Showtime Killer Visit - February 26, 2012

On February 26, 2012 The Showtime Killer came in chat and taunted the Butterflies using personal information about themselves and giving them rhyming threats against their lives or loved ones.

Showtime Killer visit are typically prefaced by a multitude of un-named 'Guests' entering chat in a short period of time followed by three users named 'Its', 'Show', 'Time' and occasionally a fourth titled '>=D'; the latter being an emote that The Showtime Killer uses frequently. The Showtime Killer will then announce themselves with the use of that emoticon. The transcript has been edited and usernames have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

February 26, 2012

7 guests enter chat; three guests change their names to 'Its', 'Show' and 'Time'.
Its: [Redacted: Inachis' name] >=D
Show: Your
Time: bed
Its: is
Show: very
Time: smelly
Its: see
Show: you
Time: soon.
Its: >=D
Show: >=D
Time: >=D
4 Guests and 'Its', 'Show', and 'Time' all exit the chat
6 guests re-enter chat along with "[Redacted: Inachis Name]thelost"
Inachisthelost: I need not eyes to see, nor mouth to speak no ears to hear, or lungs to breathe, no feelings to feel no friends on which to lean, no one anywhere who'll hear me scream >=D
Inachisthelost: Soon.
Inachisthelost and guests leave the chat
4 Guests and "[Redacted: Little Butterfly's Name]the feeble" enter the chat
LittleButterflythefeeble: run girl run, struggle to prepare, you will find there's no hope there. What him lay, torn upon the ground, don't feel bad, his savior could not be found, as for you dear girl, scream loud, I like the sound, Have a noose, hang around.
LittleButterflythefeeble: >=D
4 Guests and LittleButterflythelost leave the chat.
4 guests and "[Redacted: Aricoris Name] enter the chat
Aricoristhebroken: You laugh, you run, you cry, you try; silly boy alone you lie; in due time they all ask why; fall in line prepare to die.
Aricoristhebroken: >=D
4 Guests and Aricoristhebroken leave chat
4 guests and "[Redacted: Inachis' Name]thecold" enter the chat
"Inachisthecold" changes name to "Inachisthecold"
"Inachisthecold" changes name to "Inachisthealone"
"Inachisthealone" changes name to "Inachisthescared"
"Inachisthescared" changes name to "Inachisthesad"
"Inachisthesad" changes name to "Inachis_danceforme"
"Inachis_danceforme" changes name to "[Redacted: Glaucopsyche's name]thebroken"
"Glaucopsychethebroken" changes name to "[Redacted: Lycaena's name]thefailure"
Lycaenathefailure: To the sad "[Redacted: Inachis' name] you are bound.
Lycaenathefailure: Lost and alone.
Lycaenathefailure: it is your fault he is lost
Lycaenathefailure: for you to make him die alone
Lycaenathefailure: >=D
4 guest and Lycaenathefailure leave the chat
3 guests and "[Redacted: Interrogationis' name]thefallen" enter the chat
Interrogationisthefallen: in the beginning you had a chance, since then life you've lost at a glance; fall to your knees cry for me; we'll find how cold your body can be
Interrogationisthefallen: >=D
3 guests and "Interrogationisthefallen" leave the chat
2 Guests and "[Redacted: Pieridae's name]thehartless" enter the chat
Pieridaethehartless: He is so strong in a way; the show comes at night not in the day; sure stay brave; when your gone your little one and I will play.
Pieridaethehartless: >=D
2 guests and Pieridaethehartless leave the chat

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log