The Alleyway

"Ah, back to what is quickly becoming creepy home away from home. Good times. Back in the old "Slender Alley"."


The Alleyway, also called "Slender Alley" jokingly by fans and Caught; is an increasingly crucial location to the story. Playing as the catalyst to Caught's encounter with the Slender Man, it first appears in "Stop", as a location that Caught passes on his way home, and spots a plethora of Operator Symbols which he assumes are the work of pranksters. After some time he returns to leave a twenty dollar bill at the insistence of several comments; playing off of the Slender Man Meme; this results in his first real encounter on film. He has since refused to return to the area, though RoivasSevil attempted to coax him back in order to retrieve "Tools" that had been left for him. After his refusal Natalie went in his stead. The Alley has also made several small appearances in both flash backs to the initial encounter and as one of the locations Caught is brought to during "26 2326916 1115262422".


The Alleyway is a long, urban back street. There seem to be several doorways and buildings that line the road, though no people have been seen in the space besides Caught and Natalie. There are several chain linked fences in several areas and many of the boarding buildings seem to be quite tall. There is a continuation of the alley on both bordering blocks it seems, but the activity seems focused in one central street. The Alleyway is subject to many paranormal occurrences, from operator symbols, to actually appearances by the Slender Man. There has also be warping to and from the alley; the appearance of blood in the form of an operator symbol; and RoivasSevil's instance that she can "see better" in the alley. Caught has shown adamant refusal to return to the alley regardless of RoivasSevil's tools. Natalie offered to go in his place but was frightened off by the prospect. Eventually she re-entered the alley and was warped to the Lansing Place woods where she was attacked by the Puppets, and taken into the Dark Place.