theunknown Visit - November 13, 2012

On November 13th, 2012, "Theunknown" entered chat and discussed the possibility of helping RoivasSevil in the alley and ways of dealing with the threat of the Mirror and an opportunity to connect with 1AmTheHelp3r.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

November 13, 2012

Theunknown enters the chat
Chat: How are you Unknown?
theunknown: I am ok, more or less. I'm sorry I have no news today I just came to talk, it has been a rough day.
Wollastoni: Talking's just fine.
Phlogea: Everything alright?
Allyni: Awe, need to vent?
theunknown: Had to move. Again.
Wollastoni: That sucks.
Allyni: I know that feel, though not for the same reasons I image
Phlogea: Something bad happen or just eviction notice or something like that
theunknown: The sounds have been getting worse the last couple of weeks, and the anxiety.
Allyni: Sounds?
theunknown: I find if I stay in one place for very long that happens.
Allyni: What kind of sounds are they?
theunknown: I'm not sure if it has to do with the place, or forging connection with people in said place yet. I'm on the fence about that. Usually at night I hear a creaking sound, a lot like the swings my sister and I had growing up. Obviously there are no swings so, its unnerving.
Urbanus: Also, unknown, we had a thought
theunknown: Oh?
Urbanus: You know how people who investigate on Showtime seem to vanish?
theunknown: Mhmm
Urbanus: Is there a possibility or that happening to you? Cause we don't want that
theunknown: Well, since I don't know the cause or even the nature of the vanishing there is no real way to know. nothing has changed for me thus far.
Wollastoni: Be careful, kay? If you feel like things are starting to get hairy, ollie out.
Urbanus: srsly don't put yourself in anymore risk for our sake
theunknown: I'm not, well not that alone. Life like this is well, very…unsatisfying?
Wollastoni: Just running all the time?
theunknown: Yeah. It feels good to maybe do some good.
Phlogea: By the way Unknown, since you showed us that symbol, we've found some interesting information relating to alchemy, specifically alchemizing of souls
theunknown: oh?
Phlogea: Yes, I'm finding the information now
Urbanus: You've done good just by being here. We don't get nice visits very often XD
theunknown: Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself : )
Urbanus: Use that shotgun!
theunknown: more or less haha. Looking at leg :P
Eresimus: Question Unknown, is it Showtime putting down the symbol of someone else? And yes, we do worry about you a lot, so be safe please.
Phlogea: Here's part of what we found about that symbol: alchemical information
theunknown: I have no idea Eresimus
Wollastoni: Showtime only leaves one. "The show must go on." At least, that's all anyone has ever found.
Eresimus: Okay, I just wanted to try and double check.
theunknown: hm that is interesting…
Urbanus: yeah we thought so too o_O
theunknown: I've been thinking about the bird references myself, I have not heard any connection to birds in any findings before looking into Caught's situation.
Wollastoni: well there were birds in the first family riddle.
Urbanus: birds come up frequently
Allyni: The poem from the coffin is about birds even
Urbanus: birds around Caught's apartment, the memory we saw when caught was at Lansing
theunknown: I too would like to know what that symbol means, I can't even say it for sure has to do with helper, but its being found by the farious jars of water is a bit too coincidental to mean nothing. *various. farious? wow haha : )
Phlogea: Those jars sure are neFarious…
theunknown: :D
Allyni: I had thought help3r might be making slender bane jars but then why leave the jars
Little Butterfly: I have a question
theunknown: ?
Little Butterfly: I'm not sure if anyone has this level of power but has there been a report on what is in the jars? Chemical compounds and what not
theunknown: I'm sure there has been, if some of them in fact found near crime scenes. I don't have that info though
Phlogea: Would you know if you could find it?
theunknown: Please remember all I know about this specific thing is rumors, and gossip, I have not had the chance to look too deeply into that matter yet
Tarquinius: In your research Unknown, have you found anything relating to the moon?
theunknown: The moon? no. what about you all? Is there anything happening on your end?
Urbanus: oh. uh. moth drama. moths being Mirrors little minions
Phlogea: I'm not sure. You've heard what happened Saturday night, right?
Pennies: Has it been suggested the jars were placed there to "absorb" something from the deceased?
Little Butterfly: As if trying to take the impurities off of them Pennies?
Pennies: Something like that
Little Butterfly: Would make sense. What would be the purist element easily accessible?
Phlogea: Carbon? I dunno.
Pennies: or gain power of some sort, the human soul is sometimes used in alchemy I "think"
Kershawi: There used to be a common thought that burning a heart to ashes and drinking it gave you power.
theunknown: I need to take a pass around the building. Will be back shortly.
theunknown leaves the chat.
theunknown enters the chat.
Wollastoni: welcome back!
theunknown: hahah hi : )
Allyni: everything kosher?
theunknown: Seems so.
Urbanus: that's good
theunknown: Oh, little butterfly, you are the one who received a package yes?
Little Butterfly: Yes Ma'am. Pleasure to meet you.
theunknown: You too : ) How was it delivered? I understand it was in your home?
Little Butterfly: Oh yes. I was sleeping when I woke to find it on the pillow next to me. Rather scary stuff
theunknown: …well that's not disturbing at all. Would it be possible to get a scan of the puzzle pieces from that second package? The image I was shown was hard to make out.
Little Butterfly: Yes actually it would. The completed section from the second package is small enough to be put on the scanner
theunknown: That would be wonderful, thank you : ) One you all would like to pursue. You all were saying you would like to be able to keep an eye on Caught when Natalie goes to the alley.
Urbanus: yes, that'd be great. We don't know when she's going through. Natalie said she'd text Anna when she did. We just won't have any notice. ngl though, love caught to death, but watching him is gonna be weird
Little Butterfly: Why don't you just ask Natalie if you can watch over him while she's gone?
theunknown: Me? I do not know them, that would be a bit on the weird side, I only met caught the one time. And he was not really all there, even then.
Allyni: Natalie seemed to be more inclined to trust you than help3r
theunknown: Honestly I would rather not meet them in person if I can help it, lest my problems become theirs
Phlogea: Would digital communication be possible?
Allyni: Yeah you could exchange numbers maybe
theunknown: I will have to think about it.
Allyni: maybe on a "burn phone" as CSI puts it, for your own piece of mind
Urbanus: I bet they'd like you :3
theunknown: : ) I will think about it.
Phlogea: Good, I like you already and don't want to violate your comfort zone
theunknown: I appreciate that thank you.
Phlogea: Of course.
Urbanus: anything else been going on? How's your leg?
theunknown: A pain in the butt : P haha
Urbanus: your leg is not a butt, miss XD
theunknown: Speak for yourself! : )
Pennies: what's been discovered about that symbol exactly? Sol niger sounds a bit like the eclipse that's coming up. which is the first stage of the blackening. "reference to crows there", part of using alchemy to obtain a soul or something
theunknown: I was wondering, Mirrors, in the video they put up, they say you "drafted the conditions, and paid the price" this leads me to think whatever these things are, Roivas, and mirrors, they seem to be bound by some form of law. What exactly were the conditions, and price?
Urbanus: we think Roivas and them are similar
Allyni: We were just doing what Roivas told us and that's what they showed us doing when they said that.
Phlogea: I think they were talking about a deal we made to get them to stop interfering with our ability to communicate with Caught, Natalie and Roivas (temporarily)
Allyni: but after that doyht said we "locked her away", right? Why else would they talk about drafting conditions and then show us doing the flower ritual?
Urbanus: yeah, I think they were referring to us doing the flower ritual. The price being losing Roivas :(
theunknown: I have just re-watched it, Allyni I think you are right…they said that while showing you all burning flowers
Phlogea: What were the conditions for the communication block-lift again?
Urbanus: Thyodamas talks to doyht privately
Phlogea: Oh yeah. If enough of us allowed them to "see" them, they'd send LB the rest of her package and if Thyodamas gave them her light and chatted with them, they'd let us speak to Caught, Natalie, and friends.
Urbanus: yeah, I think they were referring to us doing the flower ritual. The price being losing Roivas :(
theunknown: What exactly were the details of that contract? as it were.
Allyni: The flower ritual?
theunknown: Yes.
Allyni: Burn ten flowers. Rub the ashes on your palms. Provide proof.
Urbanus: We asked roivas to protect nat in the alley, so she said she'd need to get to the alley. the burning flowers was to open a door. she warned us that it'd be dangerous.
theunknown: I am thinking, it they are for whatever reason bound to some sort of rules it may not hurt to dig into exactly what you all talked about when the deal was made. There could be more you could do possible, Its a long shot but it seems plausible.
Allyni: Would Help3r know what the hell Roivas was doing? Not that he'd share but it's a thought
Urbanus: helper seems to know a lot. I'm sure he know roivas is there and how she got there. our ritual vids weren't private
Allyni: We could try calling "Dawn flower" again, see if she answers
Urbanus: she seems to hear that. I don't know what we could say though
Little Butterfly: But how do we call it? As a group?
Cyane: I do like how that name pissed off Mirrors, personally.
Urbanus: "come back"? but what do we say?
Phlogea: Ok, I found the messages from when we learned about the flowers
Urbanus: She can't come back til the terms are up. We know that
Allyni: "Dawn Flower how do we make you stronger?", "How do we protect Natalie?"
Phlogea: Oh. So we can talk to everyone but we can't hear back from Roivas?
Allyni: Roivas answered Envoy though.
Urbanus: Just a little heart though. That's hardly instructions on giving power to inter-dimensional beings
Phlogea: It's all I could find and Unknown asked for the specifics
Urbanus: Yeah, she'll probably pick something out better than us.
Cyane: We need a Handbook for the Recently Darkplaced.
Allyni: They're pretty simple which is frustrating cuz…we don't know how they work or what they really do. I like to know what makes this stuff tick!
Urbanus: names, light, idfk
Cyane: Plus side: Mirrors said liars don't have names where it comes from. Roivas has a name.
Urbanus: can't we just burn the contract and have roivas come back *cries*
Cyane: That just clicked for me, sorry.
Urbanus: welp she's not lying
Phlogea: Unknown, did the link work for you?
theunknown: Yes. I am going over it now. oh…was this also the first mention of mirrors?
Allyni: yes. She's alluded to being watched.
Urbanus: Sometimes in chat she'd have to ollie out because something was listening and/or hurt her
theunknown: I'm sorry I don't know off the top of my head what to do with this information…
Urbanus: no rush unknown
Phlogea: I believe someone named Mirrors had lurked in this chat some time before that visit, but we didn't think anything of it then
Urbanus: And then there was that vid yeah, we had a visit in May from yasurc, we brushed it off as a troll.
Phlogea: Yeah, one of Roivas's videos was once replaced by a different one
Urbanus: but Roivas has never directly mentioned them herself
Cyane: Probably because it would have heard her, she always seemed scared of it/them.
theunknown: That is a bit scary, being that now natalie is going to a place where mirrors is waiting for her and roivas is to protect her. if roivas has always seemed scared of them, that is a bit discouraging.
Phlogea: She responded that sometimes bad things happen to good people
Cyane: Most of this is discouraging, imo.
Allyni: But they weren't able to get past her till Roivas left. So she's not helpless against them.
Eresimus: Been going over somethings…
Urbanus: Roivas kept them away from us, that's something
Phlogea: If Mirrors functions like a virus then almost anything could empower it and screw things up
Urbanus: and once she said "I wonder what I'd be capable of it I was angry" of something like that, idk
Kershawi: I've already sworn myself to Rovias. I'm not taking that back.
Pennies: Yes Eresimus?
Cyane: Grimdark Roivas, yeah.
Allyni: Roivas may actually know a way for us to hold them off
Eresimus: It never gave a time limit for how long it'd have Thyodamas's light…
Cyane: We figured it wasn't going to give it back, Eresimus.
Urbanus: I don't think there is a time limit.
Tarquinius: You only think that because you're convinced mirrors is evil as evil can be
theunknown: Would you like my opinion in this situation?
Urbanus: Yes.
theunknown: It seems like you can't get roivas back, and even if you could…then Natalie would just be going into a trap with no help. It seems to me, if there are people willing to help add to the contract you made with rovias then that can do nothing but help.
Cyane: More flowers?
Urbanus: …burn more?
theunknown: Well, it said only ten each. I am speaking of Kershawi, is she wants to help, and add to the "pot" as it were, it seems like its in your best interest.
Cyane: Not all of us did the ritual, though. So we could get more butterflies to burn flowers.
theunknown: Oh, I did not know that, well that is valid as well. You have already seen that roivas seems to benefit from numbers…so it seems it would make sense, the more people who aid in the effort, the better chance they will have.
Urbanus: We'll try to get more people to burn shit
an argument breaks out as to whether this is a wise decision
theunknown: west side? east side? : ) <— unknown side.
Phlogea: Nobody knows what kind of polygon this is when Unknown's around.
Urbanus: gias, this chat room has five corners come on now XD
Phlogea: Well apparently the amount of corners we have is…unknown. *sunglasses* YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH
Cyane: I'm just glad most of us are in the sanity corner for once.
Kershawi: *Sitting in straight jacket for real …IRL* I'm not kidding.
theunknown: a straight jacket? Really?
Kershawi: Yeah c: My friend gave it to me
theunknown: haha : )
Phlogea: I take it the sleeves aren't bound to your torso?
Kershawi: No. They Can be though. Just need locks.
theunknown: Oh, I was picturing you typing with your face. Which would have been impressive. : ) but yes, I don't think more flowers could hurt.
Samuelis: Is there anyway this ritual could backfire on us? Since Mirrors seems to be capable of adopting rituals for their benefit?
theunknown: I don't know.
Cyane: This once doesn't involve a mirror, though.
Pennies: Do people mind if I don't? I'm still undecided on joining any side
theunknown: Pennies, free will is what keeps us free. I don't think anyone will fault you. What I worry about is Roivas seems to draw power from you all but only a little bit while mirrors seems to have taken ALL of Thyodamas's light. I feel like that's significant
Phlogea: Symbiosis as opposed to parasitism.
Cyane: She had to give it thought. I'm unconvinced it could have taken it without consent.
Samuelis: So by burning more we run the risk of Mirrors potentially adapting the ritual
theunknown: Well, Samuelis, what do we know about mirrors, as in what has it done to seemingly gain power?
Urbanus: Lied, manipulated, cheated
Eresimus: it also has twisted all mirror rituals to capture and steal.
theunknown: Again I feel that there are rules in place, that these things have to stick to…I feel like beginning to understand those rules is the first step to dealing with them
Tarquinius: It can't actually be proven that Mirrors was personally responsible for taking Crino's light
theunknown: Actually he has a point. Objectively, it can't said if mirrors did or did not do that, that is not a fact.
Tarquinius: Thank you unknown
theunknown: a fact is that is uses mirrors to some end.
Samuelis: Okay, let me rephrase then
theunknown: but I can't say I understand what end…because I don't
Samuelis: In the end, mirrors benefited from the ritual being altered, and now there is another unwilling butterfly who was just trying to use the protection ward
theunknown: Yes…
Eresimus: in the animal kingdom, is a mosquito evil for draining blood? No. It's surviving.
Tarquinius: I'm not being pro-mirrors here, I'm just being devil's advocate
theunknown: so, it stands to say the first step to doing something and not letting mirrors benefit
Eresimus: Mirror could very well be very much like that.
theunknown: avoid mirrors entirely while you do it?
Urbanus: We can't not doing something cause it might not work the way we want. we'd never get anything done
Samuelis: Indeed, unknown.
Urbanus: time's running out, we need to act
Pennies: but mirrors is sentient Eresimus, meaning awareness of it acts
Eresimus: A mosquito requires blood to reproduce, leeches require it to live. This might just BE how it survives.
Tarquinius: Mirrors may think differently than us Pennies
Pennies: and dark place beings need light, however they can get it
Cyane: I don't appreciate it threatening people I care about, of pitting us against each other. Which it HAS done.
Allyni: If it's a matter of dark place things getting light at any cost for survival…then that makes me scoot more towards helper.
Kershawi: In my opinion, if it is in the dark place, like Roivas, if it was a good entity, it would find a peaceful way. Just like she has.
Eresimus: I do thank you unknown and sorry the room got a bit, negative.
theunknown: No problem, I am just happy to be of some use. and, hey, I have a ferret to play with. I am good : )
Samuelis: Ferrets are awesome for keeping on in a positive mood XDD
theunknown: They sure are : )
Pennies: So me and Eresimus were thinking I may have a shot talking to help3r. Hopefully get a few answers.
Urbanus: Helper only talks to those who pick a side
Eresimus: Really? What if someone picked neutrality.
Pennies: yeah I'm thinking of doing that. cause to be honest I'd rather pick neutrality. If anything it means we tried
Eresimus: I told him he should read up on help3r's rules. Unknown, what do you think of the idea?
theunknown: It seems plausible, I am of all this least familiar with helper. But it does not seem like bad idea
Phlogea: He's a surly curmudgeon, but he's a somewhat fair curmudgeon.
Pennies: I'm not sure an harm could happen, its not like he can ignore us to death
theunknown: I don't know pennies…ever forgotten to water a plant? : )
Eresimus: Yeah, pennies, if he does answer, level head, and he tells you to do something…do it. Or it's BEST to do it. He has his reason that he can't always share. Especially since mirrors can block him now.
Cyane: And don't ask about rule 13.
theunknown: What is rule 13?
Phlogea: Apparently it's bad enough to break that he basically won't say what it is even if it's broken
Samuelis: "One day I will tell you, but you have to prom1s3 not to listen."
theunknown: hm. No clue. Maybe he's just superstitious…or really likes big scary men in hockey masks…
Eresimus: oh and pennies…This rule pertains to you a little atm…lemme paste it. "Rule #621 - Even the most insane suggestions are valid."
theunknown: I have to go. It was nice chatting with you all
Samuelis: Take care, please be safe!!!
theunknown: Stay safe : )
theunknown leaves the chat

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