The Players

please note that all character pages will indeed be spoilers.

Caught ~ The cantankerous and sarcastic protagonist, initially looking for a solution to his insomnia, Caught has since engaged in a whirlwind investigation of the Eldritch Abomination that haunts him. Vowing to dig deeper until he figures out exactly what's happening to him, Caught is determined, impatient, and often charging straight into danger.

RoivasSevil ~ One of two proxy channels that seem intent on teaching Caught how to best deal with the situation. RoivasSevil is often leaving Caught riddles leading him towards answers. However, RoivasSevil's motivations and alliances remain unclear. RoivasSevil has yet to show their face.

1AmTheHelp3r ~ One of two proxy channels, 1AmTheHelp3r is the more physically intimidating of the two, and often tries to use theats and warnings to motivate fans to support Help3r over RoivasSevil. Often 1AmTheHelp3r uses puzzles to guide Caught, and more directly, Caught's viewers.

Natalie ~ A fan of CaughtNotSleeping who eagerly joined the series in hopes of helping Caught with the coffin puzzle. Since then she has been convinced of the reality of the situation following the events of 925 Cranbrook. She currently is assisting Caught in his investigation and runs the twitter feed.

The Slender man ~ The mysterious antagonist who haunts Caught, for unknown reasons or purposes. He lacks a face or any distinctive features beyond his approximation of the human figure, rendering him too tall and skinny. Often seen wearing a black suit and tie.

The Showtime Killer ~ the ambiguous killer referred to in 1472 Lansing Place: Four. and repeatedly referred to by RoivasSevil as being a danger to the Butterflies.

The Puppets and the Mirror ~ The three representations of Caught who act as threats largely towards Natalie, and their connection to the puppet-master Mirror, who has repeatedly interacted in the A.R.G. chat as a specific antagonist to the Butterflies and has accrued followers of his own.

The Butterflies ~ In response to the call of RoivasSevil to stand up and be heard" this upstart team of fans have become an ever growing part of the CaughtNotSleeping world, dubbed by RoivasSevil as "Butterflies"

The Followers of the Mirror ~ Those who have chosen to perform Mirror rituals and associate themselves with the antagonist known as the Mirror. Their purpose, and The Mirror's interest in them has yet to be shown.

The Unknown ~ A mysterious and helpful runner from Caught's past. Unknown is a vital source of information from the perspective of a runner.

The Other Runners ~ Several times in exposition or chat visits other victims of the Slender Man have been encountered. These "Runners" play small but significant roles in either the A.R.G. aspect of CaughtNotSleeping or the story as a whole.