Rule #4

Leaders always lead. Followers always follow.
A chosen few:
compileTRUTH deathOfChivalry ScionOfheTree TheLadnek checkersvalentine FoosRusN w00tT3hNinj4 HOAXStation thespiswolf Mesay20yr RabbitsandCrows LongForevers GrungePixie Tiro1000 tetrisfanatic Xuchilvth SideWaysThinker HarDHarKoopa PinkProgram pepperxiii WesternWhiteWolf BouquetofBlackRoses hehehe88 RunJump360 rabbitmagick MinorCupcakes stoppinglights Sakura4Hugs MrRisk0
Choose one to speak for all of you. You have one week.

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Rule #4 was uploaded by 1AmTheHelp3r on October 23rd, 2011. It is 0:53 minutes long.

1AmTheHelp3r gives the subscribers a list of viewers names and asks them to vote for a spokesperson.

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The "chosen few", from whom the spokesperson to be named include, compileTRUTH, deathOfChivalry, ScionOfheTree, TheLadnek, checkersvalentine, FoosRusN, w00tT3hNinj4, HOAXStation, thespiswolf, Mesay20yr, RabbitsandCrows, LongForevers, GrungePixie, Tiro1000, tetrisfanatic, Xuchilvith, SideWaysThinker, HarDHarKoopa, PinkProgram, pepperxiii, WesternWhiteWolf, BouquetofBlackRoses, hehehe88, RunJump360, rabbitmagick, MinorCupcakes, stoppinglights, Sakura4Hugs, and MrRisk0.

Fans were also asked to send in private votes for their choice as winner.


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