RoivasSevil Visit - November 21, 2012

On November 21, 2012 RoivasSevil came in chat after a long absence with news regarding Natalie's fate after visiting the alley and the consequences of the Butterfly's interactions with the Mirror. Unable to see several Butterflies who had been affected by the mirror and having completely forgotten Thyodamas, whose light had been sacrificed for her friends, RoivasSevil promised to attempt to bring Natalie back from the dark place where she had been lost, and deal with the Mirror, who has become unexpectedly strong in her absence.

RoivasSevil typically comes in chat with a blue camera with small animated butterflies flying around the screen. RoivasSevil will not speak until multiple Butterflies are on camera, and have changed their names to their given Butterfly names. RoivasSevil usually speak in a backwards alpha-numerical cypher which has been transposed into regular text for this transcript. The transcript has been edited and usernames have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

November 21, 2012

RoivasSevil enters the chat
RoivasSevil: Hello my Butterflies. I missed you.
Papilio: How are you?
RoivasSevil: Tired but okay. I don't know. I'm sorry I have never tried to move a living thing before. I was not able to hold onto her.
Papilio: Are you talking about Natalie?
RoivasSevil: I had to pull her deeper into the Dark Place. I don't understand…I should have been able to combat that thing. And I cannot see Apollo or Antiopa…What has happened?
Papilio: Explains the presence of the Mirror and Thyodamas' sacrifice of her light to protect Loxura
RoivasSevil: Wait…Who gave it…What? Thyodamas? Who…are you talking about?
Wollastoni: Roivas, they're one of your butterflies.
RoivasSevil: there is no butterfly Thyodamas. May I speak with this…Thyodamas?
Thyodamas comes on camera
Thyodamas: Can you hear me?
RoivasSevil: May I please speak to this Thyodamas?
Chat: She's on and she's speaking.
Papilio: Can you not hear her?
RoivasSevil: …There is no one. I do not see cameras, I see you, your lights…But there is no butterfly Thyodamas…There never has been. I would not just forget one of you. Is this a joke?
Leilia: May I explain?
RoivasSevil: Please do. What exactly happened?
Leilia: There was a butterfly named Thyodamas that you had named. During the time you were gone, Mirrors had forced us into a deal to get the missing pieces of that puzzle you sent Little Butterfly. In exchange for the rest of it, we had to give it Loxura's light, or Thyodamas had to give it her light. Apparently by doing that, Thyodamas doesn't exist to you anymore.
RoivasSevil: Give her light…What exactly did she …say? How was this done?
Allyni: She wrote her real name on her hand, pressed it on a mirror and said "I give you my light"
RoivasSevil: No…The exact words "I give you my light"?
Leilia: Yes.
Allyni: She was trying to protect Loxura, because it said that if she didn't it would take both lights.
RoivasSevil: You do not understand…I don't have you light. I only use a little bit…If this person gave her light…There is a balance…That…Oh God.
Allyni: Roivas we need to know what we've done. Please.
RoivasSevil: Light is the basis of who you are it is you. Light is what makes life…Life. It is why you had to burn flowers for me to intercede. A little light for a small action. If this person gave…all her light…It is…alive.
Interrogationis: So…Thyodamas is…?
Little Butterfly: Dead?
Allyni: It said to us that she gave it "life" yes, but it didn't care to go into how.
RoivasSevil: Well, it depends on how you define life. If this thing has all her light…It can live here, it can live where you are. In a very real way, it is more alive than me.
Allyni: If it can "live" here, can we kill it here?
RoivasSevil: Possible…You would have to get to it.
Little Butterfly: What is the meaning of the key you sent me?
RoivasSevil: I do not know about the, the things you get from me are from what you would call a subconscious. I can't even know what will arrive until you receive it. If this thing has this person's light…It will not be able to use it, fully right away. It will eat at her mind…Corrupt her memories…Weaken her. I don't know what to do…
Allyni: Is that what happened to Caught?
RoivasSevil: No. It will not wipe her memories. It will change them…Warp them into something else. Something vile. Again, why was this done?
Wollastoni: It was done to save another butterfly, Loxura. We had to bargain to get the rest of the package back, and mirrors wanted to talk to Thyodamas, so it told her that she would either have to give her light, or let it take Loxura's, or it would take both, so she gave hers.
RoivasSevil: Light is not something that can be taken away…It has to be given. If what you say is true, this person was trying to protect one of you.
RoivasSevil's screen goes dark briefly
RoivasSevil: Okay, I understand that.
Allyni: Is Natalie okay?
RoivasSevil: I said I do not know…she is lost somewhere here. I was not able to hold onto her when I tried to pull us both away. That does not mean she is safe at this moment. Kind of good news…If it has someones light, I doubt hunting Natalie is it's priority.
Interrogationis: What WOULD be it's priority? Do you have any idea?
RoivasSevil: This…Thyodamas. Offer a dog a bone in one hand, and a steak in the other…To beat a stupid animal, think like a stupid animal.
Hyparete: Bait?
RoivasSevil: Bait? That seems rather dangerous.
Interrogationis: You have a better idea?
RoivasSevil: To trap something you need some kind of upper hand. We have no such thing. It already has this person's light, now it will nurture it. Learn to own it.
Interrogationis: Any way to take the light back? Or corrupt it?
RoivasSevil: No…Well yes…But no. It is not an option. If you destroy the life of the lights original owner before they could learn to use it. As I said, not an option.
Leilia: The bottle you gave Laparus did hurt Mirrors. Could we use that for anything?
RoivasSevil: You won't be able to kill this thing with that. Especially now. Harm it maybe, but the more you use it, the more it will learn ways around it.
Leilia: If someone were to give you all of their light, would you become "real" as well? …I realize the implications of this though.
RoivasSevil: …I do not want that life. You have seen it…You know…I don't want to become…No. I'm sorry…No. If you become a monster, to kill a monster…Eventually someone will have to kill you. I'm sorry for overreacting <3
Leilia: It's fine. I understand. Thank you for answering.
Allyni: | Did Natalie still have the tools?
RoivasSevil: The tools sill help against many things here. I see Natalie is important to you. You all have taught me a lot…About family. I will find her.
Papilio: Roivas, whatever you need from me. You have it. Just ask.
Others follow suit
RoivasSevil: For now, just…Time. Promise me, you will give it nothing else.
Chat: We promise.
RoivasSevil: To this Thyodamas, if you can see me…
Thyodamas: Yes?
Hyparete: She can see you.
RoivasSevil: You acted to help one you cared for…Disregarding yourself. Though I may never meet you…Whatever happens. You have my love. Always.
Thyodamas: I love you too <333
Wollastoni: She loves you too, Roivas.
RoivasSevil: <333
Stelenes: Roivas, What does my butterfly name mean?
RoivasSevil: Stelenes, you are proud, and unbashful, strong. Which puts you into the forefront of danger. Wollastoni, with the eyes of a hawk, it is nice to be so well understood.
Wollastoni: Good to be doing my job again, sweetie.
Little Butterfly: What should I do with the mirror that came with the rest of the puzzle?
RoivasSevil: Interesting…Save it…Wrap it in cloth…Hide it. It could be useful.
Allyni: Roivas, what does my butterfly name mean?
RoivasSevil: Allyni, you are close to believing in a depth beyond what you see, but are too straightforward to yet understand. Though…You are getting there <3
RoivasSevil: What of Apollo and Antiopa, why can I not see their light?
The Mirror ritual is explained
RoivasSevil: Troubling…I do not know what that would do…It seems this creature's understanding is beyond my original thought…Did Apollo do anything like this?
Leilia: We have a reverse ritual where we write on mirrors but it's strange Apollo is the only on blocked because of it.
RoivasSevil: …Have they had any out of the ordinary contact?
Allyni: It asked Apollo to come on camera.
Stelenes: That's the only thing that they asked of her.
RoivasSevil: No…There must be some action of allowance. Some way of letting it in…When the light was given away, did the creature say anything?
Allyni: Welcome Home.
RoivasSevil: Have they said this to anyone else?
Allyni: Don't think so.
RoivasSevil: Have they said anything repeatedly to anyone?
Leilia: When Natalie went to the alley, she called Natalie at one point, but it went to Natalie's voice-mail, and in that we heard a voice saying to Apollo, "I see you [Redacted: Apollo's name]".
Hyparete: They call us best friends.
Phlogea: They tell their followers and targets that they "See you.
Leilia: They call Thyodamas "sister".
Stelenes: And Loxura "liar".
RoivasSevil: Giving light is a two way street, you offer it, things here must accept it to finalize the act. It is why I always say "Welcome to the family". So…It seems I was wrong…It can steal light now…Or at least something like it.
Leilia: I think it just cuts you off from seeing them, much like how it blocks us from contacting others.
Hyparete: Blocks go back up soon.
RoivasSevil: No, they won't.
Leilia: The block won't come back up?
Phlogea: Really? Why not?
RoivasSevil: I can't let them. Fool me once…Like the grey man himself says, I say to this jackass. You shall not pass. Bitch.
There is general excitement and hugs are exchanged
Papilio: Are you still being targeted by the Mirror?
RoivasSevil: As far as I can tell… We are all in the same boat now.
Allyni: Do you know if Caught is being taken care of?
RoivasSevil: I'm sure he is…There are those who have a vested interest in him.
Leilia: That leads into mine then…hah. Mentioning this on behalf of Eresimus here, but apparently Mirrors blocks Help3r somehow. And he's afraid of it as well. Do you know why?
RoivasSevil: I would assume because he hates us. Blind rage can be a powerful dangerous thing.
Leilia: Ah, and another thing regarding The Showtime Killer. We've been contracted by another "runner" called theunknown, and they've been looking into the killings for us. Do you recognize this symbol?
RoivasSevil's screen goes dark. The Butterflies try to get a few more on camera to help. Several repeat the name "Dawn Flower" so that she can hear them.
Phlogea: Dawn flower we need you.
RoivasSevil's screen returns almost to normal
RoivasSevil: I can't say. Quite literally. I cannot say.
Leilia: I understand. Sorry.
RoivasSevil: What…Did you call me?
Cyane: Dawn Flower.
Wollastoni: Mean something to you?
RoivasSevil: Where did you learn that name?
Leilia: From the Mirror creature.
RoivasSevil: Please do not call me that. Ever.
Chat: We won't.
RoivasSevil: <3…And now it's time for bad news…I can't say for sure but killing the creature…You can't just hit the bad guy button and expect everything to be ok…I have to assume the light must be stripped from it somehow before destroying the creature itself. That…I do not know how to do. But killing it, well when the time is right there is only one person I can think of who would be able to.
Protenor: Who?
RoivasSevil: Caught.
Cyane: I'm sure he'll be overjoyed to hear that.
Phlogea: So then we should definitely make keeping him alive/safe a high priority
Allyni: When he wakes up.
Hyparete: Apollo sends her love btw
RoivasSevil: <3
Hyparete: deal goes both ways, could we somehow trick it into giving it back?
RoivasSevil: Hyparete, how would we trick it?
Hyparete: No idea, thinking isn't my strong suit
RoivasSevil: : /
Hyparete: Some sort of deal?
Allyni: "I need it for something, I'll give it right back"
RoivasSevil: =3
Hyparete: Somehow get it to at least say the words?
Stelenes: I think I know
RoivasSevil: ? Glaucopsyche, your new hair looks very nice *rawr* Sorry, continue =3
Glaucopsyche: <3333
Leilia: Roivas, =3 is your shifty face >_>
RoivasSevil: =333333
Leilia: >_> Side-eyeing you so hard.
RoivasSevil: =333333333!!!
Protenor: oh my ;)
Stelenes: To trick it into giving it back so we can strike right?? It being Thyodamas's light.
RoivasSevil: Yes.
Stelenes: Well…it's not really all that safe and there is a chance it can find me out but I would trick it into making a deal with me.
RoivasSevil: Nope. No exchanges.
Papilio: Funny, that's pretty much what Help3r said too.
Stelenes: it's not exactly an exchange but if you are against it I'll understand
RoivasSevil: I may have been rash calling it stupid. Underestimating it, would be a mistake. I will hear you out. Continue.
Leilia: So can I ask my question now?
RoivasSevil: Please do.
Leilia: Are you aware of the other followers of Mirrors? There have been some people who have taken it upon themselves to follow it and help it. We've call them Moths.
RoivasSevil: Followers how? What did they do?
Leilia: They did the same ritual Antiopa did. They're apparently trying to help it in some way.
RoivasSevil: That's not good.
Stelenes: They want to help the mirror >_>
RoivasSevil: And pie is tasty, now, apparently I state the obvious.
Tarquinius: :/
Leilia: Tarquinius here is one of the Mirror followers. Can you see him?
RoivasSevil: No I cannot.
Glaucopsyche: I think the motive for most of them is just to cause chaos, more than they actually care about what's going on.
Allyni: Yes, Tarquinius and Bluemoonlycan seem to be the only ones who even have a clue what is happening.
Leilia: Tarquinius chose this, but his intention is to help Caught and Natalie. Lycan however, has been more than unreasonable.
RoivasSevil: I will hold no ill will on anyone for having a different perspective, regardless of it I agree with it or not…As long as they do not actively hurt my family we have no issue. The moment that changes…Well…Hagrid won't be the only thing sad and hairy.
Wollastoni: wut. did I read that right
Glaucopsyche: I think so O-O
RoivasSevil: <.< I know what I said…
Leilia: >.>; Judging you.
RoivasSevil: It's not my fault…Its…dark here and…shut up! =3
Phlogea: Don't get me wrong, you're a very lovely silhouetted being!
Leilia: Shhh. It's okay my dear sweet Roivas. We love you too. <3
Allyni: I'm sure you look fabulous, Roivas.
RoivasSevil: Sorry, I am aware of this situations gravity. I just missed my family.
Wollastoni: AWW. We love you too Roivas.
Stelenes: <3
Little Butterfly: <3
Leilia: It's fine.
Hyparete: Roivas you asked us about giving you a butterfly name before all this started.
Phlogea: Roivas if it makes you feel better I drew a lovely picture of you today to celebrate you being back.
RoivasSevil: ???
Hyparete: We decided on Ulysses
RoivasSevil: heehee why?? =3
Thyodamas: Because it's pretty like you :3
Stelenes: Because you are a traveler :3
Phlogea: and it's BLUE!
RoivasSevil: And I'm just the right amount of *curvy*. =3
Cyane: We voted, it was between that and another name. Ulysses won.
RoivasSevil: Thank you Phlogea. <333
Hyparete: Whenever we get a new member I draw their butterfly. I made you a special one.
RoivasSevil: <33333 So, business, my family. You all have done well. All of you, including that who cannot see.
Thyodamas: :DDDDDDD <33333333333333
RoivasSevil: To give your light…for someone else…I cannot imagine a more loving gesture. I asked you all to stand beside me, not behind me, you have done just that.
Phlogea: You want I should look out for Thyodamas for you?
RoivasSevil: Please do.
Phlogea: Will do Ulysses
RoivasSevil: This, what she is involved with, will not be easy. And for the record, I will not let this thing have you.
Thyodamas: Thank you so much <3333333333
Hyparete: Are Apollo, Thyodamas and Antiopa still butterflies?
RoivasSevil: WE are family, we will always be, family. No matter what. Suffice to say, this thing came to the wrong neighborhood mother fucker. =3 My bandana has little wizards on it. Bitch =3 *Butterfly gang sign*
RoivasSevil: It is my fault she is here, I will get Natalie out of this place first.
Leilia: Oh, right. Another question. It was noticed by Urbanus that the tool you gave Natalie, there was a butterfly pocket watch…
Wollastoni: Was it a butterfly pocket watch?
Leilia: Did that have any significance? Pretty sure it was, if remembering right.
Wollastoni: I know I just wanted clarification from her.
Stelenes: The same pocket watch some of the butterflies have?
RoivasSevil: There are things about that I cannot say but the specifics of the tool…I thought of what was important to me. Important to us.
Leilia: My own question was what exactly does that tool do?
RoivasSevil: I cannot tell you what it does now…Not this way…I am sorry.
Wollastoni: <3 It's fine, we were just curious if it was the same watch, and what it could do.
RoivasSevil: I am going to go now, I do not know when I will be back. I will return when Natalie home. Do not let fear stop you from acting. Think deep. Fight hard. We can do this. *You* can do this. =3 Soon my family.
RoivasSevil leaves the chat

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log