Steve_b Visit - July 4, 2013

On July 4th, 2013, Steve_b, an apparent Showtime Effigy for butterfly Hyparete entered the chat, having been made aware of the danger by a mysterious email. At first suspicious of the chat, Steve eventually admits that there has been a mysterious van that he has noticed following him in recent months.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

July 4, 2013

Steve_b enters the chat
Steve_b: um, Hi?
Chat: Hi there, are you new?
Steve_b: What is this place?
Glaucopsyche: This is the caughtnotsleeping chat room. Hi!
Steve_b: …The what?
Glaucopsyche: How did you find us, may I ask?
Steve_b: i got an email yesterday that had all this messed up text and two links to this place, and this…
Steve_b links To my ded doppelganger
Steve_b: So…what?
Loxura: It's a situation that's been unfolding for a while…we kind of just talk about it here…Would you mind telling us what the messed up text was?
Glaucopsyche: Do you have nay idea who sent the email, either?
Steve_b: It was just odd characters
Loxura: Not numbers then?
Steve_b: "the it ce fm was too"
Glaucopsyche: ahuh
Steve_b: No numbers. This guy says some stuff in that video that is kind of familiar to my life…so…
Glaucopsyche: Familiar how?
Steve_b: Is this brett, are you guys just fucking with me? I don't get it.
Loxura: Similar how?
Glaucopsyche: Maybe we can help, if you let us know what's familiar about it?
Steve_b: I WAS in a wheelchair for a few years, due to medical issues, I have a lot of that…anyway, I don't get the joke.
Papilio: This may not be a joke. Was there anything else that was familiar?
Steve_b: Yeah…but I don't really feel comfortable talking about it, who are you people? What is a caught not sleeping?
Papilio: Hold on Steve, there's this essentially, serial killer, who's been kind of following us, and they've been killing people, and I don't know how to say this other than what it may be.
Loxura: We're mixed up in some stuff that is not good, that stuff has resulted in bad stuff happening to people who resemble us because this guy's a fucked up person.
Papilio: The serial killer basically has been finding people who are similar to us and have been killing them and you may be a target.
Antiopa: You are like one of us possibly.
Interrogationis: Murdering us by proxy.
Steve_b: How much did Brett pay you guys?
Papilio: Nobody paid anybody steve. This isn't a joke.
Loxura: Somebody should link him to prove that we aren't being paid to do this. This sounds crazy and such, but I promise you this is all the truth.
Steve_b: So this is like a tv show?
Urbanus: This isn't a tv show, this is real.
Loxura: There is this serial killer called the showtime killer.
Steve_b: haha ok I am starting to get it, this was a good one.
Glaucopsyche: Guys let's slow down, the more you try to push on him, the sillier it probably sounds. Let's do things at steve's pace.
Steve_b: Is this like a social experiment?
Glaucopsyche: You can ask as many times as you want but it's not going to make the situation less real.
Laparus: I promise you, it's very real.
Steve_b: sits in the corner
Laparus: Take some time to let that sink in if you need to.
Steve_b: hm, ok, how did you get my email?
Chat: We did not. We didn't send that.
Steve_b: This is stupid.
Allyni: In a way.
Interrogationis: Yeah it would probably seem that way.
Septentrionis: Maybe. But are you willing to at least hear us out?
Steve_b: But this guy, I don't know the things he says…no this is dumb.
Dido: We aren't joking though.
Glaucopsyche: We're trying to get ahold of the guy to talk to you.
Laparus: What does he say?
Steve_b: What happens at the end?
Loxura: Preferably, you end up believing us, but we can go on until then. As crazy as it sounds, we're genuinely trying to help you.
Steve_b: Ok, lets say I believed you, then what?
Chat: We try to help you.
Laparus: It's kind of what we do.
Steve_b: Well assuming I think this is true, why would anyone want to kill me?
Loxura: I this case the whack job that follows around is a whack job that picks us off cause they look like us as far as we know.
Glaucopsyche: Because you're unfortunate enough to have a lot in common with the guy in the video (who's one of us).
Laparus: He's been killing people who have stuff in common with us.
Steve_b: You all realize how crazy this sounds, right?
Chat: Yes, yes we do.
Loxura: Look at all the people in this chat right now. There's 21 of us, we can't all be insane. This has been going on for a long time.
Urbanus: Like two years.
Loxura: There's no reason to lie to you about it, we have nothing to gain from that.
Antiopa: Dude, if you knew the shit I've had to hear today.
Steve_b: Unless this is some stupid 4 chan prank or something.
Chat: Nope.
Urbanus: Not a reddit prank, either.
Steve_b: I was thinking it
Laparus: I think we can safely say it's not ANY kind of prank.
Steve_b: This is very weird.
Urbanus: yeah, we know.
Steve_b: No…its weird because I have felt weird lately.
Glaucopsyche: Weird how?
Steve_b: Like, being watched, and this van has been on my street and at my work, and I am not paranoid…so this is not funny…
Interrogationis: Help3r said something about a van…
Allyni: It was a truck not a van.
Steve_b: It's grey, on of those old VW vans. Grey and blue, kind of a piece of crap.
Loxura: Like a camper van kind of thing?
Interrogationis: Got the license?
Septentrionis: Um, is it outside of wherever you are now?
Steve_b: I could, um, hold on
Allyni: Woah, wait, it's out there NOW?
Laparus: Lock your door, lock the windows. How long has the van been out there?
Steve_b: 537-SJK
Loxura: Ok, I take it you couldn't see anyone inside of it. Don't look, as it might look suspicious.
Laparus: How long has it been out there?
Steve_b: No, it is not facing my house, it has just been there a lot.
Loxura: Where else have you seen it and in what frame of time?
Steve_b: At work…once when I was buying food. Just, around.
Loxura: Ok, and you haven't seen evidence of that or whoever was in it?
Steve_b: No, first remember noticing it a lot a few weeks ago. But it's just a car you know, you guys are starting to freak me out haha
Laparus: Dude, if it's been that long you can definitely report that to the police.
Glaucopsyche: Welcome to the club, Steve.
Loxura: This is gonna sound crazy as well, and you won't necessarily believe us, but you should make plans to get out of town. Don't tell us where it is, but you should have an extraction option. Even if we are just crazy people on the internet who don't know what we're talking about, you're clearly being followed.
Steve_b: Well it could just be coincidence.
Urbanus: It very well could be, but it's better safe than sorry.
Antiopa: What was in that email?
Steve_b: it was just this over and over again.
Antiopa: Yeah, we're good at codes.
Steve_b: J*ehzkkKkwudhw;;lsks"'skjh~
Wollastoni: Goshdarnit it's not Roivas code
Steve_b: that over and over again
Laparus: Ok, we REALLY need Checkers back.
Loxura: Do you have a place in mind to stay so you could shake the guy that is stalking you?
Laparus: It depends on the cypher, two letters together could be one letter/number.
Urbanus: What was the sending email, who sent it to you?
Steve_b: It was the same crap.
Urbanus: There was no at sign, like @yahoo or something?
Steve_b: I thought it was odd but this is more odd
Laparus: Odd sums it up.
Loxura: Have you noticed anything else strange happening recently? Anything at all?
Steve_b: Not really, my life is pretty boring.
Allyni: Also, Steve, the guy that made that video is ok.
Steve_b: Then this.
Loxura: I take it you haven't heard of the showtime killer before on the news or radio or that?
Steve_b: I have.
Interrogationis: you…have?
Steve_b: That's why this seems like a stupid prank
Urbanus: What do you know about him?
Steve_b: They kill people I don't know.
Urbanus: How do they kill them, do they say?
Steve_b: Not really, just two more dead kind of stuff.
Loxura: I take it you aren't in contact with someone who can help and say "hey there's this thing here and that"
Steve_b: I don't even get the question?
Glaucopsyche: I think he's asking if you're able to contact the appropriate authorities, to help you out if they know stk is on your trail.
Interrogationis: Or reporters.
Apollo: Like, is there some cop or something you can call to come give you a protection detail?
Steve_b: I could call the cops I guess but I don't really want to get someone into trouble for just having a van.
Loxura: Dude, you wouldn't get anyone in trouble for having a van. You'd be saying that think that someone is following me.
Urbanus: Dude this guy is stalking you.
Septentrionis: And if they are innocent then there won't be a problem.
Antiopa: Yeah dude if you catch STK by calling the cops then I will give you all the monies
Steve_b: Fair enough…
Septentrionis: And you can make them apology cupcakes or something.
Steve_b: I really hope this is not some dumb joke…anyway I have to go to a picnic
Laparus: It's not.
Loxura: Keep your eyes open and you can come back here.
Apollo: Stay safe, dude. Be very very careful.
Steve_b: Have fun with…whatever this is.
Urbanus: No dark alleys. No candy from strangers.
Glaucopsyche: Yeah, use the buddy system.
Antiopa: Come back if ANYTHING happens.
Steve_b leaves the chat

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log