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Running was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on August 15th, 2012. It is 11:15 minutes long.

After a two month silence, Natalie returns with a video recording her flight from Caught's apartment to a place that appears to be her childhood home after being unable to brave going to the alleyway. Apologizing for being cowardly, she tearfully explains that she cannot continue to help Caught, and feels the need to flee the situation. After a brief examination of what appears to have at least once been her bedroom, she is drawn outside where she has an encounter and is forced to return.

Slender Man Appearances

It is notable that this is the first documented encounter Natalie has with the Slender Man.

  • There is missing audio at 0:06, and 1:41
  • There is audio distortion at 0:15, 8:16, and 8:58,
  • There is visual distortion at 1:09, and 9:39
  • Slender Man appears at 0:08 (from old footage); and 8:18

Hidden Frames

There are several hidden frames both at the beginning of "Running" and near the end. These mostly seem to include footage from previous video entries such as images of the Puppet Caughts, a bloody knife from "The Umbrella". The second round of hidden frames seem to be related to Natalie, showing her first interactions with Caught and the alley way.

These frames have been speculated to have been inserted by RoivasSevil as a reminder that Natalie must visit the alley. However there is no proof of this. All hidden images seem to related to Natalie's experiences with the exception of the longer video segment taken from
21129 21269 922518224 and a few frames from 1472 Lansing Place: Five.

The Alley

RoivasSevil has repeatedly mentioned returning to the Alley from 21129 21269 922518224. Caught, now incapacitated can no longer make the journey himself to retrieve "tools" left by RoivasSevil; so Natalie has volunteered in his place. After vowing to go, this video documents Natalie's failed attempt to back out, only to be brought back.


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