The Umbrella

I'm going.

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The Umbrella was uploaded by Natalie through CaughtNotSleeping on February 23rd, 2012 as a follow-up to the events of a long night. It is 4:53 minutes long.

Natalie confronts Caught and reveals that the burning umbrella held yet another clue from RoivasSevil and encourages Caught to come with her in search of clues. Caught refuses to follow RoivasSevil and the two argue. After they leave the room, the camera catches some odd phenomena in their absence. Natalie then vows to follow the clue, even if Caught urges her not to.

Additional Information

Reappearance of Old Themes

There are many items present in The Umbrella from old videos including items present on the desk and the appearance of the Caught puppet from 925 Cranbrook Dr. The puppet is as of yet unexplained, but seems to have gotten free. The results of this is unknown.

Viewer Interaction

  • At 0:32 Laparus's video "So, Caught, about that coat..." can be seen and heard playing in the background of Caught and Natalie's argument
  • Two screen shots of butterflies Little Butterfly and Glaucopsyche can be seen on a computer monitor


Confirmed Theories

Working Theories and Observations

At 0:40 many 'artifacts' can been seen on Caught's desk including what appears to be the Coffin Jars, the runner's notebook, and the picture given to Caught by RoivasSevil.

Further Speculation

0:41, is it just me or does there appear to be distortion right as Caught snatches that notebook away? ~ The Archivist

Computer screen!Caught is the Showtime Killer and/or representative of some repressed aspect of Caught's mind ~ Killsthebeat on SlenderNation - Showtime theory debunked