theunknown Visit - January 5, 2013

On January 5th, 2013, "theunknown" entered chat to update everyone on her status and reassure them that she was alright. After discussing the most recent attack on Natalie, theunknown admits that 1AmTheHelp3r is mysterious but worthy of being feared.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

January 5, 2013

theunknown enters the chat
theunknown: Apollo! I don't think I have had the chance to thank you…
Apollo: I'm just glad you're okay. BTW I've decided I'm adopting you.
There is some discussion regarding the burning of Natalie's house
Charis: Any guesses as to what the "secret" was?
theunknown: No clue…I do not know much of anything about Natalie. May I ask something? What are we going to do?
Chat: We have a few plans but basically we don't know.
Galathea: We're not much in a position to do much. Unless we can perhaps lend Roivas some strength. If nothing else, so we can know what's going on on her side of things.
Loxura: I have a massive ritual video attempt in the works.
Apollo: Save the people who are at risk of dying, badger everything for answers, figure out ways to kill all the threats.
Inachis: I'm going to try and get the moths together. Common enemy and all that. But other than that…there's not much as CAN do.
theunknown: This may sound mean…Thyodamas's light…it does not seem like a priority. Has Thyodamas been threatened since you all hurt mirrors?
Chat: No. Mirrors has been silent.
theunknown: But more-so, how can you gain access to her light without any help?
Charithonia: We're not sure exactly.
theunknown: Well, I think that is the first thing to figure out actually if it were me.
Inachis: We think we can call to it with comforting stuff - like slendy does. And Loxura put together an experimental ritual.
Loxura: Well, we seem to be doing pretty much anything we can think of doing right now. Because the other option is just to sit an wait.
Allyni: Well, the Samadoyht channel wasn't shut down by Help3r so Thyodamas's light could get to us from there.
Samuelis: I wouldn't count that out, I still believe there might be chance
theunknown: Honestly, like I said, I do not know Natalie but it can't be good for her to be there. For her mental state that is, and she is more "there" then Caught is.
Inachis: WE also need to try and snap Caught out of his sleep as soon as we can. Maybe playing on the fact that, even while in this state, he rushed to help.
Charis: Is there a way to get her, Caught and Thyodamas' light out all at the same time? A mass rescue?
Samuelis: Unknown, can you still access the webcam so we can make sure Caught is safe? Because in all honesty we have no idea how far this purging of the infection could go.
Loxura: He might not even be in his apartment, Help3r might have taken him somewhere else.
Samuelis: Well, then that would be good to confirm
theunknown: Well, if help3r has Caught I doubt they are hanging out BBF style in his apartment
Loxura: Exactly. Heh. I think he'll be safe. Caught seems to be Help3r reason for existing. Other than killing the infection.
Urbanus: I don't think Help3r will do anything to Caught, but I don't like the Caught is alone with helper.
Galathea: Not so sure about that Loxura. Just spit balling here. But I get the feeling helper was around long before Caught showed up. Think helper has an agenda of his own, mostly concerned with eliminating this so called infection.
Loxura: But if Caught can outright kill Dark Placians…Help3r will want him alive.
Allyni: I'd rather Caught be with Help3r than with Slendy still…
theunknown: ?
Laparus: Unknown, where did you get Maria from?
theunknown: I got her in Boston, at collage
Samuelis: Another question, Unknown, if you don't mind?
Urbanus: (Just wanna say I'm really sorry about her :()
theunknown: yeah, me too. yes?
Samuelis: Did anything significant happen to you in 1997?
theunknown: Not that I recall. But that's a tough question to answer, doesn't stuff happen all the time? haha. If you want my opinion? I would focus on getting Natalie…to go there trying to help and end up lost int hat place…well, was Roivas looking for her?
Loxura: Yeah, I assume she still is.
theunknown: as far as helper going after her, there will always be a risk but dealing with something I would always choose the first. For myself anyway.
Heliconioides: Okay, so Unknown, do you know what kind of thing we could do to reach Natalie and help?
theunknown: I think the first step would be trying to contact Roivas, at least then we could get a grasp on what is happening on that side of things.
Galathea: I agree.
Apollo: I've tried sending a couple messages to her account, but probably a video is in order. She seems to respond better to those.
Charis: To youtube then? Or is there a more solid way to assure contact?
Loxura: I know she doesn't like it, but using the name "Dawn (you know this part)" has worked before. When she was locked away waiting for Natalie, that name seemed to get through to her.
theunknown: I don't know, funny, in all this time I have never really learned much ABOUT it. Mostly have been just, well…running. Honestly the only pattern I have seen is when I tell people, they fall into the same garbage life I have. So no, I'm not.
Inachis: Would you at least be comfortable with giving us that blog you mentioned your old friend writing?
theunknown: I will have to think about it.
Laparus: Very fair.
Apollo: That's fine, but don't be afraid of getting us involved. We're already involved. We can handle it.
theunknown: until "he" is following you Apollo. No, you're not.
Laparus: fair, I guess
Galathea: False dichotomy mate. We haven't worked out all our options yet.
Apollo: I am already tied to two dark place things now, and I'm still kicking.
theunknown: Don't underestimate how much worse things can get…
Laparus: Guys, remember Slendy is in a whole different league to what we've dealt with so far. The stuff we've dealt with is SCARED of him.
Loxura: Rule #58 - Those with friends he knows, are next to go. That matches up with what you're saying Unknown.
theunknown: I do have an idea about helper going after Natalie. Caught was apparently already comatose when he helped me…
Loxura: You also may want to be careful he doesn't go after you too…having been to the Dark Place and back again…
theunknown: haha let him try. this will be settled REAL quick : )
Plexippus: Don't underestimate help3r
Cyane: He's stronger than you think, lady.
Apollo: Don't make me throw myself at monsters again. :P
Leilia: Bright side. He is human. We think.
theunknown: Well, if he's bulletproof he deserves to kill me.
Galathea: Now that is the sort of thing I won't be hearing. Death is not a thing deserved.
Apollo: I will do crazy things if you get hurt.
theunknown: Sorry, I made peace with my mortality quite a while ago. Haha, but don't worry, I'm not going to go looking for trouble.
Galathea: It's good that you have. But do not let that lead underestimating your worth.
Apollo: You might have made peace with it, but we haven't made peace with your peace. Rescue attempts are highly likely. :P
theunknown: Macho bullshit aside, no I don't want to tangle with helper.
Samuelis: What was your thought concerning Help3r coming after Natalie?
theunknown: They seem…thought out, so a bit scary honestly.
Plexippus: Help3r knows exactly what he's doing
Crino: That's always the worst fight, one against someone who knows exactly what they're doing. Especially when you have no clue what the hell is going on.
theunknown: Don't worry seriously, I joke about it but I'm not going to underestimate someone who seems to know a lot more about all this than me.
Charis: Sounded like we were going down the path of appealing to Caught?
theunknown: Helper may or may not go after her from what I can tell. But if he does, maybe then we can get to Caught and if he doesn't, then good. Caught's got a habit of being unresponsive, haha.
Galathea: He's not exactly our biggest fan.
Samuelis: But he cares about Natalie.
theunknown: >.>
Charis: Bring caught back and caught kicks ass.
theunknown: whistles
Galathea: Except that Caught has a habit of getting his ass kicked.
theunknown: I do have a mysterious past.
Apollo: I like to think unknown's more the aged wizardly adviser who shows up just in time to save the day. XD
theunknown: "You're a wizard Harry"
Leilia: Also, I have a question. Is there any way you could look into Natalie for us?
theunknown: Look into Natalie?
Galathea: Oi. I've got a questions for Unknown. How are you getting along? Feeling well and all?
Crino: …Has anyone even TRIED blocking slendy with salt? Seriously.
theunknown: Yup. And Crino, tried that. It works like blocking people with salt.
Crino: No luck?
theunknown: They just walk by. I can try and look into Natalie. I feel a bit weird about it honestly.
Allyni: It might help us understand why Help3r is doing this…
Leilia: We NEED more info about the past. If we have more info as to why things are the way they are now, then maybe we can do more about it.
theunknown: And ion, I am feeling alive. Not good, but I'm here.
Laparus: Are the wounds still in the shape of butterflies?
theunknown: mhmm. Every time. every time. : )
Loxura: What kind of butterfly? Can you tell?
Plexippus: Loxura…all bloody butterfly silhouettes look the same
theunknown: Yeah I can't tell what kinds they are.
Galathea: I'm glad to hear you're alright.
theunknown: We are like this claps hands together now lets go to prom and live happily ever after : P
Chat: There's evidence of Natalie following Caught before she formally met him.
theunknown: Well…so have I technically. I'm here, I've never MET him.
Inachis: Yes. But she was looking into windows of the apartments back in really early videos
theunknown: Oh. I don't count myself as having met someone until I make them laugh.
Laparus: So does that mean you've met all of us?
theunknown: Yep. I have moments.
Leilia: Btw, you've been following Caught?
theunknown: well I mean here with you. Yeah.
Leilia: >.> It's the coat, isn't it?
theunknown: It is pretty nice…I would take a punch for it.
Leilia: But why were you following him?
theunknown: Well he saved my life…
Apollo: She means she's here in chat with us and has never met him.
Leilia: Oh, right, after the fact.
theunknown: Yeah. Ok I have to get going.
Apollo: Oh, one more thing before you go. There's another key now.
theunknown: Another key? Hm. Do you think Roivas sent it knowing something we going to happen? The time…is a bit suspect.
Apollo: I have not idea. We're kinda assuming it's Roivas-related, but she hasn't been in to ask for sure.
theunknown: OK I really have to go. Stay safe.
theunknown leaves the chat

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