theunknown Visit - June 24, 2013

On June 24th, theunknown enters furious at the chat for releasing her location to Devin and his accomplice. She admits to having thrown Devin out a window and fleeing the premises. However after the chat explains that Devin was looking to join forces and protect theunknown, she apologizes.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

June 24th, 2013

theunknown enters the room.
Chat: Hi Unknown! How are you doing?
Loxura: Ah…
Hellion: Yeah.
Haydn: He's a top bloke.
Apollo: heh, he's chill. Don't panic.
Loxura: He's…a friend, sort of, maybe. Hopefully?
Laparus: He's a pretty cool guy once you give him a chance…
theunknown: HOW DID THEY VEN FID ME!?
Heliconioides: Wait, he broke in?
Apollo: Yeah ok, so remember how we told you Weaver is real?
theunknown: give him a chance, I pushed his ass out a window
Haydn: He's the brother of the guy who does the weaver's paperwork.
Loxura: They're like the supernatural secret police or some crap…
Hellion: Wait
Heliconioides: you did what o.o
Loxura: You pushed him out a window?
Heliconioides: Is he…alive?
Laparus: …really?
Hellion: Please don't tell me you killed him.
Loxura: Fair reaction really. We did try to warn him…
Laparus: Devin is kind of a friend…
theunknown: I pushed him out a window and did a number on this girl he was with too.
Segecia: Geez.
Apollo: Welp.
theunknown: yeah he's alive, he was yelling at me when I took off.
Laparus: Ok, good.
theunknown: why are these people following me!?
Loxura: Yeah, they wanted to talk to you, and get to someplace safe. Remember the Weaver? They're linked ot that…
Laparus: Um, they want to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative
theunknown: what does that have to do with me
Loxura: Sort from the group that handles that thing.
Apollo: They were impressed by what you managed to find on Showtime.
theunknown: People should not be showing up at my home.
Apollo: And they want to get you to a safe house so you can stop running.
Loxura: Yeah, we tried warning them about that.
Haydn: That would be a shock :/
theunknown: well im impressed he bounced so hard off the dumpster.
Chat: hahaha I love you. Don't mess with unknown!
Dido: Unknown, are you aware of the situation with Allyni?
Hellion: Unknown, he's currently helping us with a very sensitive matter.
Laparus: But yeah, really, they just wanted to help you out and offer you a job
theunknown: sigh, well, this is awkward…
Laparus: Wee bit
Hellion: Kinda.
Heliconioides: yeah…
theunknown: hm
Loxura: The basic rundown is this guy hunts down and keeps tabs on supernatural bullshit. He ended up helping us with some of ours.
Laparus: To be fair, people DID warn him that might happen
Wollastoni: Well, we warned Devin that you were pretty tough, didn't we? See, Laparus and I are on the same page.
Loxura: Yeah we did. Heh.
Apollo: I'm kinda really impressed right now actually. Those two have been training to be assassins of scary monsters their entire lives.
Loxura: …I kinda just want to be all like "we told you bro."
Apollo: And you gave 'em what-for. XD
Hellion: They said they weren't assassins.
Heliconioides: Just a quick question…how badly were they hurt?
Apollo: inaccurate term, but soldiers.
Laparus: Also, dude's a fucking soldier. You've just gotten a new bad-ass badge.
Loxura: Yeah, how high up were you…?
theunknown: well, they scared the crap out of me…
Laparus: so you hulked out? Did you turn green?
Loxura: I take it they we're too subtle…
Heliconioides: And you 'did a number on this girl'?
Laparus: Did your clothes tear?
theunknown: You wish my clothes tore.
Hellion: Now isn't the time for flirting.
theunknown: ^_-
Laparus: Damn straight.
Apollo: Laparus, stop hitting on my daughter. :P
Laparus: Hey, she started it when she asked me to prom.
theunknown: so um…sorry about your buddies… >.>
Apollo: I'm sure they'll be fine.
theunknown: he was cursing a lot…so I would say he will be fine
Eresimus: They should be fine, and they had ample warning.
theunknown: PUSHED
Antimachus: Nudged…
Septentrionis: You used force to get him out the window…Semantics.
Laparus: whatever, she-hulk. Either way of course he was a bit miffed
Hellion: Did you get away from them? Or…
theunknown: And the other one…
Hellion: The Partner?
theunknown: I may have broke her arm… >.>
Septentrionis: omg
Heliconioides: …just her arm?
Laparus: How many places?
Hellion: She wasn't really much of a fan of us.
Septentrionis: Devin doesn't like us much either.
Apollo: She apparently liked you though.
theunknown: <.<
Philenor: She probably like loves you now
Hellion: Well I guess they did kinda barge in so it's kinda their fault.
theunknown: Well…they didn't quite barge…
Laparus: You need to ask questions first and defenestrate later, dear
theunknown: as much as they were between me ad the door…
Wollastoni: Ok let's start from the beginning.
Hellion: Ok did they attack you at all?
Wollastoni: I think we need to let her tell the story.
Loxura: Badass story time. With Unknown.
theunknown: <.< no…I well…they called me "unknown" and I kinda freaked… people are not supposed to find me
Hellion: Well would you prefer they call you Caccee?
Heliconioides: yeah…that's fair…
Laparus: …I had thought they'd be smarter about it
theunknown: the last time someone found me I almost got killed
Laparus: fair.
Heliconioides: …That'll justify your actions. Are you okay? as in, are you in a safe place?
theunknown: I am grand, I didn't fall out a window xP
Chat: Haha! Good point.
Laparus: yeah, I hear that can ruin your day.
theunknown: He's a BIG GUY o_o like mondo.
Apollo: We've never seen him. »
theunknown: Really tall and cut
Philenor: How tall is he? …Were you checking him out?
Apollo: Is he attractive? :P
theunknown: NO
Septentrionis: Now is not the time for shipping.
9802: We all thought it, you two just had to say it <.<
Septentrionis: That is later.
Apollo: Sorry. XD
theunknown: Yeah he was a beefcake -_- a beef pancake when he hit the ground.
Loxura: He walked away though…right?
Chat: (something said that was missed)
theunknown: no I am just…king of small. er. ish.
Loxura: Well if he's alive. He'll be fine. We can always tell him to man up.
Laparus: I'm sure you're people sized.
theunknown: Pocket people sized.
Laparus: Also I'm definitely going to rub that in his face.
Philenor: Fun sized.
Septentrionis: Polly pocket!
theunknown: =P
Septentrionis: Anyway, back to the part where you pushed beefy man out the window?
theunknown: yes?
Wollastoni: What happened after you broke her arm and pushed him out the window?
Septentrionis: Yeah, how did that series of events occur?
theunknown: What about it?
Laparus: Was the window at least open?
theunknown: it was afterwards….
Eresimus: Ouch…
theunknown: In a way…
Laparus: Right
theunknown: Sorry guys…
Philenor: It's fine
theunknown: I have a thing about people in my space…
Septentrionis: Understandable.
Hellion: Duly noted
Laparus: …Remind me to let you make all the first moves
Heliconioides: Unknown, I love you, but sometimes you scare me a bit
theunknown: You could not handle moves buddy, specially if nearby a window. But yeah, the girl pulled a gun when he went outside…so I broke her arm.
Heliconioides: …that's what I'd do
Septentrionis: Ouch.
Laparus: Ok, that's pretty fair.
Heliconioides: Yeah, can't say anything against that
Philenor: Agreed
Laparus: Somebody pulls a gun on you and you make sure they can't use it
Apollo: Welp, that did not go smoothly at all.
theunknown: <.<
Loxura: We should just call you UFO "Unknown Fighting…Ouch…"
theunknown: Yeah…then I took off for a while…
Apollo: hehehe
theunknown: and got some ice cream…
Hellion: Is this a routine for you? Throw a man out a window, break an arm, get some ice cream?
theunknown: Now here we are
Heliconioides: Which flavor?
theunknown: Chunky monkey
Hellion: Did you dedicate it to the man you threw out the window?
theunknown: There is nothing like beating up a guy who can put you in your pocket to make rl want some damn ice cream
Philenor: Hot Pocket.
theunknown: anyway I was mad at you, but now I feel bad >.> whoops.
Laparus: at us?
Apollo: No that makes sense. It's alright <3
Septentrionis: Cause you thought we sent him after you?
theunknown: I didn't know why these people were there
Apollo: Cause it looks like we told them.
Loxura: We would have warned you before hand if we had a way to do so.
Laparus: Well yeah. This guy wanted to help you and you fucked him through plate glass.
Heliconioides: It's okay, it was a natural first reaction
Apollo: But the weaver people kinda have records on everything that even blinks at us :/
Loxura: But we thought they might is better than…that…
Laparus: He didn't even really consult us on it, more sort of just mentioned it in passing.
theunknown: in retrospect…I'm not sure they did anything…wrong…<.<
Laparus: We had hoped we'd get a chance to warn you first, but…
Hellion: Didn't he promise not to kill any of our friends?
Apollo: He didn't tho. She whooped him good.
theunknown: I just freaked out…a bit.
Philenor: Preemptive defense
Hellion: A Bit?
theunknown: haha you should see me freak out a lot.
Wollastoni: If that's you freaking out a little bit, I don't want to see you freak out a lot.
Segecia: Makes you what more is?
Loxura: Considering the lifestyle you have to live these days. I don't think it was an over-reaction.
theunknown: It involves a bus, and grenades.
Laparus: I imagine that involves the shotgun
Heliconioides: I don't think I want to be around you when that happens unknown.
Loxura: And they should have understood that…
Septentrionis: That sounds like a story.
theunknown: Well there was this time…in Connecticut…
Laparus: I kinda do want to be around for that.
Septentrionis: Wait, you actually got your hands on grenades??
Hellion: That's a good question, how did you get grenades?
Loxura: I'm not sure that matters…I mean…we everything else…
theunknown: Grenades, grenade like explosives…same diff…
Loxura: How have you been anyway? Other than badass?
theunknown: well they came to the door, I was trying to get out cause they tripped my sound trap and they tried to explain something…and then he was yelling…glass was breaking…yadda yadda, ice cream.
Segecia: Did they have a job application form?
theunknown: I didn't exactly stick around and talk with them.
Laparus: and of course, if two people showed up at your door and they hadn't tripped your sound trap you would have freaked out more.
theunknown: Likely, I don't like surprises…
Antimachus: Would it then be yadda yadda…burgers?
Loxura: They should understand…I mean…We're involved with one supernatural bastard or another. Shit gets crazy.
theunknown: Yadda yadda steak.
Loxura: Mistakes were made.
Antimachus: yum.
theunknown: Sorry you guys…again.
Heliconioides: See…I think the problem is that they didn't exactly have to chance of calling ahead. Honestly, I don't think you have to apologize to us but…maybe to someone else.
Laparus: Hey, we're not the ones you shoved out a window.
Eresimus: It's alright, unknown.
Apollo: It's ok, we'll get things explained. And next time it'll go better. We should probably explain what we know on our end, huh?
Antimachus: Probably.
Apollo: Where's that log when Devin said he was gonna talk to her…
Loxura: Ha, they wanted to take you some place you would be safe…sounds like they have it backwards.
Laparus: Just a wee bit.
theunknown: I'm safe on my own. Safe enough anyway.
Apollo: Devin works for the people who are connected to the Weaver. They're kinda getting embroiled in a lot more of our stuff than we originally called Weaver for.
Laparus: Seriously though, they might be able to help you with that.
Apollo: Devin's interested in what you know about Showtime.
Laparus: None of us wants to see you hurt again.
theunknown: Well, if I see them again, I will play nice I guess…
Laparus: Tea and Crumpets?
theunknown: but I'm trusting you guys on this…
Loxura: Next time only break a finger. That's the limit. Heh.
theunknown: I don't like people following me…
Hellion: He gave us our word he wasn't going to kill anybody. His word. Don't judge me I'm tired.
theunknown: JUDGE! Alright…well, I am going to hop off…I need to keep moving.
Hellion: Wait, I have to ask this on behalf of Antiopa.
theunknown: ?
Hellion: Have you found anything on her cat?
theunknown: Nothing yet.
Laparus: Okies, you don't get dead, ok?
theunknown: I didn't dead anyone
Apollo: Yeah stay safe. And be careful, a bunch of stuff's been happening with us.
theunknown: …I dented…
Segecia: Thanks unknown. Don't go throw people though windows soon, unless they deserve it.
Apollo: Don't get caught up in our bads again, k?
Heliconioides: …try not to dent anyone who doesn't deserve it, kay?
Philenor: We love you unknown take care <3
Chat: Stay safe!
theunknown: Stay safe.
theunknown leaves the chat

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log