Searching_For_Loxura Visit - February 14, 2013

On February 14, 2013 Searching_For_Loxura entered the chat and discussed it's search for Loxura, appearing to find, study and observe Loxura, before losing him again. Searching_For_Loxura openly discussed it's unwavering intent to hurt Loxura.

Searching_For_Loxura often enters chat with a video looping throughout the visit, which plays still shots of a house, described as an odd combination of the Butterfly Loxura's house and another, possible RoivasSevil's home in the dark place, over an instrumental version of "I've Got No Strings", played in reverse. Searching_For_Loxura will changed it's name to reflect it's focus on butterfly Loxura and answers simple yes and no questions by brightening or dimming the video feed which has been transposed into regular text for this transcript. The transcript has been edited and user-names have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

February 14, 2013

Searching_For_Loxura enters the chat
"Searching_For_Loxura" changes name to "Found_Loxura"
Septentrionis: Can you communicate through name changes? Are you capable of lying to us?
Allyni: Are you angry with Mirrors for what happened to Unknown?
Found_Loxura: No.
Allyni: Are you Unknown's Puppet? Were you once part of a human?
Croesus: Will you ever stop trying to harm Loxura?
Samuelis: Are you gonna answer any of our questions tonight?
Allyni: Do you just not feel like talking?
Glaucopsyche: Do you not answer us because you don't know the answers?
Found_Loxura: Maybe.
Croesus: Is there a reason you're here?
Found_Loxura: Yes.
Croesus: Do you have a purpose in finding Loxura other than hurting him?
Found_Loxura: No.
Septentrionis: Have you lied to us before?
Found_Loxura: No.
Croesus: I am the Butterfly Croesus and you will not find Loxura.
Samuelis: Will you be able to show yourself to us?
Found_Loxura: Yes.
Stelenes: Do you need our help in finding Loxura?
Found_Loxura: Maybe.
Croesus: Is there something you want from us?
//"Found_Loxura" changed name to "Following_Loxura"
Croesus: Are you gonna hurt him again?
Following_Loxura: Yes.
Wollastoni: I am the butterfly Wollastoni and you will leave Loxura alone.
Following_Loxura: No.
Allyni: I am Allyni and you will lose Loxura.
Croesus: I am the butterfly Croesus and you will leave Loxura alone.
Septentrionis: Is there a reason for the sound you made last time? The sonar noise.
Following_Loxura: Yes.
Septentrionis: Do you fear the weaver?
Allyni: Do you know what the Weaver even is?
Following_Loxura: No.
"Following_Loxura" changed name to "Studying_Loxura"
Samuelis: Do you have something to learn from Loxura?
Studying_Loxura: Maybe.
Glaucopsyche: Does it matter to you, that when you hurt Loxura, it hurts the rest of us in a way?
Studying_Loxura: No.
Allyni: Are you going to hurt anybody else after Loxura?
Studying_Loxura: Maybe.
Allyni: Are you intending to hurt Mirrors afterward?
"Studying_Loxura" changes name to "Understanding_Loxura"
Wollastoni: Do you understand that he never intended on hurting you?
Understanding_Loxura: Yes.
Allyni: Does that change your goal at all?
Understanding_Loxura: No.
Croesus: Are you going to stop hurting Loxura?
Understanding_Loxura: No.
"Understanding_Loxura" changed name to "Searching_For_Loxura"
Alcon: Did Loxura hurt you physically?
Croesus: Do you have a physical form?
Searching_For_Loxura: Yes.
Allyni: Are the people on camera feeding you?
Glaucopsyche: Are we keeping you from finding Loxura?
Allyni: Are you trying to drown us out?
Alcon: Could you please turn it down?
Allyni: Are you using the music like a sonar?
Croesus: Have you stopped trying to understand Loxura?
"Searching_For_Loxura" changed name to "Lost_Loxura"
Glaucopsyche: Did we help you lose Loxura?
Lost_Loxura: No.
"Lost_Loxura" leaves the chat

Special thanks to Banana for compiling the chat log