theunknown Visit - February 10, 2013

On February 10th, TheUnknown came into chat to announce that she had been in the process of traveling and being pursued by the Slender man. After being informed of Loxura's situation regarding Searching_For_Loxura, and the physical attacks he was being subjected to, theunknown repeated a rumor she had heard of an entity that serves to protect those for whom it has been called, but the cost for calling such a thing, and whether or not it even exists, is unclear.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

February 10th, 2013

the_unknown enters the room.
theunknown: Hi guys.
Zephyr: How are you?
theunknown: Sorry I just got settled, I have been moving east.
Septentrionis: What's up lovely? Everything okay?
Wollastoni: How far east?
theunknown: Sorry, I should not say.
Allyni: How are your wounds healing up? Better?
theunknown: Nearly 100% I think.
Zephyr: Did you hear about Loxura, unknown?
theunknown: ?
Apollo: Yeah, um. Loxura was attacked.
theunknown: Please explain.
Loxura's situation is summarized
theunknown: Play it here please?
Papilio plays Alive but not okay
theunknown: That's the door! Can you go back?
Zephyr: Right now he's in Ireland with Heliconioides. But apparently he's in bad shape.
Urbanus: We thought so.
theunknown: Yeah, that is is. With the voices. Who is this? (at the beginning).
Allyni: Septentrionis:
theunknown: Is he ok?
Apollo: Physically.
Glaucopsyche: We haven't heard from them since that.
Hesperiaris: He isn't dead.
Apollo: No marks.
theunknown: Was that the music?
Urbanus: It's the Pinocchio song, "I've got no strings".
theunknown: Ok…so what is it?
Urbanus: It's from the Dark Place, we're assuming. But other than that, we really don't know.
Hesperiaris: Related to Mirrors, somehow, but not working for it.
theunknown: Do you know what it wants?
Papilio: To kill Loxura.
Samuelis: The thing claims Loxura hurt it, so it wants to hurt him in return but Loxura hurt it unintentionally.
Guest: Personally I want to believe it's STK.
theunknown: doesn't seem to follow the MO
Papilio: Someone should probably link the chat log from when you guys talked to it.
theunknown: Please do.
Link is provided
Zephyr: It may have been something about his connection to Mirrors or something he did.
theunknown: What is with the nature of this log? The "yes", "no", "maybe"?
Wollastoni: It could only answer yes and no questions by changing the brightness of it's video.
theunknown: Sorry, I see that now, I just scanned it and wondered. It's odd that it doesn't seem to be linked to…anyone?
Hesperiaris: We're used to odd and not knowing anything.
Samuelis: Yup.
theunknown: So what is the plan?
Zephyr: It's mostly, "Try stuff and see what happens".
Samuelis: We've done countless rituals to try and protect Loxura, harm this creature, call Roivas.
Septentrionis: Stelenes came in and suggested maybe if Loxura wears a mask, it might help…
Thyodamas: I'm trying to get it away from him and get it to go after me but so far it's doin fuck all
Hesperiaris: We've tried hurting it, tried calling for help, and tried protecting Loxura from pain…
Zephyr: Which bring sup the "eyes to the soul" theory.
theunknown: <.< would you like my thoughts?
Thyodamas: Yes.
theunknown: It doesn't seem like it will do much good shooting off into the dark…without knowing what it is, why it wants what it does, and so on. I feel like the first step may be figuring out what it is.
Tarquinius: We don't really have a way to do that.
Glaucopsyche: It's hard for us to sit back and do nothing while our friend is in danger, though.
Tarquinius: We have to wait for it to give up anything.
Zephyr: It did say that it could reveal its identity if it wanted.
Hesperiaris: We can't really sit there placidly while he's hurt, though, and wait for someone to spoonfeed us info.
theunknown: I agree. Crap. Well, honestly other than what I have dealt with personally, I do no know all that much about this kind of thing but there is someone who may. If they are even real in the first place. I have told you that I have met a few others like myself and Caught…one of them talked about someone called "The Weaver" but see that's a bad idea…it's all urban legend and speculative bullshit.
Zephyr: We live off of that kind of stuff.
Glaucopsyche: So is everything else we deal with
Hyparete: We specialize in it
Hesperiaris : "Speculative bullshit" covers the majority of things we deal in :D
theunknown: haha you must sacrifice a cow (kidding). Ok, first of all, I heard this "weaver" of whatever the hell helped some of us before but I have also heard some bad things about it
Samuelis: Bad things, such as?
theunknown: I don't know, I've never called it. haha. 1800-ghosty-bullshit
Hesperiaris: Does the bad things outweigh the immediate good it may be able to do for us?
Allyni: Is it a person or a thingy?
theunknown: It's hard to say if the good outweighs the bad, since it's all rumor like I said it could all be crap. Well, there is a story about a mother who was looking for her child, (her child being someone like me) and it lead her to her son but then there are rumors about it hurting people too, I don't know, like I said, it's all sketchy rumor. Campfire stories really.
Hyparete: Do you know HOW to contact them?
theunknown: I am not contacting it. haha. Don't worry about that.
Samuelis: Yeah, how would we call it? If we decide that is a good course of action?
Glaucopsyche: So if we're not contacting this weaver, then what's the plan?
theunknown: Apparently you are supposed to film yourself holding an image of the one you want to help.
Septentrionis: Welp.
theunknown: and just say "I call the Weaver". Papilio, get your man to button up, distracting me -_^ (reference to Satyrus on Camera). Apparently if the need is genuine enough the weaver answers from what I have heard it never needs anything from anyone, its just rumored to be extreme in how it answers, lie that woman looking for her son.
Wollastoni: Like is this thing going to take Loxura out to end his suffering for us or something?
Hesperiaris: What happened to her?
Samuelis: Yeah, I find it hard to believe it just helps people without a price being paid.
theunknown: Its said it leads her to her son, but she found him in a warehouse with 14 people in it…
Leilia: What was the end of that story?
theunknown: Those 14 people were dead.
Leilia: Oh…
theunknown: Her son was fine.
Hesperiaris: Oh.
Leilia: I wonder if he killed them.
Allyni: See my worry is that if WE are really, "infected" with something then who's to say this
theunknown: I don't know.
Hesperiaris: Of course.
Leilia: Must have been a hell of a show.
Hesperiaris: So we could call this thing.
theunknown: Like I said it's all rumor.
Allyni: Weaver won't cut it's losses and hurt Loxura too?
Hesperiaris: And it might end up hurting Heliconioides.
theunknown: well, apparently all those dead had records. So you can assume they were "bad" people or at least criminal?
Glaucopsyche: Was the son okay though? Emotionally? D:
Papilio: Is there any way for you to find out about these people, or this legend?
theunknown: haha I've said it is all rumor so who knows if it is real at all.
Glaucopsyche: I don't want to save Loxura only to have him scarred for life…
Hesperiaris: He's already traumatized.
Glaucopsyche: He doesn't need to be MORE traumatized.
Tarquinius: I'd rather have a traumatized Loxura than a dead Loxura.
Stelenes: Yes.
Hesperiaris: Have those three talk it over.
Zephyr: Thank you for all of this, unknown. :D
Hesperiaris: The questions is: are things bad enough to warrant this?
Thyodamas: Ok, so I had an idea. Before i do the thing (IF i do it) I list off some conditions it has to follow in order to help.
theunknown: haha a list of conditions is good when you're dealing with a rational person.
Zephyr: We don't know if it's from the dark place, so we don't know if it has to follow commands.
theunknown: Assuming it's real at all, there is no way of knowing if it will listen to them.
Glaucopsyche: It's a complete wild card, we can't guarantee anything from it.
Papilio: Unknown, how are you doing? Are you physically/mentally kosher?
theunknown: I am ok, tired.
Stelenes: I already said, to hide him. I'm throwing out ideas!
theunknown: I think showtime has already taken a few boots to the head. Hence…the crazy. : P
Leilia: Has anything happened with you lately, unknown?
theunknown: Nothing worth reporting, been moving from place to place, seems like since the whole puppet thing, our tall friend is a bit more interested, meaning it comes around more so, there's that.
Allyni: Has the watch helped at all? Just curious.
theunknown: I don't know, when I see it I don't really stick around.
Urbanus: Can you check and see if Showtime has been active?
theunknown: If I get a night to do something other then move to another place, I could. But that has not been the case for some time now. I have to go. Please be careful, all of you.
"theunknown" leave the chat

Special thanks to Banana for compiling this chat log