theunknown Visit - December 18, 2012

On December 18th, 2012, "The_unknown" (usually "theunknown") entered chat after having been proclaimed dead. She was distracted, often switching to the mindset of a younger self. When she was conscious of the present, she reported existing in a strange apartment, possibly in the Dark Place, where butterflies flew in the background, a strange light emanated from the windows and voices could be heard but no source could be discovered. She debates staying at this place but upon deciding to leave wakes up in her old apartment, injured but alive.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

December 18, 2012

The_unknown enters the chat
the_unknown: Hi. I kind of need some answers guys…I just got settled in…A few weeks ago, after leaving here…well to come out and say it, I was attacked…In my home…
Leilia: By…?
the_unknown: At first I thought it was Caught…It…it looked like him…It sounded like him…
Eresimus: …puppets.
Samuelis: Were you injured?
the_unknown: …yes…I'm alive…at first there was just the one, I don't even know how it got into my building, he was just standing there…in the living room
Eresimus: How are your injuries?
the_unknown: Bad.
Glaucopsyche: Where are you hurt exactly? D:
the_unknown: My leg is worse…I think I have a broken rib, or something…it's hard to breathe…I thought it was Caught…it was dark…it just sat there in the shadows talking me for like…five minutes…It knew things…about my family. Things I don't know how it knew. It told me things about me…an my sister. I don't understand this.
Leilia: Unknown, mind if I ask you something? I your first name Caccee?
the_unknown: …how do you know my name?
Hyparete: Mirrors told us
Allyni: He made a threat against you.
the_unknown: There were three of them…I shot one…maybe both of the others…They just kept coming…They killed Maria…in front of me…
Chat: That's horrible. Did the gun work? (?)
the_unknown: …no. It didn't. They were so strong…When I was a kid, we lived in a tiny apartment. The whole family. To get some time to myself I would hang out in the little bathroom…they dragged me in there…said "this is how you would like it". We must have been in there for almost an hour…they just beat the hell out of me in there kept asking "What does it mean?"
Leilia: What does what mean?
the_unknown: "What does it mean what does it mean" they just kept asking that…though after a while I couldn't really hear very well any more…
Leilia: Unknown, you still there?
the_unknown: I don't know…they just stopped…dropped me, and walked out.
Hyparete: Anna did a ritual. It might have stopped them.
Samuelis: Did anything happen after that?
the_unknown: They hit my head into the mirror…a lot, and I remember being stabbed…quite a few times…I passed out a little while after they left…and woke up here…I have never been to this apartment…it is nice. Quite nice…
Leilia: Do you know where the apartment is?
the_unknown: I don't know…I'm sorry it was a little hard keeping track of what was happening with three of them just laying on.
Leilia: Is there anything out of place in the apartment or noticeable items?
the_unknown: There are no pictures on the walls, no personally items, there is a desk with first aid stuff next to the bed I woke up in.
Figgy: You said you were stabbed, did you wake up with the stab wounds or were they gone?
the_unknown: No stab wounds…but scars. I don't understand any of this.
Little Butterfly: When did you wake up?
the_unknown: Yesterday.
Leilia: At least you're okay. That's the good thing.
the_unknown: I'm not sure I would say I'm ok…
Leilia: Well, alive. Is there any way you can get to a hospital?
the_unknown: There is a back yard…I have not had a back yard in ages
Leilia: Is there a swing?
the_unknown: It's cold outside, I mean…It's December…but, the yard…there are so many butterflies…
Samuelis: Butterflies of different kinds?
Allyni: Have you left the apartment at all since you woke up?
the_unknown: I have not been out there…but they are all different colors. It's…beautiful.
Leilia: Don't go outside. Stay inside. Please?
Figgy: You should investigate the apartment and see if you can find anything that can help you.
the_unknown: I have looked around, there is nothing…
Leilia: Wait, Unknown. How are you talking to us?
the_unknown: There are faded patches on the wall like pictures were hanging there for a long time…full bed rooms…but it's all just furniture, no coverings. There is a computer, it's right by the window. That's how I am talking to you.
Little Butterfly: Are you hungry?
the_unknown: No, there is food, the kitchen is full…It has been so long since I have had good food…
Leilia: Is there anything else you see outside the window?
the_unknown: Trees…a lot of trees…but in the distance kind of peeking out of the leaves, there is a dome…glass, like a green house. I've heard a woman's voice, muffled like it's on the other side of the wall. But there is never anything there when I check I don't understand this…
Wollastoni: Is she talking or what is she doing?
the_unknown: Talking bu I can't make out what is being said…That's how it sounds yeah…like they are talking yo themselves
Croesus: Have you tried talking back to it?
the_unknown: I have they don't answer…just keep talking. It is calm here…I…don't feel him here…I forgot what that is like…There is so much…feeling…for a house so…empty…like visiting grandma…its light out…but it is weird…it does not feel like day.
Tarquinius: What time does the computer say it is?
Figgy: Are there any files or anything on the computer?
the_unknown: Huh… I didn't check that. There is no clock on this dash…come to think of it…there is no brand name on this computer.
Leilia: Unknown. Focus. Focus on us.
the_unknown: The Butterflies… they are…it's like they dance out there…
Figgy: Why is there what Unknown?
the_unknown: Hm? …I don't remember…
Leilia: Are there any other windows or doors?
the_unknown: I was going to say something. What was I gonna say…
Figgy: You were looking at the computer
the_unknown: Oh yes!
Samuelis: Something was there, and you wondered why it was there
Allyni: Is there anything on the computer other than no clock and no logo
the_unknown: Huh… I didn't check that. There is no clock on this dash…come to think of it…there is no brand name on this computer…
Wollastoni: Unknown! You already said that.
the_unknown: Oh…did I? Sorry. Wait…
Wollastoni: Now, listen to me, and look on the computer for files.
Glaucopsyche: Unknown, you still with us?
the_unknown: no I am here…oh wait. Sorry yes.
Leilia: Caccee
the_unknown: …how do you know my name…?
Little Butterfly: Caccee, focus, listen to me. Is there anything on the computer?
Allyni: The thing that controls the not Caught's told us it would hurt you. It told us your name.
the_unknown: How did you know there was a swing outside?
Wollastoni: We only want to help you friend, please.
the_unknown: Of course there are files on my computer, that's a stupid questions. God this place is cramped. I wish this brat would get her permit. I'm so sick of driving her everywhere. Is it so much to ask that I have my own life, I have to take her all over town.
Wollastoni: What year is it?
the_unknown: uhh 97, duh.
Samuelis: It's 2012, Caccee.
Wollastoni: Unknown, are you alive right now?
Allyni: What's the room you're in like?
the_unknown: What? You have been here like a hundred times…Seth, speaking of which sisters at a birthday party, you should come over.
Leilia: Caccee, please, you just have to remember.
the_unknown: Oh, Leilia hi. Wait…what was that? How long have we been talking?
Wollastoni: About an hour.
the_unknown: I don't like it here…
Leilia: Is there anywhere for you to get out? And are there any mirrors around?
the_unknown: There is a front door. Well doors to the other rooms, but I have checked those. Let me go look. No mirrors. Not even in the bathroom. That's weird.
Leilia: Is there only one door that leads to the backyard?
the_unknown: Just the one door. Actually…that is weird too. Why is there no front door.
Little Butterfly: You just said there was.
the_unknown: Did I?
Leilia: Caccee, please remember.
the_unknown: Oh yes…what is happening? You are gonna flip your shit, and think I'm crazy that's ok but I know what I know think I am going to marry him. I don't want to be here any more, and I think he really does love me…I mean we have had our hard times, yes, I know that…I don't care…I know what I know.
Leilia: I think so too Caccee Foss, you just have to remember. Remember. Focus.
the_unknown: Oh, hello Leilia. How are you?
Leilia: I'm worried about you.
the_unknown: I have been into all the other rooms already, except for one. The door to that one is locked.
Allyni: Is that the room you're hearing the voice in?
the_unknown: Yeah.
Charithonia: I can't tell what it is saying, it doesn't respond when I try and talk back.
Leilia: Is your computer a laptop?
the_unknown: It is.
Leilia: Can you go to the door, the one that's locked?
the_unknown: I can't get into the locked door…it's locked =P
Leilia: There's no key for it?
the_unknown: Not that I know of. I'm decent at lab, but I always freeze on the dam exams I hate that shit.
Leilia: Caccee Foss, please listen to me.
the_unknown: I feel like people think Oh, hi sorry what? I will go look. It's weird…this is obviously an apartment, but the locks are all old, like a Victorian house
Little Butterfly: (holding up a key sent to her by RoivasSevil) Does it look like this might fit?
the_unknown: Maybe, there are a lot of keys like that though
Leilia: Caccee, can you look out the backdoor please? Do you recognize any of the butterflies at all?
the_unknown: Go outside?
Little Butterfly: NO
Eresimus: Look Outside.
the_unknown: Well they are far away, all around this tree in the middle of the yard. They are colorful. I don't think so, I don't know much about butterflies.
Wollastoni: Do any of them look like the ones we're named after?
the_unknown: They are too far away to tell. I just noticed, it's odd, it's bright outside, But I don't feel any birds. Come to think of it, I don't hear much of anything.
Leilia: Caccee, do you want to try a crack idea - do you want to try to use Little Butterfly's key to open the door?
the_unknown: Don't do drugs kids. How would that even work?
Leilia: Take the laptop with you, Little Butterfly will hold up her key and we'll see if it does anything.
the_unknown: Glaucopsyche…there is something about you…
Glaucopsyche: I get that a lot.
the_unknown: Can I possibly see you? I feel comfortable when she says things for some reason.
Glaucopsyche: I'm cool with that.
Glaucopsyche goes on camera
the_unknown: Oh Hello. You seem familiar somehow…Like we have met…but I don't think we ever have…
Glaucopsyche: It's weird, Caught's said the same thing…I'd like to think I'd remember meeting either of you, though.
the_unknown: Odd…
Glaucopsyche: Anyways, key, door? We doing this? o.o
the_unknown: We can't go in that room, mom will get mad, but I may be able to sneak the car out.
Leilia: Caccee Foss, you just have to remember. Focus. Listen to me.
the_unknown: Just climb the fire hi Leilia um what was I saying… Wait…I will be back I have to check on Maria.
Leilia: Caccee, remember, please. Maria's gone, the puppets…got her.
the_unknown: Oh yeah.
Leilia: How are you feeling?
the_unknown: I don't know. I'm alright I guess.
Leilia: Are there any weapons in the apartment? Any knives or anything like that?
the_unknown: No, and all the food here is fresh like, fruit and such. Um ok, what are we doing?
Leilia: Alright, the locked door where you heard the voice, Caccee? You know where that is?
the_unknown: Yes.
Leilia: I want you to take the computer with you. Put the laptop facing the door, Little Butterfly will hold up the key, and we'll see if it magically works.
the_unknown: Ok, uh, ready when you are.
Little Butterfly holds up and turns her key.
Little Butterfly: Open says Little Butterfly.
the_unknown: There was a click.
Leilia: Okay, now, Caccee, slowly open the door. What do you see?
the_unknown: It's dark.
the_unknown: Hsard typimng wityh one hand. I cant see anything from here. I am going to go in.
the_unknown's camera plays RoivasSevil's butterfly chat video while she is in the darkened room, and stops when she returns
the_unknown: There was nothing there, it was just black.
Glaucopsyche: …We say Roivas.
the_unknown: I could hear the voice,
Wollastoni: What did it say?
the_unknown: There were so many voices, it was hard to make out, they were all talking at once but all the same voice like they were talking to themselves. There was something about a car breaking down, a movie she liked, mundane stuff
Leilia: Did you find anything down there?
the_unknown: No it was just this endless black. Kinda creepy…I don't want to go back in there.
Leilia: We won't make you go back in there if you don't want to.
the_unknown: What is this place?
Leilia: I think everybody here could possibly agree with this - you might be in the Dark Place.
the_unknown: Fan fucking tastic. Wait. I was walking back to the window. One of the rooms…this is…my, well, was…this is my old room. Everything is here…my posters…
Leilia: Caccee! Caccee focus. You just have to remember.
Wollastoni: Caccee, what is your sister's name?
the_unknown: I'm sorry just…Maria…is here but…
Leilia: Let me guess - the ferret's younger, isn't it?
the_unknown: You're right heh…wait I remember this…
Leilia: Caccee, what do you remember?
the_unknown: I spilled a bowl of soup on the desk…and ruined my English paper…and Rachel came home with Maria…I failed the class…but didn't care…Shit. I'm dead aren't I? Well that sucks.
Allyni: No.
the_unknown: Well how else do you explain this?
Hesperiaris: Ma'am, we've seen some strange shit this year.
the_unknown: Well say I'm not dead. He's not here…It's been so long since I have been without him…it's nice. I'm saying…let say I'm not dead. Why should I leave? Here…My room…Food. Maria…back there…it's just him…
Glaucopsyche: So you're done, then? I mean I'm sure no one's going to hold it against you but I don't see how you can continue to help us from there. Or Caught but if that's what you reeealallly want to do I guess we can't stop you, can we?
the_unknown: I don't know what to do. Everything is all turned around…just all this. This frankly, is fucked.
Leilia: Caccee, mind if I ask you something? What happened to you sister?
the_unknown: Nothing.
Figgy: So she is still alive?
the_unknown: Yeah.
Leilia: What was your mom's name?
the_unknown: Caccee. Same fucked up spelling and everything.
Leilia: Did you have any other siblings? Family?
the_unknown: Had a dad I'm sure. Never knew him.
Figgy: Has anything bad happened to your family or are you the only one to see Slender Man?
the_unknown: Not that I know of, I cut off contact. haha this is funny. This place is nice, it feels safe. It is a gorgeous lie.
Leilia: But you know it's a lie.
the_unknown: I know. I don't think I am going to do that. I don't know how long this will last, where I am…how I got here. I have never been one to be comfortable being out of control. I'm going to go outside.
Chat: General protest
Leilia: At least stick to the backyard, okay?
the_unknown: Ok. "Alive". haha
Glaucopsyche: You're still lively, even if not alive. :P
the_unknown: : ) So, someone saved me huh?
Leilia: It might've been Roivas.
Laparus: A friend of ours said they wouldn't let that thing fuck around with you.
the_unknown: How?
Laparus: We're not sure. She was kind of angry at what she calls the "mutant desk lamp". Wait…I have been looking through drawers and I just found a picture of one of you. It says "Apollo" on the back.
Allyni: Apollo <3
Hesperiaris: Don't die.
the_unknown: Again. hehe I will try not to!
The RoivasSevil video plays on the video chat as soon as Unknown goes to the backyard, glowing blue.
the_unknown: Yeah, I'm sitting on the swing…
Allyni: Awe <3
the_unknown: This is MY swing.
Laparus: Do you recognize anything else int he yard?
the_unknown: No.
Leilia: Hey, Caccee? What butterflies do you see?
the_unknown: hehe it even has our initials on it. Rachel and I. The swing.
Leilia: Which butterflies do you see?
the_unknown: These butterflies in the picture. I don't think I walked this far away from the house.
Lycaena: Are you closer to the greenhouse now?
Glaucopsyche: I think we can only go forward from here.
Hesperiaris: Space is getting all twisted, again.
the_unknown: You always think you know better then me…think I can't take care of myself.
Glaucopsyche: Caccee come on, focus. Remember.
the_unknown: I have been taking care of ALL of you for YEARS. I can take care of myself.
Allyni: Caccee you have to remember.
the_unknown: You don't always have the answers for MY life. I can take care of this. I can do this.
Leilia: Caccee! Remember, please.
The_Unknown's screen goes white and closes.
the_unknown: Well that's that. I guess I'm not dead. I just woke up, on the bathroom floor where they left me. I feel a hell of a lot worse now. This place is a mess and police tape. I guess someone reported the shots and there's this, on the desk. A stop watch. Well pocket watch.
Glaucopsyche: Might wanna hold onto that!!!!
the_unknown: Yeah…heh ok.
Laparus: You're now a Roivas-sanctioned butterfriend. It's like a Carebear cousin but less lame.
the_unknown: Oh God. Care bear cousins…I will take the dark place =X
Glaucopsyche: Well I for one am very glad to have you back among us :DDDD
the_unknown: Now that I'm here it seems stupid. But there…everything feels so…right. Well the stab wounds are here. They hurt like a bitch, but they are dressed. Heh. And right away I feel again.
Allyni: Don't chance it if you think you might need to go to the hospital.
the_unknown: I can't go to a hospital. I go to a clinic, they learn my name they learn my name they find my family. They find my family, HE finds my family. THAT cannot happen. I was a nurse, I will manage…
Laparus: Why do I feel that, after this, you're going to become some secret runner doctor that other runners can go to?
the_unknown: You're a jerk. It hurts to laugh. Unknown, the monster doctor. She will fuck your shit up then make it all better. no I'm at my desk, it was already signed in here.
Leilia: Are there any mirrors around?
the_unknown: Lots.
Leilia: Get rid of them.
Hesperiaris: Cover them.
the_unknown: My face made a few, into many.
Glaucopsyche: Just have as little contact with them as possible
Wollastoni: Leave the mirrors alone.
the_unknown: Thank you. All of you.
Hyparete: Apollo sends a ridiculous amount of luv and hugs
the_unknown: Tell her thank you…I'm pretty sure she saved my life…
Leilia: Are you going to head out now?
the_unknown: Well as it is raining now, I think its as good a time as any.
Little Butterfly: Do you have a phone or a number we could contact you at?
the_unknown: I don't have a phone.
Laparus: If you ever flee the country, you're welcome here.
the_unknown: I will be right over. We can watch care bears and eat some people. Thank you, again…really. People aren't always so kind. :) Stay safe.
the_unknown leaves the chat

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log