I would like to be done with you people please. I live in an apartment complex with like 40-something people in it, so its not really TOO surprising that SOMEONE here recognizes me from these videos, but seriously, back off.
these started popping up right after my last video, ha..ha…, very funny internet morons… I ignored the first couple, but this is getting … just stupid, seriously. If I catch you making one of these symbols around my home, I'm going to help you discover what your teeth taste like.

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STOP was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on May 16th, 2011. It is 7:42 minutes long.

Caught returns with news of increasingly excessive pranksters who have discovered his channel. In this video he walks the viewers through a dark alleyway he passed through on the way home that is lined in operator symbols. At first he seems jovial about the whole issue, but clearly feels threatened when an operator symbol appears in his apartment complex. He threatens the perpetrator with violence, should they continue.

Additional Information

Confirmation as a Slender series

This video marks the beginning of this series as a confirmed Slender man Vlog with the appearance of Operator symbols and distortion.


Confirmed Theories

Working Theories and Observations

The distortion begins very clearly the moment Caught enters the Operator Symbol room, but does not appear the second time he enters. This could be due to the light that he claims to have fixed in the room.

Further Speculation

Is it just me or is Caught particularly paranoid in this particular update? He seems to be constantly checking over his shoulder in this entry, and interrupting himself to look down the alley as he explores. Could this be a sign that he's started to see Slender man? ~ The Archivist.

Exactly at 3:15 in STOP. Not sure if this is Him, but I swear that the Slentacle moved, or something like that. ~ Spierek at Unforum

From around 3:14 onwards, the sound of birds can be heard where they couldn't be heard previously. This may be some of the first signs of The Alley's Connection to the forest from Lansing Place 5, and The Dark Place. ~ Loxura