theunknown Visit - July 8, 2013

On July 8th, theunknown delivered information she had recovered regarding the two "Mar's Brothers" that the company behind The Weaver had demanded be killed by butterfly Laparus in exchange for Loxura's life. Having once been ace students and athletes the brothers now have undergone some kind of drastic change and have been the cause of a group of killings involving young girls.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

July 8th, 2013

theunknown enters the room.
Chat: Hi Unknown!
theunknown: Hey there
Denitza: Feeling better? :o
theunknown: Sorry…for the last time I was here
Chat: No it's fine!
Urbanus: You are so welcome to come in here when ever you are sad. We will cheer you up.
theunknown: It's too laaaaate to apologiiiize
Denitza: Yeah man, quote that onerepublic
Allyni: Glad you're in a better mood.
theunknown: I was able to dig up some info for you on these Mars brothers.
Chat: Awesome!
theunknown: Was actually pretty easy…
Septentrionis: For you maybe.
Laparus: Is he sloppy? That'd make things so much easier…
theunknown: Up until about a year ago these two were…pretty damn boring.
Hadyn: Boring is…good?
Urbanus: Boring means something happened to them.
theunknown: They grew up in Connecticut. Easton to be exact.
Denitza: Oh fuck off.
theunknown: ?
Denitza: I think I know where that is.
theunknown: ohh
Hadyn: I suppose boring means back when they didn't kill people which is good.
Laparus: Or back when they were more careful about it.
theunknown: I doubt they were doing anything heavy then, it seems to be a new thing…the killing and such.
Laparus: If you have some idea of how to find them, I will buy you dinner.
Urbanus: No you won't, I'll fight you.
Allyni: Double date?
Septentrionis: Urbanus, it's just dinner, not a proposal. ;P
theunknown: I think I do actually
Urbanus: Caccee doesn't want to eat dinner with this guy, I'm much cooler.
Laparus: You beautiful creature.
theunknown: I am gonna keep exact places out of this conversation as its being watched, but I will send you that info personally.
Eresimus: Unknown…you are a miracle worker.
Urbanus: Personally?
theunknown: PM. In any case, the younger brother was arrested for possession about two months ago, and apparently has a bit of a reputation among…lower levels.
Hellion: Lower levels?
Denitza: Possession of what? Narcotics?
theunknown: Undesirables.
Laparus: Scumbags, Hellion.
theunknown: So, it's possible they are still where that took place but here is the interesting stuff, about a year or so ago their little sister went missing, the youngest of their family.
Laparus: Please tell me they have lethal kitten allergies or something.
Hellion: That's troubling.
theunknown: Eventually her body was found…and the older brother was brought in. but not for her…
Chat: For what?
theunknown: The guy who took her was found dead, the older brother was brought in on charges of his murder.
Hellion: did he get off?
Loxura: And so began his taste for blood I suppose.
Laparus: How did the guy die?
theunknown: He skipped trial and since then, they seem to have been on the run together? possible o_O
Septentrionis: "Possibly"?
theunknown: Its hard to say as the older brother is not in any of those records it's always the younger on getting caught, brought in, etc.
Loxura: And now he's stuck with it and become a monster because of it.
Denitza: Sold his soul to the devil, so to speak.
Loxura: Or he always was a monster and this just made things worse.
Laparus: Brutal and by hand. Matches what we know.
theunknown: Well what bothers me…guys have their sister go missing. Kidnapped even.
Urbanus: Then they turn into the monsters that took her? Or similar, if not worse.
theunknown: Then the older brother apparently kills him brutally, and by what the reports say, it was someone very very strong.
Hellion: …it jumped?
theunknown: So…injustice, followed by supernatural (possible) ass kicking…sound familiar to anyone else?
Laparus: Weaver.
Urbanus: What. That's…
Laparus: Guys, this is why The Management wants it dealt with.
theunknown: Or at the very least something like it?
Hellion: But the weaver is with Loxura.
Laparus: Devin is supposed of handle when the Weaver is misused.
Loxura: I doubt it's the Weaver. Something like it maybe. Because I'm sure as hell not running around with super speed.
Apollo: …That would explain why the management is so okay with them being taken out in return for lifting the hit.
Allyni: They're using the Weaver for bad?
theunknown: It's a pretty big leap, but with them wanting this guy dead so hardcore…it seems a bit too close to be nothing…
Urbanus: They want Laparus.
Hellion: Maybe there are other types of weavers.
Loxura: The weaver is defensive…what if there's another one that main function, offense?
Laparus: Or they used it for bad once and now he's just a monster forever.
Urbanus: To take out something the weaver is with…fuck me man.
Septentrionis: Well I doubt that it's from misuse. Possible because they don't want a huge serial murderer being linked to their organization maybe.
Laparus: Like maybe using the Weaver for bad leaves you different even after it's done with you.
Loxura: Wait…what if the management is going to fuck us over with this. What if you kill the person connected to this thing, it then connects to you? In short, it jumps into Laparus and the management can try to keep it contained better because they have "leverage" in the way of us. Whereas the brothers have nothing to lose. And don't give a damn.
Urbanus: That better not fucking be it.
Laparus: Depends on how sane the elder brother is.
theunknown: Well that doesn't make sense buddy haha, if it would just jump then the problem would not really be resolved.
Loxura: Does in my head. But then I just woke up so…
theunknown: Then they would have to send someone to kill him. Person, then person, then that person. On and on.
Urbanus: Gotcha:
theunknown: Doesn't seem like a smart move.
Urbanus: Doesn't seem like a smart move.
Glaucopsyche: Yeah it would be more effective to trap the person until the end of their days so they can't pass it on x:
Laparus: Ok, so I have to go kill someone connected to what you guys are connected to.
Septentrionis: Well then again it wouldn't be their choice. The Weaver chose Laparus. But point taken.
Hellion: The Vault has a tendency to take advantage of things.
Laparus: Seriously, Loxura. Can you imagine what could happen if the Weaver was in me with all the shit I've got going?
theunknown: Now again this is all speculation. It's just fishy.
Loxura: I imagine if this version was with you all the time you'd be a force/weapon to be reckoned with.
Urbanus: Speculation is good.
theunknown: I maybe a tiny bit paranoid >.>
Eresimus: In this day and age, paranoia can save lives.
Laparus: I really had no idea how I was going to find them.
Loxura: Hence why, if they "could" keep you on a leash better than the brothers then…and yeah maybe. But paranoia is just something I've had to more so become.
theunknown: Anyway, I will send you the city and a few possible locations you can find the little brother.
Urbanus: Cool, Caccee I have a few things I need to say too you
theunknown: And with some luck you can get the little on to tell you where to find big bad. ?
Urbanus: As long as we're finished with this part? I don't want to interrupt.
Laparus: Wait, taking them separately is an option? That would be so much better…
theunknown: Well the older brother has not been seen in ages, so I doubt they are always together.
Loxura: You could maybe even try and take the little brother hostage and get the other one to come to you or something.
Urbanus: Well if he kills the younger brother the older brother won't wait long to go after him.
Laparus: Ok, I as kind of assuming they'd be all Timon and Pumba
Loxura: Get someplace you have the upper hand.
Eresimus: ^ What Urbanus said…also keep this in mind Laparus…They became like this after they lost their sister. What happens after the younger brother goes?
Apollo: I've been wondering if whatever happened to the older brother changed him physically, so he can't ever go out where people could see him any more.
Hellion: Anymore information on the younger brother? Does he have any history with the occult?
theunknown: He's a little prick apparently. Gambler, Drug Dealer, has been hauled in for various assaults.
Urbanus: Height of society I see.
theunknown: Whatever they are into the little one has not dealt well with it.
Laparus: How so?
theunknown: Just last year the both of them were all upstanding…to be living the way he is no, I would guess the younger brother is not dealing with things well.
Hellion: So the younger one is coping in any way, and the big one is eating people?
theunknown: That's how it seems.
Laparus: Well that's wonderful.
Hellion: Maybe the younger one is guilty of something.
Laparus: Two guys who lost their sister, nice guys, I bet.
theunknown: Apparently they were
Laparus: Who did something dumb to save her
theunknown: Had a lot of friends.
Laparus: For the best fucking reasons.
Hellion: Sounds familiar.
theunknown: No prior records.
Laparus: And now their lives are trash and I have to kill them. That's fucking wonderful.
Loxura: Ordinary people, fucked over by bullshit, reduced to fucking over people with their own bullshit to survive.
Septentrionis: Whatever they were, Laparus, they aren't now.
Hellion: If it's any consolation Laparus, you might be doing them a favor.
Laparus: They were us. That's what they were.
Urbanus: No Laparus, don't think like that.
theunknown: In any case dude, listen hard. Animals get put down. They are animals now.
Loxura: Everyone was good once, man. I don't think anyone is born an evil prick.
theunknown: They get put down.
Loxura: What happened, happened. No they are what they are.
Laparus: People can come back. People can always come back.
Antiopa: Do you want to lose me and more?
Urbanus: Do you really think anyone can come back from that?
Eresimus: Would you want to come back from that?
Hellion: Some things are meant to be lost.
Loxura: Remember all the people they've killed.
Antiopa: They tried to kill me.
Laparus: Look, I'm not saying I'm not going to do it.
theunknown: It's true they could come back, but personally that is not a chance I would take. If you get the chance. Put them down.
Laparus: I'm just not happy about the idea. Not at all.
Loxura: I get what you're saying man, I do.
Urbanus: I know man. It's got to be done though.
Laparus: I don't have much choice, do I?
Roppop: I'm sorry Laparus.
Loxura: Out of curiosity, do we know if all of their kill targets been sort of like Antiopa?
theunknown: Like her how?
Loxura: Maybe they kill people that were/are like their sister.
Laparus: My guess would be age range at least.
theunknown: Not really.
Apollo: Teenage girls.
theunknown: They vary in age, and race. But there are all female.
Hellion: How old was the sister when she was killed?
Loxura: So not the pattern I was thinking then.
theunknown: 13.
Antiopa: So I'm just two years older.
Laparus; Maybe he just likes the taste of girl meat more Loxura.
Allyni: Nice.
Laparus: If they're animals they don't need a pattern. That's a thing people do, and they're obviously not people, are they?
Urbanus: Not anymore.
theunknown: wait hold on let me look at something.
Loxura: I just try finding connections, it's what I do.
theunknown: well shit
Laparus: What?
theunknown: All the victims have recent cases of counseling, some court ordered, paranoia, apparently.
Hellion: What are you thinking unknown?
theunknown: and mild memory loss…
Laparus: There's the pattern.
Starling: Does it say why some was court ordered?
Hellion: So…did they cause it, or something else.
theunknown: Zero you had memory loss right?
Antiopa: Yeah.
theunknown: After you went to Seattle.
Laparus: It means infected girls taste better.
theunknown: Actually haha…shit. These girls sound a lot like me, mentally anyway.
Hyparete: Runners?
Urbanus: Caccee you stay right the fuck away.
Loxura: I was wondering…what if they know what took/killed their sister, and it's THAT thing. and they think killing people it's after, is going to hurt it or something.
theunknown: No I doubt that, a lot of them had normal lives. But at a core level…mentally there is a lot of similarities. Heh.
Laparus: What?
theunknown: Maybe it's like my sister.
theunknown: She was so convinced this stupid thing would help her and I couldn't get her to think otherwise.
Laparus: He thinks killing girls will help.
theunknown: I tried…but yeah…anyway.
Hellion: Maybe the Mar's are being pursued as well?
Loxura: Or one of them is. And the other is trying to protect him.
Laparus: …Thank Hellion. Let's add THAT to the mix.
Hellion: Sorry Laparus.
theunknown: In any case.
Loxura: By 'keeping off his trail' by throwing others in front of it.
theunknown: I had my sister committed. That is what the younger brother should have done. He did not. They get put down.
Apollo: From what we've been told, the younger brother's picking victims.
Laparus: Can we please not use that term?
Hellion: What would be better? "Put to rest"?
Laparus: Killed, murdered, executed. You know, anything that's for people.
theunknown: Hiding from the reality of the task is not going to help you.
Allyni: How can we not talk about that part if that part if the goal?
Laparus: I'm not hiding from anything. But people are people. Even if I have to kill them I am going to treat them like people.
theunknown: If it makes it easier for you to think of them as people fine.
Laparus: It does the opposite, it's just important.
Hellion: Respectable.
Antiopa: Can we go back to what unknown was saying?
theunknown: What was unknown saying? o_O *thinks*
Allyni: I think they just want as much as they can get, info wise.
theunknown: I don't know that I have any other info for you. Unless you want to hear about how wonderful they used to be, which I doubt.
Antiopa: Actually yes. If you don't mind that is.
Loxura: Do you have anything on Showtime? Or this "Steve_b"? Because…we've not heard from him…and…yeah…
theunknown: I don't. Sorry. I have been kind of wrapped up in this…and throwing tails. Yeah to you guys watching…try harder fuck heads.
Chat: I love you Caccee haha
Septentrionis: And then everyone was unknown's fangirl.
theunknown: haha oh please. So, as far as their lives before, they played sports, they were good, younger brother had an internships with Yale, apparently he was a chemist.
Denitza: Yale, of course, closer to home ahaha.
theunknown: Older brother was into some kind of intelligence, little stuff, hard to dig up info ont hat, not gonna lie. But he worked in government, so they were smart.
Loxura: Explains how he keeps himself hidden so well I guess.
Laparus: Secret agent cannibal hulk?
theunknown: Whole fucking family is pretty smart. Dad is into science like the younger brother. Mom also works in government, and I could not find shit on her. So I assume she has some important work. So they are a family with connections. And money. Which again, makes me paranoid about why these guys, yes you guys watching, want them dead so badly. I have a hard time accepting its only for the "greater good".
Loxura: …Only thing I can think of…Is that they KNOW about Weaver Co.
theunknown: But then again, I can be a bit of a pessimist.
Loxura: Of have information that could harm Weaver Co. AS well as the killing people thing.
theunknown: Ok I need to move, I will be in touch.
Chat: Thank you, Goodbye!
Septentrionis: Wait! Could you look at something really quick?
theunknown: ?
Septentrionis: "J8ehzkkKkwudhw;;lsks"skjh-" Steve B got that in an email
theunknown: What?
Septentrionis: If you could just look at it when you have the time.
Hyparete: Thank you.
theunknown: Sure.
Loxura: A Possible email code.
Apollo: Weird string that was repeated in the Steve email. We've got no idea what it means.
theunknown: I really need to get out of here. Stay safe guys.
Septentrionis: Okay, sorry, you can be free now. <33
theunknown: And red, I will do what I can.
"theunknown" leaves the chat

"Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log"