The Runner's Journal

The Journal

The Runner's Journal was given to Caught at 925 Cranbrook Dr. where he and Natalie were led to find it amid the ruins of an apartment by three Marionette videos featuring manifestations of Caught. The Journal itself, released over Caught's tumblr, seems to document the lives of three runners, Scott, Melaney and the Author, and references encounters with RoivasSevil, and seemingly 1AmTheHelp3r and the Slender Man. The identities of Melaney and the Author are unknown, though Scott has been identified as the body in Willows Peak. It is suggested that he was murdered by 1AmTheHelp3r, though many suspect Caught may have been the actual attacker. Caught is also theorized as being the Author; or, perhaps, one of the authors.



Obviously a crude representation of Slender man. It's extremely reminiscent of the image carved in the cover of the black journal given to Caught by 1AmTheHelp3r.


Day 13

"I followed the clues yesterday it was in the mailbox. This book was in there too. I guess he wants me to document things. Scott wants to burn it but I took it from him. Making him angrier does seem like a good idea."


Melaney's Page

The name "Melaney" written in many different fonts and styles. It's unclear if this was written by Melaney or The Author.


Day 17

"Scott says he say him today by the brook. He said he ran back here but I think he's keeping something from us. I'm beginning to think that Melaney was right. I think I will call that number. I wrote it down but I'll write it here too. I think that we should have…(page is torn)"

A side note: The page connects to the torn fragment given to Caught by 1AmTheHelp3r during Sleepwalking.


Day 22

"Today was nice. Melaney cooked that awesome mac and cheese. I haven't seen him for a while. Maybe Scott was right about these headphones."


Day 24

"He's back again! I need more sound, more sound to keep him away. I don't want to hear it anymore. I don't want to hear anything anymore. It's always watching. I don't care if it sees me if I can't hear it, it can't get me."


Day 35

"I'm safe here. Scott insisted on breaking that doll, even though I told him not to. He left a bunch of messages but we aren't going to answer him. He can stay out there by himself."


Day 48

"We're happy here. We're happy now. We are together and happy. Nothing can change that. :) Nothing will change that. Nothing can change that. Nothing can change that. Nothing will change that. We are happy here. <3 Our sound keeps us safe. Our sound keeps us happy. You can get us Because we can't hear you. :)"


Torn Page

There is the nub of a ripped page. Day 64 can be seen beneath it.


Day 64

"He isn't helping anyone! He didn't help Scott. He didn't help us. Scott should have stayed here. We all should have stayed together. We are safe here. We can't here him here. We are safe here. He can't get us here. We are safe here. Melaney cooked for us today. It's been a long time. It was nice. I let her choose some of the music. Things are getting better. Things are nice. We are happy here. We are safe here. We can't hear him here. He can't get us here. We are safe here."


Day 65

"Melaney went to cook today. She tried to leave. I didn't see her. But I know she did. I checked while she was sleeping. Her disk man has no batteries. But why would she want to hear him unless she is talking to Roivas again. It didn't help Scott. Why would it help her? It won't find us. I replaced the batteries in the walkman. We will be OK."


Day 65-2

"I talked to Melaney. Everything's OK. :)"


Reassurance Page

"Everything's O.K. Everything's O.K. Everything's O.K. Everything's O.K.! :)


Day 66

"She can't leave me now. Now we will stay here where we can't hear it. Now we will stay here forever. She tried to leave me. We are safe here. We can't hear him. He can't get us here. We are safe here. We are safe here. We can't hear him. He can't get us here. We are safe here. We are safe here. We can't hear him. He can't get us here. We are safe here. We are safe here. We can't hear him. He can't get us here. We are safe here. We are safe here. We can't hear him. He can't get us here. We are safe here. We are safe he…(page ends)"


Confirmed Theories

Working Theories and Observations

The Disc Man mentioned in Day 65 is Sony's First brand of portable CD Player, first put on the market in 1984. Now, this might not mean much, other than the journal had to have been written after 1984, but there is a chance that it could have been as early as 1984. However the presence of other media in Cranbrook Dr. (such as a copy of Joss Whedon's Firefly) suggest that the residents lived in the apartment far later than that.

It would seem that this trio of runners used sound to keep Slender man away. This is reinforced by the heavy presence of media in 925 Cranbrook Drive.

Further Speculation

What are the chances that these entries fit with the year that Caught was born? The other thing being that if these were written in the 80's, then Roivas has been around these things for quite some time. ~ Tiro1000 on Slendernation

Seems that this journal was written by the occupants of 925 Cranbrook Drive. Judging from the tone and clues in the Journal they were being harassed by Slendy, 1AmTheHelp3r and RoivasSevil, much like Caught and Natalie. Scott seems to have left the company by Day 64. Melaney and the Author no longer seemed to inhabit the apartment, judging by it's condition. ~ The Archivist

To me, it sounds like their names are very similar for a reason; possibly to suggest that Melaney and Scott were replaced by Natalie and Caught, in some vicious cycle of Slendy torment. ~ Punxtr on Unforum

This would explain the massive amounts of tapes in the coffin. And that can also lead us to believe that the coffin's contents are those belongings of these three people. So each item is a clue as to what may have happened to them. ~ Crusergirl on Slendernation