Showtime Killer Visit Livestream January 28 2013

On January 28th, Showtime crashed a Livestream being hosted by the butterfly Urbanus. Urbanus posted the link to her stream on her personal Tumblr page. The stream was titled "the greatest show unearthed" which may have been a contributing factor to bringing Showtime in.

January 28, 2013

(3 more viewers enter Urbanus’ livestream.)
Its: I
Show: I
Time: I
Hypharete: »
Urbanus: what
Urbanus: ohmygod
Its: oh,
Show: please
Time: do continue. (referring to Urbanus’ drawing)
Its: Thank you
Show: for that layout
Time: of your stage (referring to a room layout of Ubanus’ home that was posted on tumblr)
Thyodamas: WOAH
Urbanus: ohmygod
Its: It will be…
Show: …well…
Time: useful.
Urbanus: no
Wollastoni: Oh my
Urbanus: get out
Urbanus: get out right now
Caligo: WTF
Glaucophsyce: ……………………………….
Lelia: NO
Urbanus: (apologizing to other viewers in the stream)
Lelia: Go away Showtime. Shoo.
Lelia: Back ye fiend.
Urbanus: showtime GET OUT
Lelia: Now is not the time
Its: >=D
Show: >=D
Time: >=D