Rule #3

For this Task A chosen few have been given the keys, to unlock this ruse.
above all, it would do them best to remember the rules.
Know truly though your chosen few, will make nothing of their answers, without the rest of you.
That here, simple indeed the hidden truth, but will be lost to all but a few,
listen close, make your minds anew.
It is to this that we should blame our fate, for it was here, a place in our minds he began to make.
A yarn drawn long, to tell a tale not yet told, a man possibly driven mad by war,
a notebook passed between friends, telling horrors, and warnings you foolishly ignored.
It was here your fate was indeed foretold unfinished, the authors of the book were taken, killed, no more.
what is this thing of which I speak, when you know, you will have the basis for your chosen few to save this sheep
For caught to be freed, look to your chosen few, combined together under the answer hidden here, they hold the answer to the question:

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Rule #3 was uploaded by 1AmTheHelp3r on August 16th, 2011. It is 1:30 minutes long.

1AmTheHelp3r outlines exactly what the fans must do to release Caught. The fan community is given a riddle, along with three riddles given to specific people, which, when combined, outine the answer to the question "What does he do?"

Additional Information

Solving the Puzzle

GrungePixie messaged 1AmTheHelp3r on August 18th, 2011, with the message "Smile" and the infamous of Logan covering his eye and grinning. Help3r responded "Good job. Five days remain."

The puzzle was untimely solved by YouTube User Xuchilvith on August 19th, Three days and 20 hours after the original riddle was posted. Help3r immediately posted a pardon on her account, as well as congratulations on several other user accounts, who were vital to solving the riddle.

Fan Interaction

Three fans were specifically called out to solve the puzzle, TheLadnek, WesternWhiteWolf, and Xuchilvith. Xuchilvith's private message is notable for the extra warning that 1AmTheHelp3r did not trust Xuchilvith after her work in solving RoivasSevil codes.

GrungePixie was also specifically communicated with after announcing that she would "Sit back and watch", Help3r sent her a warning reading "Be aware, all you who sit back and watch from afar, this is your responsibility as well, if caught is slain, his blood will be on your hands too. Rule# 41: Those who depend fully on the work of others for salvation, are but cattle for his slaughter."


Confirmed Theories

Working Theories and Observations

It was never made explicitly clear what would happen if the puzzle remained unsolved after seven days, but it was generally assumed that, should that happen, Help3r would kill Caught.

There was a brief discussion on Slendernation regarding contacting RoivasSevil and what consequences this might invoke. The riddle was solved before such action was taken.

It's probably worth noting that at 0:48, we can see 1AmTheHelp3r sat on the bed behind the doll. However the camera is still in front of the doll, and slightly shaking as if being held by someone. This someone may have been Caught forced to hold the camera, but what could perhaps be more likely (considering Caught's condition in shots shortly after this moment), is that 1AmTheHelp3r does not work alone, that someone else could have been holding the camera at this time.

Further Speculation

If the landlord is Help3r then maybe Caught is in that creepy basement apartment that was abandoned. I think the landlord might be a stretch too though. Since we've only seen him once, what other stake does he have in this or in Caught? ~ Crusergirl on Slendernation

This doll seems to have particular importance. Not sure why. ~ The Archivist

Well, H3LPER seems to be giving the vibe that he's on Slendy's side.
Maybe he's trying to get us to understand why Slendy is so great? Or why he kills off people who know about him? ~ Blue Eyes on Slendernation