The sink.

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The sink. was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on July 24th, 2011. It is 8:21 minutes long.

Caught returns to the kitchen to discover that the sink is full and that there seems to be hair growing out of the drain. Unable to pull out the block, Caught turns on the sink only to watch the water flow back up into the pipes. Caught then pulls the hair out the drain. After a loud noise startles him, Caught finds that the hair has formed a doll shape. Caught then flees, leaving his next clue behind.

Additional Information

Slender Sightings

  • There are video distortions at 0:24, 0:36, 0:56, 1:07, 3:53, 4:12, 4:28, 4:42, 6:52, 7:32, and 7:53.
  • There are are audio distortions at 0:37, 3:58 (and on), 4:12, 4:18, 4:26, and 6:52.
  • There is lost video at 1:05, 2:46, 3:55, 7:37, 7:59, and 8:07.
  • There is lost audio at 1:07, 1:28, 1:37, 1:43, 3:53, 4:40, and 4:51.
  • There is a reappearance of the "Spinning Sky" video present in "21129 21269 922518224".

*Slender man is seen at 8:05, as seen in the Alley encounter.


Confirmed Theories

The image appears to be of Caught as a young boy. Confirmed in Rule #2

Working Theories and Observations

The sign that the doll is holding reads "Upstairs" in RoivasSevil code.

The code on the back of the photo reads "Come home".

Further Speculation

The encounter with the doll is very similar to the encounter in the alley, right down to the reappearance of the "Spinning Sky" video. This seems to support that the appearance of this video is some kind of distortion in of itself. ~ The Archivist