: Can we ask you questions in the meantime?
RoivasSevil: You may try.
Chat: Is this form going to be permanent?
RoivasSevil: In a way, I think so.
Chat: When you take this form, what will happen to us?
RoivasSevil: ?
Chat: When you take a form, will it have any affect on us?
RoivasSevil: We will all be stronger.
Chat: What "we all'? You all, or us all including you?
RoivasSevil: All of us.
Heliconioides: I was wondering what my name meaning was?
RoivasSevil: I am too weak to answer that questions right now…
Chat: That's pretty big. Name meaning are pretty standard. Unless Heliconioides' meaning is really important.
Heliconioides: I doubt that's it.
Chat: None of us should doubt our importance.
RoivasSevil: Yes, you are all important. Thank you my Butterflies
Chat: What do you need us to do.
RoivasSevil: I am lost between the dark place and where you are… I need you to pull me through.
Chat: How do we help? What do we do?
RoivasSevil: I need your voice you must ask for me.
Chat: I do believe in Roivas? We ask for Roivas?
RoivasSevil: You must ask for me where you first saw me.
Chat: Oh, we need to go to YouTube with videos asking for Roivas.
RoivasSevil: Please hurry, I don't have much time.
RoivasSevil leaves the chat

Special thanks to Missanna for compiling this chat log