theunknown Visit - July 7, 2013

On July 7th, theunknown entered the chat depressed and drunk. She revealed he own experiences with the Slender Man slowly driving her sister to madness and murder.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

July 7th, 2013

theunknown enters the room.
The Chat: Hi Unknown!
theunknown: I wonder sometimes. I wonder why.
Wollastoni: About what?
theunknown: Like, I've been running so long. srry, had some whiskey. A bit more than some.
Wollastoni: That's fine sweetie. Well, you run to survive?
theunknown: heh. For what little it's worth.
Wollastoni: That's worth it, I'd think.
Loxura: Unknown, my dear. Good to see you.
theunknown: hey
Laparus: Unknown, my dear. Good to see you. What's up?
theunknown: Nothing, just bitching like an infant.
Papilio: What's wrong buddy?
theunknown: I am tired.
Laparus: Hey, nothing wrong with venting now and then.
Wollastoni: Especially when you've had too much to drink.
theunknown: Speaking of which I think I will finish this bottle here hah.
theunknown: Like a fish sir, you know I was a military nurse? I made a difference then. Mattered. At least in some way.
Antiopa: You still do.
Croesus: Hang on a second. Do you think you don't matter anymore?
Wollastoni: You still matter bby.
Croesus: Let me tell you something right now. You matter A LOT to all of us.
theunknown: What is the purpose of a person. How the hell does someone ever figure that out. Surviving for the sake of doing so seems like a waste. To say the least.
Loxura: I don't think anyone has just one purpose.
Laparus: People make their own purpose.
Croesus: But you don't just survive.
theunknown: It was my sister he saw first. Watched from the wood. Ya know, I just went with her when she ran. She couldn't sleep anymore at first. Then she got…illogical. Had all these weird ideas of how to stop it, but they didn't make sense. Then one day she just stopped talking, but I could see those damned wheels turning. I had told her that her ideas were illogical…so she kept them to herself. She had this fucking notion that if she drowned someone, it would leave her alone…
Croesus: Jesus.
theunknown: No logic to it she just "knew it would help". Got all shaky and shit. Like an addict. One morning she was just gone.
Laparus: You're pretty damn tough, and you recognize this stuff doesn't make any sense. You got a lot going for you out of that. And on top of everything about you. It says that it's not going to happen to you. We're not going to let that happen to you. We're not going to let it get to that stage.
theunknown: I watched her mind just fall apart…but I am more or less fine. Why the fuck…am I fine. I…
Wollastoni: Because you're strong.
Laparus: You're different.
theunknown: Bullshit.
Wollastoni: Not bullshit. I'm serious. You're an amazing woman and I wish I had half the drive you do honey. You can't blame yourself.
Laparus: Don't blame yourself for your sister. Don't.
theunknown: These people…like me, who break…
Wollastoni: You're not broken.
theunknown: They don't even know it…she didn't. It all made sense to her, while nothing makes sense to me.
Wollastoni: Caccee Foss, you just have to remember that you are not broken, and that you are strong.
theunknown: That does not change the fact that I was too late with her. She did drown that boy, and nothing changed.
Croesus. Caccee you can't blame her.
Wollastoni: She was being toyed with by Him, honey. You can't blame her.
Croesus: That fucking thing twists and breaks people.
Laparus: It's not your fault. It's not your fault.
theunknown: She told me "it must not be enough", I remember that so well, finding her in the water, the body bobbing off into the distance…and she was just perplexed. Believing it should have worked. That look on her face, like she dropped something but it went up. I thought maybe I could help her so I just tried to take care of her. We talk for a month about logic. Dictation. Reasoning. And she got it, I was sure she did. Then it happened again. I tried so hard…I gave up on her then…
Wollastoni: You did what you thought you could honey, you can't dwell on it.
theunknown: The problem is, I took a half measure with my sister…people like me, like her, we are broken.
Croesus: You're not broken. You're stronger than most.
theunknown: I am less broken right now. But still…
Wollastoni: You're not broken at all sweetie.
theunknown: When I do break, someone needs to put me down.
Wollastoni: No.
theunknown: No half measures.
Croesus: You're not going to break. We're here to make sure of that.
Laparus: Caccee, I don't think you are going to break completely. I believe you will get to old age and die before you get to that point. But if you ever do get to that point. I'll do it.
theunknown: Thank you.
Croesus: It's not going to come to that. We're not going to let it.
theunknown: That's what I said. About her.
Wollastoni: It's not going to come to that. You're a lovely strong woman and I know you can get through this.
Croesus: There are a lot more of us caccee. And you are a part of our family. You can't get ride of us, even if you want to. :P
theunknown: I miss maria.
Croesus: We do.
theunknown: heh
Croesus: What she like?
Laparus: I bet you do.
theunknown: haha yes long and furry and loving. It's like she always knew what life we had so she stayed close
Wollastoni: Animals understand stuff like that.
Laparus: Caccee, you do know that we are all here for you.
theunknown: Apparently drunk caccee does. haha.
Croesus: What are you drinking anyways? I bet you're a big lightweight :P
theunknown: Jack Daniels you know, one of those big ass economy bottles, for like end of the world shit.
Croesus: That settles it. When this is all done and dusted, caccee. You and I are going to have a little drinking contest.
theunknown: haha if you lose, you wear my panties buddy.
Croesus: …fine. If you lose you have to wear a sign saying "TIQ IS BETTER THAN ME" Deal? ;P
theunknown: I will paint it across my face.
Croesus: heheheh.
theunknown: Ima go pass out.
Chat: Bye, we love you unknown, keep your chin up.
theunknown: Bye.
theunknown leaves the chat

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log