Theunknown Visit - October 24, 2012

On October 24th, 2012, a mysterious new runner named "Theunknown" entered chat promising an insight into how to deal with The Mirror and his collection of new followers.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

October 24, 2012

Theunknown enters the chat
theunknown: Hello friends, I believe I know a way to cut down on your enemies numbers, but it must stay secret
Eresimus: If it's gotta stay secret, keep THAT in mind. It might be best to PM someone.
theunknown: There is no way of knowing how many eyes it has yes. I will have a representative PM me shortly. But first, please play the video the enemy presented.
The "Congratulations" video is played
theunknown: Please, if you have a rep PM me now.
The discussion is moved into a private conversation
Lycaena: Hello there!
theunknown: Hello. You aware of what the Mirror is after, correct?
Lycaena: Aside from gaining followers?
theunknown: It wants to steal your light. The light of all the butterflies.
Lycaena: Is that even possible?
theunknown: It has succeeded with the ones you call "Antiopa" and "Cannon", remember.
Lycaena: How should you suggest avoiding that outcome, then? Other than putting an end to the ward rituals.
theunknown: You must avoid the enemy. Remove all your mirrors in your homes. Cover them, place them outside, break them if you must.
Lycaena: that won't make it angrier?
theunknown: If it cannot see you, it will lose its power over you.
Lycaena: What power did it have over us in the first place?
theunknown: It watches you. It knows everything you do, and how you plan to destroy it. You must prevent this.
theunknown: I know this, for I have battled it before.
Lycaena: If it's still around, doesn't that mean you failed?
theunknown: I lost many people close to me. It took their power and was then able to contact you.
Lycaena: So is there a plan involved with this, or are we supposed to ollie our way through it?
theunknown: First, you must tell me what you know of it, what tactics you have used thus far.
Lycaena: Well…Laparus poured "that which once lived" on it.
theunknown: Intriguing
Lycaena: And there was a ritual that involved writing on mirrors, but that was debunked recently.
theunknown: I see. The only help I can give you, is that you must stay away from all mirrors or anything bears a reflection.
Lycaena: That's…a bit difficult, don't you think?
theunknown: But necessary.
Lycaena: If you don't mind my asking, is there a reason you decided to tell us all of this?
theunknown: I am what you would call "a runner".
Lycaena: Not that it isn't appreciated, it's just there are usually ulterior motives around here.
theunknown: Like you I do not have all the answers, but wish to see this end as well as it can.
Lycaena: I can certainly sympathize with that notion.
theunknown: This "Caught" helped me greatly at a time of terrible need…I will forever attempt to repay that favor.
Lycaena: If you don't mind my asking, did you visit him recently?
theunknown: No, I only met him once, when I…had tried to kill myself.
Lycaena: I'm glad I'm able to talk to you now, then, at the very least :)
theunknown: As am I. He helped me to remember. Now I will do whatever I can.
Lycaena: That's our goal as well, though it does get a bit muddled sometimes. It it's alright to ask, do you remember how long ago it was you met him?
theunknown: About five months ago.
Lycaena: Is it alright to ask where?
theunknown: Evergreen Hospital. In Bothell.
Lycaena: Thank you. Is there anything you'd like to ask? I can't offer much, but it's the very least I can do.
theunknown: No, I doubt my issues can be solved by what you all have learned.
Lycaena: I'm sorry to hear it /:
theunknown: No offense, it just seems different for everyone, to some extent.
Lycaena: True enough! Is there a reason you chose "theunknown" for a name?
theunknown: I would rather not reveal my name that's all.
Lycaena: Understandable. We're used to hidden names around here.
theunknown: I am trying to get out of this, giving up details seems like a good way to fall deeper.
Lycaena: You'd get along smashingly with someone we know.
theunknown: Oh?
Lycaena: His mode of operation is essentially "give the bare bones of it and leave".
theunknown: Yeah, sounds smart, but if you really want to be of any use you have to take some risks sometimes.
Lycaena: Funnily enough, he's said that before, too.
theunknown: Maybe we would get along : )
Lycaena: Sorry to digress, but would it be alright to ask what Caught helped you remember? It seems odd since he's had memory issues for as long as we've known of him.
theunknown: My sister…just, a reason to keep going.
Lycaena: I'm glad to hear that as well. If it's alright to ask, how is your sister?
theunknown: I'm sorry, I really should not have even told what I have.
Lycaena: I understand, thank you for what it's worth. Is there any chance of you coming back here? Or is this the only time we'll have to talk?
theunknown: I don't know, maybe…We will have to wait and see. If I do not see you again, best of luck.
Lycaena: To you as well! Take care.
theunknown: Don't lose hope.
A considerable amount of time passes
theunknown: Something has happened, I must go.
theunknown leaves the chat.

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log.