Theunknown Visit - October 28, 2012

On October 28th, 2012, "Theunknown" entered chat and discusses the packages that have been sent to Butterflies by RoivasSevil. After discussing the respective contents and warnings within each box, theunknown expresses a desire to help the Butterflies with their problems, but can only pursue one issue at a time. In the end, the Butterflies opt to have theunknown send them info about The Showtime Killer.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

October 28, 2012

Theunknown enters the chat
Papilio: Ohai unknown. Welcome back ^__^
theunknown: Hello : )
Allyni: How is your leg feeling?
theunknown: Its not great, but I can hobble around ok. I understand there was a package sent about the showtime killer? Is there a place I can see this?
Laparus links stuff (lots of)
theunknown: Laparus, have you checked these papers for prints?
Laparus: If you tell me how to do that then I will.
theunknown: Would you be willing to send me one of them, a bit of the hair, and some of the newspaper clippings? I will see what I can do with those items when I get them.
Papilio: Hey, Unknown? Did you find anything interesting about Showtime?
theunknown: No Papilio I have not found anything yet. I have read many of your logs now, you all have seen…quite a bit. More then I thought at first. I was wondering, do you have any idea why the specific video of Thyodamas was used by mirrors?
The chat plays the video of Thyodamas that is used during "Congratulations"
theunknown: Where was that? If you don't mind my asking?
Thyodamas: Well there's this bike trail there wear i live that my mom and i used to go by and we got to the end of it :3
theunknown: hm. And mirror's calls you sister? Ok…
Thyodamas: Also, not sure if this is relevant but the bike trail in that video is the same bike trail i filmed by butterfly application on
theunknown: Oh…yeah that doesn't seem like something to ignore. Papilio, I've read the logs, you were the first mirrors called out yes?
Papilio: Yes. And Roivas had warned me about them before they came.
theunknown: and there was a package about that?
Papilio: Yeah, Little Butterfly's package
theunknown: Can I see this?
Papilio: Sure, hold on.
theunknown: I don't like mirrors…
Thyodamas: Nobody does 3:
Papilio: Either do I Unknown they are toying with my fucking name. Pardon the language.
theunknown: A moment as I watch this please. Can I please see the finished puzzle?
Papilio: It hasn't been completely assembled
Links to A Special Surprise... and We have a problem. are posted.
theunknown: when was this picture taken? And where? if you don't mind. Sorry, I mean the picture that is the puzzle.
Papilio: that pic was taken a few months ago in the place where I live now.
theunknown: Was this before or after mirrors started?
Papilio My pic was before mirrors started
theunknown: Yes. Ok. Give me a few moments please? I have decided I want to do all I can to help you all. Ok, I can put my effort into one thing but I cant look into all of it and keep moving around. Would you all like me to look into the showtime killer or mirrors?
There is a general consensus that Showtime Killer should be researched
theunknown: So the showtime killer? Ok.
Those present express gratitude
theunknown: Just be safe. I should go. Goodbye friends : )
theunknown leaves the chat

Special thanks to Mesay20yr for compiling this chat log