The Coffin and Jars

The Coffin and Jars were given to Caught in "a brand new day", by 1AmTheHelp3r. It was buried in the ground and Caught was forced to drag it back to his apartment. It was presented as a puzzle, for Caught to place the correct Jars in the correct holes, in the given order as according to a short story about a family of birds leaving a nest. The puzzles was eventually solved by Caught, with the help of Natalie and Youtube User Mesay20yr. The solution of which is posted below. The theory that the jars represent specific people seems to have been confirmed by Caught in "Natalie".

The Jars


The Clean Jar

Full of clean clear water, it's unclear who this represents. It was epitomized by the "Clear hearted bird" of the story.


The Dirty Jar

Half-full of dirty water, it's unclear who this represents. It was epitomized by the "Half-hearted bird", a reference to the half-filled nature of the jar.


The Jar of Swirling Darkness

This jar is filled with a mysterious, dark swirling substance. It's unclear who this represents, but has been theorized to be RoivasSevil. This is extremely unconfirmed. It was epitomized by the "Blinded Bird".


The Jar of Hair

This jar is half full of hair and seems to represent Caught. It contains some of the hair that was cut from Caught by Help3r. It was epitomized by the "City Bird".


The Broken Jar

A broken jar contained within a bag. It was epitomized by the "Bird with a broken wing". It is unclear who this represents.


The Empty Jar

This jar is completely empty and clear. It was epitomized by the "Nearly-Completely Tainted" bird. The "Nearly-Completely" Line seemingly relating to it's "completely empty" status. It's unclear who this represents.

The Coffin lid


Hole #1

This hole seems to represent mist. In the Puzzle it was described as the "Swirling Shrouds". It was home to the blinded bird.


Hole #2

This hole seems to represent a deadened swamp. In the poem it was described as the "Swamps of Night". It was home to the "Half-hearted" Bird.


Hole #3

This hole seems to represent a desert of some sort. It was contested if this hole represented a desert or a grave, but it was never confirmed as it was unused in the coffin puzzle.


Hole #4

This image is somewhat unclear. It could be a series of decorations or fireworks. Has not been confirmed and was not used in the puzzle.


Hole #5

There is a representation of a mountain. This image was not used in the coffin riddle.


Hole #6

This hole represents a forest and has some sort of patch over it. In the puzzle it was described as a "Grave" for the "broken" bird.


Hole #7

This hole represents water or a tide. It was not used in the poem.


Hole #8

This hole represents a blue sky. In the poem it was referred to as "The Clouds" and was home to the "clean-hearted bird".


Hole #9

This hole represents a raging fire, and is referred to as "flame and despair" and is home to the "nearly-completely tainted" bird.


Hole #10

This hole represents an island or a field with perhaps a tree or representation of Slender man standing in it. It was not used in the puzzle.


Hole #11

Represents a cul-de-sac or suburban development. Was not used in the poem.


Hole #12

Represents a city at night. Is referred to as a "Deep city" and is home to the jar of hair.


Solving the Coffin Riddle

Firstly, the Riddle.

"He who wanders through darkness and fire, resists the purity and freedom of water."

Once upon a time, there were six birds, who grew to an age to leave the nest, their hearts were in conflict, their fates predetermined, they found their homes in an order that was best.

One found itself with a broken wing, and forever stayed in what would become their grave.
A clean hearted Bird lived amongst the clouds. never to fall, never to come down.
Another was blinded, and lost within swirling shrouds, having trusted another, who let them down.
With a greedy need, to follow that who took to the air, one bird nearly completely tainted, lost control, falling into flame, despair.
Yet another found dread in the half-heartedness of life, found itself among the swamps of the night.
The last of the birds found themselves alone, hid deep in the city, never to find a true home

The holes, numbered as Caught has them are painted with symbols representing…
1 - Swirling mist
2 - Crooked trees and a full moon, likely a swamp
3 - Dirt and a full sun. Desert, or a grave (some debate)
4 - Fireworks (?)
5 - Mountains
6 - Forest
7 - Sea
8 - Clear sky
9 - Fire
10 - Island or a windmill (?)
11 - Suburbia
12 - A City

The jars are:

  • Clear, full water.
  • Broken
  • Swirling dark stuff
  • Dirty and half full
  • Hair and half full
  • Empty

The birds are placed in specific order.

  • Firstly the "Bird with a broken wing" very clearly represents the broken bottle, which, as Caught deduces, stays in the forest, as birds live in the forest, and the riddle states that the bird cannot leave. Fans believed that the broken bottle should be placed in hole #3, as it appeared grave-like, but Caught reminds them that a bird does not fly to a grave, rather its home becomes it's grave. Thus, it stays in the woods, unable to leave.
  • The "Clean hearted bird" represents the bottle of clear water, which goes into the clear blue sky.
  • The "Blinded" Bird represents the dark swirling jar, both because the dark swirling obscures the water's clarity and makes it opaque, but also because the 'swirling shrouds' would seem to connect both to the jar, and it's location. It is places in the swirling mist hole.
  • The "Nearly Completely Tainted" bird was believed to be the jar of dirty water but actually referred to the empty jar, perhaps through the 'Nearly, Completely' line, as in, nearly completely gone, or empty. However there is some contention over this line. Only through process of elimination can this bird be deduced to be the empty jar. It goes in the fire.
  • The "Half-Hearted" Bird represents the jar that is half-full, or the dirty jar. It goes in the swamp.
  • Lastly, the "City bird" would seem to represent Caught and is the jar containing his hair.