Searching_for_Loxura Visit - March 23, 2013

On March 23, 2013 Searching_For_Loxura entered the chat and answered a few questions regarding the weaver, before being seemingly repelled by the actions of several Butterflies, who serve to hide Loxura. Video of the encounter can be seen here and here.

Searching_For_Loxura often enters chat with a video looping throughout the visit, which plays still shots of a house, described as an odd combination of the Butterfly Loxura's house and another, possible RoivasSevil's home in the dark place, over an instrumental version of "I've Got No Strings", played in reverse. Searching_For_Loxura will changed it's name to reflect it's focus on butterfly Loxura and answers simple yes and no questions by brightening or dimming the video feed which has been transposed into regular text for this transcript. The transcript has been edited and user-names have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

March 23, 2013

Hunting_Loxura enters the chat
Denitza: Did the Weaver stop you?
Hunting_Loxura: No.
Denitza: Did it delay you?
Hunting_Loxura: No.
Chat: Are you happy that you hospitalized Loxura?
Hunting_Loxura: Yes.
Chat: Have you seen Thyodamas' Light?
Hunting_Loxura: No.
Chat: Are you finished hurting Loxura? Are you finished messing with Loxura?
Hunting_Loxura: No.
Chat: Will you continue to hurt him?
Hunting_Loxura: Yes.
Chat: Will you ever stop hurting him?
Hunting_Loxura: No.
Chat: Did the Help3r send you?
Hunting_Loxura: No.
Chat: Are you and he working together?
Hunting_Loxura: No.
Chat: Did Mirrors send you?
Hunting_Loxura: No.
Chat: Do you know the mapmaker?
Hunting_Loxura: No.
Chat: DO U EVEN LIFT? Are you responsible for what's going to happen in 15 minutes? Do you know Lasaia?
Hunting_Loxura: No.
"Hunting_Loxura" changes name to "Found_Loxura"
Chat: Can you hurt things that can't hear you?
Found_Loxura: No.
Chat: Do you know Warren?
Found_Loxura: No.
Chat: Do you fear the Weaver?
Found_Loxura: No.
Chat: Do we have to give you something in order to know what Loxura did to you? Will you show us what Loxura did?
Found_Loxura: Yes.
Chat: Do you wear the shape of Loxura?
"Found_Loxura" changes nickname to "Hunting_Loxura"
Chat: Are you Loxura's light? Please stop, we'll do anything for you! Are there others like you?
Antiopa: I am Antiopa and you will not hurt my family anymore!
The music increases in volume
Allyni: I am Allyni and you will lose Loxura!
The music decreases in volume
the Chat plays "We Will Not Be Silenced!" in chat
"Thyodamas" changes name to "Loxura"
Butterflies begin changing usernames to variations of "Hiding_Loxura" or "Protecting_Loxura"
"Hunting_Loxura's" video feed begins glitching, and then eventually goes dark, returns, skips, and goes dark again
"Hunting_Loxura" leaves the room

Special thanks to Banana for compiling this chat log