Theunknown Visit - October 27, 2012

On October 27th, 2012, "Theunknown" entered chat and discussed at length her minor relationship with Caught, the Mirror, Showtime Killer and her experience in dealing with The Slender Man and it's differences from what Caught has seen. She left chat promising to research the Showtime Killer for them and bring back information.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

October 27, 2012

Theunknown enters the chat
Laparus: Unknown is a friend and a lovely person.
theunknown: haha a lovely person? shucks. Today I come with bad news, just a moment. I don't know if you have found this yet, but you should know, in case you have not.
Theunknown links a Mirror Follower Ritual Video
Laparus: If there's any way for us to help you in return, please let us know.
theunknown: No need.
Laparus: Well then just let us know if you ever need a favor.
theunknown: Just keep doing what you are doing.
Satyrus: Would like to know how you came across that video, seeing as it's unlisted. Where id they post it? Do they have their own chat?
theunknown: I have my ways around computers. It is in blue lycan's out box. (Blue Lycan is one of the first of The Mirror's followers)
Satyrus: I probably think that mirrors is contacting people via their inbox's on youtube
theunknown: It seems that this blue lycan is recruiting people who otherwise may have no interest in this situation which is…dangerous to say the least. Unfortunately it likely won't matter the quality of those mirrors gets…
Laparus: Are you saying they're being used as batteries?
theunknown: I don't know if that is their purpose, but it is a possibility. It is possible this creature has very different aspirations form RoivasSevil.
theunknown: and I am alright, I hurt my leg recently, so I'm currently stuck inside. I would rather not talk about it…
Chat: How long have you been paying attention to us?
theunknown: I watched for a long time.
Satyrus: Have you ever been here during any of the visits we've had from mirrors?
theunknown: No, I have not had that pleasure. I've already decided to trust you. This is why I watched for so long.
Papilio: Unknown, could I ask you something?
theunknown: ?
Papilio: I'm operating under the impression that you are watching their chat as much as ours. Are they all pretty much joining just to spite us? If so I really don't see a way to stop them from joining.
theunknown: Actually I am not aware of a chat room, there are no messages about one I have been able to find. I know that some of them are here strictly because of a dislike of your group.
Papilio: Again, I don't feel sorry for any of them. They are all making their own decisions. Just like we did.
theunknown: Again, unfortunately their understanding seems highly irrelevant. oiwsafuhdvu uiwegfh yhuwb jwef w4dv
Lycaena: o___o Are you okay?
theunknown: sorry, ferret.
Satyrus: What is the name of your ferret?
theunknown: Maria:
Loxura: Have you heard anything about the Showtime Killer?
theunknown: The showtime killer? well they are on the news from time to time. I will see if I can dig up some of the news reels, or prints. It really started showing up more recently.
Papilio: Unknown, they apparently have made various threats to a few of us. So knowing more about him/her would be good.
theunknown: I don't know any more then what they say on the news (which is not much) but I will do what I can.
Laparus: One of our patent ways of dealing with serious crap is being ridiculous.
theunknown: Actually I don't mind the amusement. : )
Laparus: What's your opinion on Help3r?
theunknown: Poor.
Laparus: Have you ever met them?
theunknown: Not personally. haha. no brick. We hear stories about them, more than anything.
Papilio: We?
theunknown: Sorry, me and Maria. Mostly it's assumptions, crime scenes with things like the jars of water (that comes up a lot).
Lycaena: Crime scenes?
theunknown: Homicides. Again, this is assumption. hehe I am not a detective, I have not seen many of the scenes.
Satyrus: But you've seen some?
theunknown: I was a nurse, I can still get around a hospital. This is going to sound like a joke haha. But yeah, head trauma. Like I said I don't know much about the helper, mostly just what seems to be related bu there are a lot of murders, it cold all be nothing. Know even less about RoivasSevil. Nothing as far as a connection I mean. I don't know what to make of Roivas honestly. Has…there been any word on where caught is?
Loxura: According to Help3r, he knows where he might be, but he won't tell us because we're the "infection".
theunknown: I can't. IRONY haha. Well, Caught can't be taken, apparently.
Loxura: Caught can't be caught, it seems. Have you heard of Lansing? I assume you've at least seen the stuff and stuff.
theunknown: I have watched yeah.
Laparus: (mentions something about making Gumbo)
theunknown: I will be right over
Laparus: If you're ever on this side of the Atlantic, you're welcome!
theunknown: I have been but that was a long time ago.
Laparus: You've been on this side of the Atlantic?
theunknown: I lived in Castlecalfield for a time
Laparus: huh, not too far north from me, interesting
Protenor: You said you were a runner?
theunknown: Just come right out with it hm? : ) I don't like that term…it's silly but its what you tend to call us. It seems Caught has stayed in one place all this time, which is odd to me. I don't know how he stands it.
Loxura: DO you feel comfort when it rains, because Caught seems to? Is it just a general thing, or what?
theunknown: thinking about it usually gives me anxiety, but you have made me feel well this morning…so I will try and talk about it as you like.
Loxura: We'd like to hear as much as you're comfortable telling us?
theunknown loses connection briefly but returns
theunknown: its a good morning, its raining : )
Chat: You okay?
theunknown: I'm find. I have a shot gun. I'm not very good with it but still, it feels good to have it. So yes, I can try and talk to you about it, I don't know how useful it will be. As I've said, it seems different for everyone. I have only ever spoken with one other like me, and Caught that one time. What do you want to know?
Loxura: Can you hear the Slender Man?
theunknown: Have you ever had a dream, where you spoke to someone, but when you wake up you don't remember what was said? It's sort of like that. It's always there. Physically? I've only ever seen it, and heard it, It's never been close enough to touch me.
theunknown: I have a theory of my own on that…I think honestly if it gets close enough to tough you, well, that's the end. As I said I spoke with only one other, he was in Connecticut at the time, and he had been seeing the thing closer, then contact stopped. I've had a lot of time with this leg.
Loxura: When you feel it, what do you think its emotions are? Caught says it's always angry when he's around it.
theunknown: Yeah, for me it's always very calm, soothing even but feels…wrong. I feel like it is more common then it seems in some ways. I don't know, I am paranoid so that could just be that. I've always been a bit paranoid haha. Well…well for a long time I didn't know what it was, I just thought I was depressed or, having anxiety about other things. It took a long time to accept. I wish I knew him (Caught) better. I'm pretty jealous of you all for that.
Loxura: I'm sure a lot of us are jealous that you got to meet him in person!
theunknown: I don't feel like I should. Sometimes it's better alone. I don't think people like us do well in groups and there is another element. Alone if you are paranoid and angry you only hurt yourself. Ben was with a group, they guy in Connecticut, and that did not end well.
Loxura: I don't suppose you know anything about the people living at Cranbrook?
theunknown: the journal is familiar, in the way its written that kind of paranoid rambling. Other then that no. Sorry I can't help much, I only met Caught that one time.
Loxura: What do you think of the whole puppet-Caught thing? according to an…unreliable source, they are Caught.
theunknown: I don't know, I don't WANT to think that is true.
Loxura: It seems to be capable of mimicry, like Natalie's scream in "A Dark Place".
theunknown: Yeah that happens sometimes. When we were girls, my sister and I had a swing in the back yard, that always squeaked a certain way. I hear that quite a bit.
Chat: Do you ever hear rain indoors?
theunknown: I have not experienced that at all. I only hear rain its raining haha
Loxura: Maybe he has no memories at all, so it's the first memory he has?
Laparus: It might just be Caught's apartment does that.
theunknown: …that's sad. But the puppets, I have not heard of anything like that until this. I mean in any others.
Loxura: Do you sleepwalk? I assume you don't. I imagine that's a Caught-thing.
theunknown: no. I've never been a sleepwalker.
Loxura: We have theories on the puppets if you'd like to hear them?
theunknown: I've never had any kind of memory loss either. Has Caught ever seen these things? In person I mean?
Laparus: No, I don't think he has seen them in person. It still worries me that one appeared on a monitor I was being watched on.
theunknown: Oh! you are the bearded fellow?
Laparus: Yes, that's me.
theunknown: The chair seems to be a theme I noticed there was one in Cranbrook as well.
Laparus: Wait, the way the chair at Caught's was broken?
Lycaena: It moved in front of the door.
Laparus: Like maybe someone was tied to it and broke the spars
Loxura: Have you ever experienced teleportation like at Cranbrook?
theunknown: Whatever is going on with him seems bigger than anything I have seen in my search. I feel like he can come back…I hope so. He spit blood at the thing when it tried to take him God's sake. haah sorry I may have a bit of a crush…:P
Laparus: hehehehehe, a few of us do. Anything you need to know we might be able to help with? Hell, even if there's something you'd like us to try and find out about?
theunknown: On the Mirrors video, in the end. Was that a product of RoivasSevil? I mean the existence of that part of the video.
Hyparete: We think maybe.
theunknown: I was thinking…if you can hurt it, why not kill it? Mirrors that is
Laparus: I've been thinking the same. I DID manage to hurt it.
Lycaena: Could it build a tolerance?
theunknown: Yeah that seems to be a pattern with that thing
Laparus: Yeah, Help3r warned about it adapting.
theunknown: Oh, here is a question. What is light?
Loxura: It seems to be something everyone has - kind of like love. It seems kind of like a person's essence or soul.
theunknown: Could it just be an emotion?
Hyparete: It varies too.
Laparus: Pieridae showed no light because his all goes to his family which makes sense as he's the only one of us with a kid
theunknown: Oh…that is very interesting…
Hyparete: Light changes, and it seems to be related to positive stuff.
Loxura: Apollo is almost like our Mirrors negotiator, and it seems to be particularly interested in her.
Samconbeat: I blame Showtime, too, since I'm notorious for that.
theunknown: the show time killer that is still odd. I remember hearing about it on the news while I was there but I can't see any other connection.
Laparus: I've never met showtime myself.
theunknown: Can I have these poems?
theunknown is linked to the February 26th Showtime visit
theunknown: Oh…who is Inachis? The other English fellow? That makes sense…there was a killing on the news, where a body was apparently found on a bed under a bunch of rotting animals.
Lycaena: …"Your bed is smelly"
Laparus: So possible symbolically killing us or practicing the methods intended for each of us
theunknown: I will try and find the story and send it to you. I won't be able to get to any archives today its raining so I think I am going to take Maria to the park
Loxura: Unknown, are there are lot of birds that hang around you?
theunknown: Birds? No more than normal…
Protenor: (references Tumblr)
theunknown: I used to keep a blog, that's how I found Ben. I have not used it for a really long time, that didn't end well with him.
Inachis: Who was Ben?
theunknown: The only other person I've met dealing with this, he was living with people in Connecticut but stopped writing after a point. I don't know what happened to him…there is a chance he got out, if so I don't want to involve him again…I doubt it but its a chance I'm not willing to take…I will think about it.
Samconbeat: How old are you?
theunknown: I would rather not say honestly. I worry that by talking to you all my problems will become your problems…so I have a questions. Why Thyodamas?
Hyparete: It's possible because she had strong feelings, or a tasty light, or they knew how to go at her.
Inachis: It occurs to me that Thyodamas was the easiest to manipulate at the time. Unfortunately it put her in a situation between her and Loxura.
theunknown: Are these all the poems?
Lycaena: Yep.
theunknown: Ok, I will try and see what I can find.
Loxura: Does it include all of Inachis's name changes and Glaucopsyche's name being spelled wrong?
theunknown: Oh…so they did spell it wrong. There is a place in downtown Seattle, by the waterfront where skaters hang out called the "isle" the kids that hang out there call it the "issie". A place to start I guess. I have to go take care. be careful.
theunknown leaves the chat

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log