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Sorry. was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on July 7th, 2011. It is 9:45 minutes long.

Caught admits that he has been lying to the audience and has been having suspicions of Slender man's presence, even video footage, well before the sighting in the alley. Caught apologizes to his viewers and thanks them for their help. He releases further evidence of Slender man stalking him and discusses the issues he now faces.

Additional Information

Slender Sightings

  • Distortion is first noticeable at 4:43, when audio begins to cut out. Audio is missing from 4:43, 4:45, 4:50, and 5:04.
  • Visual distortion occurs at 4:44 and 4:50.
  • Slender man is visible at two points, first indoors standing in a stair well at 5:04; then a thirty seconds later at 5:31 where he can been seen standing outside the same window, while Caught is inside.

Fan Interaction

YouTube User CheckerValentine was called out during this video by Caught, who apologized for his previous statements and thanked them from decoding the RoivasSevil Cypher.

YouTube User Xuchilvith was called out as well by Caught who, though mispronouncing their name, was thanked for posting the decoded RoivasSevil messages.


Confirmed Theories

Working Theories and Observations

Caught mentions crows gathering outside his house, this may harken to the crow seen in RoivasSevil's previous response.

Further Speculation

The fact that Caught has been keeping Slender sightings a secret from us begs the question, would Caught have uploaded the Alley incident if RoivasSevil hadn't done it? ~ The Archivist.

The mention of crows outside his house could also connect with the theme of birds and crow sightings in future videos. ~ Loxura