theunknown Visit - December 1, 2012

On December 1st, 2012, "Theunknown" entered chat to discuss recent events and her findings regarding the Showtime Killer. After discovering some evidence connecting the Death Poems given to the butterflies by the Showtime Killer to recent otherwise untraceable deaths; the topic shifted to Natalie's trip to the alley. After showing theunknown the video, she abruptly left chat when the rain suddenly stops outside.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

December 1, 2012

Theunknown enters the chat
theunknown: Hello : )
Allyni: ARE YOU OK?!
theunknown: I'm fine…why would I not be?
Tarquinius: It's been a while is all.
theunknown: haha, I am ok : )
Laparus: Did you get the package I sent you?
theunknown: I did get your package. Thank you… you said in your letter you sent something other then the evidence…
Laparus: Yeah, two pendants.
theunknown: It was not there, the bag was ripped : (
Apollo: Welp, guess we'll have to keep an eye out to see if they show up somewhere creepy. :\
Cyane: I think that's a when not an if.
theunknown: Yes. It could have been the shitty mail system. Don't worry about me guys.
Laparus: Are you here to just hang out, or is there another purpose for you being here?
theunknown: No I have some stuff to report. On moment please, I need to look in my journal. The newspaper took some time to put together as I'm sure you know. Ok so, after dusting for prints normally I found nothing but there was some odd oils, that seem like the oils from handling but they left no marks. oh…just wait…so I tried a few things, black light, chemical breakdown and nothing. I keep a little black room in my bathroom, and was developing some photos for an unrelated matter, tripped over my stupid leg and knocked some of the clippings into the dark room, and boom, fingerprints that, makes no sense.
Laparus: You use a certain kind of lights for a darkroom, don't you?
theunknown: well yes, but they should not reveal anything the other attempts didn't. Anyway I scanned them, and gave them to a friend, who came up with two matches for them: a juvenile B&E from like 12 years ago…
Laparus: Breaking and entering? Natalie's brother died in a breaking and entering incident. Not saying they're the same thing, just pointing it out.
theunknown: well…this is where it gets odd. The other match was from a mortuary report…a year ago.
Crino: So…dead people are stealing things…?
Interrogationis: Two different people? Or the same person?
theunknown: The same prints, two matches. A young woman, Dawn Brown, age 22. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. I have not been able to find photo's, it's like the others…other then these two things, there is no trail. I can't find her anywhere.
Leilia: Did she have a nose ring?
Interrogationis: Cause of death?
theunknown: Unknown. So you remember I told you about a reported killing, with unknown cause of death of a young woman at the "izle" or "issie"? I think this was her. There is one more thing. The date on the mortuary report: 12/23/11
Glaucopsyche: that's the day after I became a butterfly
Lycaena: Yeah, chat was set up that day >__>
Loxura: So…someone dies the precise day the chat happens and the first Butterflies become butterflies?
Glaucopsyche: well Little Butterfly got hers the same day too, I think Lycaena & Papilio may have done it the same time too
Loxura: And yet Showtime gave the Death Poem after if that's the case…
Glaucopsyche: …maybe I never got a poem because my similar-person was already dead?
Apollo: Was there a date attached that you know of?
theunknown: I am still trying to find that report, sorry. I am finding a lot of things…missing. It is odd the B&E report was left to be found…the report I have is highly redacted…
Chat: This is about Showtime right? You know they changed something on the TVTropes page?
theunknown: the girl apparently looked something like one of you, and was the same age. I will look into it. When was this TVTropes alteration done?
Apollo: November 12. Do you want the link?
theunknown: Yes, please.
Link is provided
Glaucopsyche: Unknown, have you actually seen a picture of the dead girl?
theunknown: No sorry.
Apollo: There's a button where you can send Showtime a PM on TVtropes. 'Cause that's not creepy.
theunknown: Oh, yay.
Loxura: Right okay. So Unknown, you say this "Dawn Brown" has like, vanished completely? Like the others?
theunknown: Yes.
Allyni: Unknown do you need to be filled in on what's been happening?
theunknown: I am looking through the IP traffic on that page on that date now, so by all means talk
Loxura: SO what it seems is…this isn't happening by accident. He's leaving us clues. He gave us the death poems, they were clues. But these clues …only we would pick up on them.
theunknown: But it takes so much digging to find anything…
Glaucopsyche: The fact that all showtime said about me was "[Redacted: Glaucopsyche's name]thebroken" makes me think that the "broken" part has something to do with her death :/
theunknown: Its odd
Loxura: They only mean something to us right? Which…oh God. I wonder, guys if we didn't have Roivas/Family protect powers…Do you think what he's doing would kill us? Hence "distance doesn't matter"?
Papilio: It may not be to weaken but I'm sure these are more than symbolic
Laparus: Killing us remotely through killing someone else.
Papilio: If that's true then why aren't people dying?
Chat: What if Roivas is keeping those deaths from occurring?
Papilio: So it could be hurting Roivas?
Leilia: …What happens if Roivas stops?
Laparus: If that's the case we need Thyodamas's light back like NOW.
Thyodamas: It seemed awful mad at me though…
theunknown: well ok good news for once there was not all that much traffic on that specific date. I will have to check some things to be sure, but it seems the IP address connected to that comment belongs to a [Redacted: Interrogationis name].
Papilio: Why does that sound familiar
Loxura: That's from a death poem.
Lycaena: Interrogationis, but I don't think that's her last name.
Interrogationis: That's my maiden name.
Glaucopsyche: The name showtime gave her was "[Redacted: Interrogationis' name]thefallen"
Loxura: And we have one killed on a bed, covered in corpses…in the way he mocked Inachis…
Eresimus: …what worries me is how he mocked Pieridae, because that involved a "Little one".
Laparus: Pieridae has a child.
Glaucopsyche: oh God don't tell me showtime killed a kid.
Loxura: "Me and your little one will play"
theunknown: I like to think it is a duck duck goose. Personally.
Interrogationis: Welp, my poem involved falling and being cold, so if that helps anything.
theunknown: I am going to look into the name, see what I can find.
Papilio: what if Interrogationis's effigy is next?
theunknown: I don't like that stuff keeps turning up…honestly. Sorry guys…This is a crap situation, just it sucks. I mean more like the royal sorry heh. not IM sorry. :P
Leilia: Ah well. Unknown, which was the recent death you found?
theunknown: Are you asking which happened most recently on a time scale?
Leilia: This one at the "issie" is the most recent I have found. but aside front he one I only heard about it is the only one I have found so far.
Croesus: SO how's life as a runner treating you?
theunknown: Like spam. Cheap and unsatisfying. I'm pretty sure I have nerve damage, the leg isn't really getting much better.
Laparus: Was it just a broken leg or were there cuts or wounds?
theunknown: There were multiple lacerations.
Croesus: I don't suppose there's any way for you to safely stay at a hospital for a bit is there?
theunknown: I can't stay in a hospital. It lingers there.
Laparus: Are the lacerations still there?
theunknown: No, I took care of it, as best I could with what I had.
Laparus: Good, I was scared he was stopping the healing process.
theunknown: heh its a bit the opposite…well, I've been hit by a car, fallen off a fire escape, my leg…well I guess I will tell you. I was stealing some food, and the owners were home, they chased me out of the house, when I tried to get through the window the owner closed it on my leg, a lot. yeah, so I heal pretty well.
Leilia: Oh, the owner shutting the window on Unknown's leg. :X
theunknown: It's ok Leilia, I kicked him with my good leg, through the window in the face. I win :)
Croesus: When was the last time you saw him?
theunknown: Two days ago.
Laparus: I have family in Seattle that own a bar.
theunknown: I can't involve anyone else.
Laparus: I don't mean ask for help, I mean go tot hem for food.
Discussion delves into offers to feed unknown, and pizza.
theunknown: I hope show time likes deep dish pizza. It will hurt more when I drown them in it.
Laparus: What about the paper with the jar liquid on it?
theunknown: No, sorry. I burned it. That thing came into my house, and he just started coming around a LOT more, so I burned the paper, and left. What is strange, you hurt mirrors with this liquid yes?
Laparus: Yes, I hurt Mirrors with the liquid.
theunknown: and apparently it draws…him in, that's…odd
Laparus: Does it maybe hurt these things by drawing them in?
theunknown: ? I wouldn't do that…well..if mirrors has Thyodamas's light…and Slender Man…kills mirrors
Laparus: We'll put them in a gladiatorial pit.
theunknown: Nope. Fashion show off. CAT WALK OFF did you just call me a spice girl?
Leilia: No.
theunknown: I'll tell you what I want what I really really want. Shut it.
Papilio: Guys, I got something better
theunknown: what…am I seeing? haha
Allyni: ^^^
theunknown: : )
Papilio: Take that and save it lol
theunknown: I will pin it to my wall. Has anything else happened while I was gone?
Laparus: Roivas seems a little more…human?
Glaucopsyche: I think we're influencing Roivas more than we anticipated
Allyni: BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY Natalie went to the alley.
theunknown: ?
Leilia: Any chance you can get 10 flowers?
theunknown: possibly, why?
Leilia: The Flower Ritual for Roivas. To help her get Natalie back.
theunknown: Sorry Leilia…I would rather not…I try not to interact with any of these things if I can help it.
Interrogationis: Pretty much the smart response, Unknown.
Link to the chat visit of the mysterious _ guest is provided
theunknown: Hmm. Ideas? But why the pictures of Thyodamas?
Lycaena: I think it might just be Mirrors. No trick.
Thyodamas: I think maybe mirrors was leaking out some of my memories?
Hyparete: I think mirrors followed by a Natalie interjection
theunknown: That "please" at the end is odd.
Allyni: Unknown, what was the last thing you remember happening. Because Natalie's gone to the alley.
theunknown: She did? Wait, is this documented? May I see?
1813712 71922 2326916 is played in chat
theunknown: Can you go back a bit? There…as the bird flys by…all the distortion goes away. (After Natalie warps to the woods) Does anyone know where that is? I mean geographically
Allyni: No
theunknown: Ok. So these are the tools?
Urbanus: Yeah.
Laparus: Unknown, you know medical stuff better than me. A blow like that to the temple should have killed him, yes?
theunknown: Well it should, but I have been hit pretty hard myself and I am here. That said, I've never been his like THAT. wait…what was…
Video transitions to the Dark Place
theunknown: Hold on…I need to check something. That last transition at the end there, that led to the place with the dead looking trees. When that happened…the rain stopped. I have to go. Be safe.
theunknown leaves the chat

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log