Searching_For_Loxura Visit - February 12, 2013

On February 12, 2013 Searching_For_Loxura entered the chat in search of Loxura, and answers questions regarding it's connection to theunknown, RoivasSevil, and the Dark Place. At the end of the chat, it made a loud, high pitched sonar sound and left.

Searching_For_Loxura often enters chat with a video looping throughout the visit, which plays still shots of a house, described as an odd combination of the Butterfly Loxura's house and another, possible RoivasSevil's home in the dark place, over an instrumental version of "I've Got No Strings", played in reverse. Searching_For_Loxura will changed it's name to reflect it's focus on butterfly Loxura and answers simple yes and no questions by brightening or dimming the video feed which has been transposed into regular text for this transcript. The transcript has been edited and user-names have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

February 12, 2013

Searching_For_Loxura enters the chat
"Searching_For_Loxura" changes name to "Found_Loxura"
Thyodamas: fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffrik
Allyni: Are you pissed off?
Found_Loxura: No.
Croesus: Have you considered that Loxura isn't your enemy?
Found_Loxura: No.
Croesus: Can you explain what he's done that angers you so much? So I guess you're just determined to hurt him again? Are you with Loxura right now?
Found_Loxura: Yes.
Little Butterfly: Would you be willing to leave Loxura alone and visit another one of us instead?
Found_Loxura: No.
Samuelis: Do you plan on hurting him until he dies?
Croesus: Are you gonna hurt anyone else around him?
Found_Loxura: No.
Samuelis: Do you know of the Slender Man?
Croesus: Have you ever heard of the weaver?
Samuelis: Have you stalked or harassed anyone prior to Loxura?
Found_Loxura: No.
Little Butterfly: Once you're done with Loxura, do you plan on coming after anyone else? Are you still in Roivas' house?
Found_Loxura: Yes.
Little Butterfly: Are you still trapped behind the door?
Found_Loxura: No.
Little Butterflies: Were there others behind the door?
Found_Loxura: Maybe.
Croesus: Is there something you want other than hurting Loxura?
Found_Loxura: No.
Allyni: Is this what happened to Unknown?
Found_Loxura: Yes.
Croesus: Are you a part of unknown? Do you even known unknown?
Little Butterfly: Do you know if you came from the dark place?
Samuelis: Let's try this again, are you part of Caccee Foss?
//"Found_Loxura" changed name to "Searching_For_Loxura"
Septentrionis: Did my video stop you from attacking Loxura and give him time to escape?
Searching_For_Loxura: No.
Croesus: Would you attack us if we got in your way?
Searching_For_Loxura: No.
Croesus: Does our light affect you?
Searching_For_Loxura: No.
Samuelis: Other than your anger and hate toward Loxura, do you feel any other emotion?
Searching_For_Loxura: No.
"Searching_For_Loxura" changed name to "Found_Loxura"
Septentrionis: I am Septentrionis and you will not be able to find Loxura.
Video starts making high pitched sonar noises
Found_Loxura leaves the chat//

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log