Underscore and Lasaia Visit - April 20, 2013

On April 20, 2013 Thyodamas' Light, previously known only as "Underscore" by the fans, entered the chat along with Dark Place Denizen "Lasaia". They describe a flight from a series of monsters before reaffirming their need to track down Searching_For_Loxura's location within the Dark Place in order to collect a DNA sample.

Previously entering chat under several variations of an underscored name, this visit revealed that this represented the Light of Butterfly Thyodamas, which was previously abducted by The Mirror. It exists in the Dark Place and has developed sentience. Its conversational style mirrors that of Thyodamas. The Light played a video of misty smoke. The transcript has been edited and usernames have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

April 20, 2013

_ enters the chat
"_" begins to play a video feed of fluid smoke
"_" changes name to "[Redacted: Thyodamas' name]" (Thyodamas' Light will hereafter be referred to as "Light")
Thyodamas: How you doing girl? How's the search going?
Light: isdhfiushfs AHH oh its you guys…im…we are…in a bad place here.
Thyodamas: What's wrong?
Light: I have been trying to get to you guys for so long idsfjsijdfiu
Thyodamas: Well you're here now!
Light: We have been being chased for a while…
Denitza: By who, Lady Longfingers?
Light: What feels like a few days ago…these black things started following us…
Thyodamas: Can you describe them at all?
Light: At first they would just stop and stare…but then they started getting worse…They look like people…but are all black like fucking…lie made of ink.
Thyodamas: Did they have any eyes on them, or just completely black?
Light: Some have eyes, some don't…
Chat: Oh shit shadow people D:
Light: We were hiding here…by this rock face for a long time and Lasaia went to check and see, if they were gone he has not come back sidjfbsfh
Thyodamas: Well I guess we could try to do a light thing to call him back.
Light: Don't do that! DONT! I can hear them walking around…they are long…like have long arms and legs…a while back the music we were following got really loud, that's when they showed up. They tried to grab at me a while back that's why we started running. I think they are talking to each other…but they don't talk. They just make these creaking noises…sogodgj.
Thyodamas: Do they have mouths, or are they just faceless blobs?
Light: When they tried to grab at me, Lasaia pushed on away and it just fell apart. Its arm just tore off and then the thing spilled to the ground like liquid. SMELLED SO BAD ><…I can hear the music again…
Charithonia: Light? What does the music sound like? Is it familiar?
Light: That damned searching_for_Loxura music. I don't think anything can hear you…there is one like 10 feet from me, and it has not heard you guys yet…they are stopping…They are all looking at some thi-
Thyodamas: Are you alright?
Light: skjdfksjfejfn OIEFNFFNI THE HELL there is something…bigger…
Philenor: Is it coming towards you?
Imperialis: Is it the motherfucker?
Light: I can't quite tell it's so foggy…
"Lights'" camera goes dark
Thyodamas: Hey, come back. What's up?
There is no response. After 5 minutes, there is a loud screeching noise from "Light's" camera
Lasaia enters the chat
"Light's" camera returns
"Light's" camera flickers and goes dark for a moment before returning
Light: FUCKING FUCKS SDJFSFJ FELL DOWN A HILL! Hiding again,,, I don't think it knows where we are…
Chat: Is Lasaia still with you?
Thyodamas: he's still in chat, so I hope so. Lasaia, can you hear us?
"Light's" video changes to the Searching_For_Loxura montage for a moment before going dark again
Lasaia: Shhh…
"Light's" camera returns
Light: I think it's…moving away…
Lasaia: shhhhhhh…
Light: sjfhsfh you shoosh! skdjbskjdfksjfn ok…I think it's leaving…THAT THING WAS FUCKING TERRIFYING SDJFHDKJFHV ;_;
Thyodamas: It was terrifying on both ends. Tell us what happened, friend, because your vid starting showing SFL stuff.
Light: It was right over us…
Thyodamas: Are you alright? Are either of you hurt?
Light: …we are ok. ksdjfnksjdvn CEPT THE FUCKING HEART ATTACK
Laparus: You said it ran through the trees. Did it break any branches of anything?
Light: YES. It was breaking THROUGH the trees.
Laparus: Can you see it if left anything behind?
Light: It was like a hanging body or something sdhigbiskdugh. I could not see it too well but…it had like a human shape…but the human shape was just still, being pulled around by these like…long arms like a sdjfhkdjfgj body bag or something skdjgdb
Urbanus: …like a puppet?
Septentrionis: Like Mirror's kind of arms?
Light: It looked like arms…or like vines…the thing moved like a spider skdhfbksdvj
Thyodamas: It HAD to be spiders, didn't it?
Lasaia: So…we aren't going…to that thing's house?
Thyodamas: Yeah. You need something "born of it" hair, nails, something like that. So we HAVE to go to its house if we want to kill it.
Light: o/o so yeah…we have to go to its house…ok?
Lasaia: ok.
Light: dskjfsjf
Thyodamas: After that, Loxura has to go summon it, and after he does that, we, as in you and me, Light, have to pick somewhere to send it. Oh and this is the best part: WE are the only ones who can kill it! yaaay!
Thyodamas: Then we'll get a really big firepoker. or Dark Place magic.
Thyodamas: But yeah we send it to a spot that is yet to be determined, and then we kill it!
Light: oh just that simple just AND THEN WE KILL IT -_-
Thyodamas: We'll figure it out when we get there! I figured this is going to be a long process, hopefully you'll have a form by then.
Antiopa: Light! I heard you fell down a hill, are you okay?
Light: sjsdhvkdjfvkdjvnldfjvn I'm ok.
Thyodamas: So Lasaia, Light tells me you just kinda ran off at one point. What were you up to?
Light: I've been trying to contact you guys…I don't know how to make it work…I just happens when it does dfkjhdkjf. We hae been following the music…this place just keeps going…
Laparus: Have you noticed any difference between when it does work, and when it doesn't?
Light: well I was scared shitless this time skdfhkjsdf…OH and a while ago what feels like, I don't know, like a week or so, maybe more…it's hard to say with no days -_- but there was this HUGE light.
Thyodamas: Right. Caught woke up while you were gone, because Allyni got advice from Help3r, who told her to do this ritual which made her burn out her light in order to wake Caught up. And it worked!
Light: JSDHFJDFL oh.
Allyni: Light, Lasaia, can you see me typing? or "hear me?"
Light: I can't see anything, I just know what you guys are saying. It's WEIRD kdfjgdkjgvn
Allyni: Can you hear me?
Light: Yes
Allyni: Hi.
Antiopa: There's something I want to try, to see if it'll work. Can you see the lights of the people who are on cam here?
Light: I can't see faces…there are just little butterflies floating around when I get this thing to work
Antiopa: How do I look?
Light: Like the others. I dunno. Blue?
Antiopa: I ran into Help3r in Seattle, and he told me I was dying. So I wanted to know if my light looked weird or anything.
Light: Yeah…you look like the rest…
Antiopa: And does Natti's still look normal?
Light: I don't think the butterflies show up here unless you are using your voices there…
Apollo: Would you mind if I tried an experiment with what mine looks like, or can that wait?
Light: Um sure
Apollo: Hi Rosemary. I just asked because I've heard weird things from Roivas.
Light: ksdjfhkjs its like…it's black.
Apollo: That's what I though. Thanks.
Light: I am going to poke it. Feel that? Or that, that?
Apollo: Nope.
Light: Ok.
Philenor: Did you poke the small black things? You probably did. That's why they followed you.
Light: sdjkfhskdjf NO I DIDNT POKE THEM…I THREW A ROCK AT THEM >.> THEY WERE FOLLOWING US FOR SO LONG. skdjfhskjf this is my life. These are my choices. I do what I want. : P
Antiopa: So what's the dark place like?
Thyodamas: We found out that another name for the Dark place is "the Vault", Warren, the Weaver's secretary told us that.
Lasaia: What do we have to do?
Thyodamas: What do you mean? You have to keep following the music until you find SFL's house and find a piece of it, something with DNA. We're gonna CSI this fucker.
Light: Ok…we should get moving again, I can still hear them over the hillside…
Thyodamas: I wanted to ask Lasaia a quick question, before you go.
Lasaia: …?
Thyodamas: Remember that pip thing you used while you were going Weaver-hunting? What's it for, and could you use it as a weapon?
Lasaia: It's like a guide…since things move here, it helps to find where you want to go.
Thyodamas: Is there any chance you could use it to find SFL's house?
Light: hahaha he doesn't need to use it as a weapon ^U^ he has a big crowbar.
Thyodamas: Back to the guide thing. Does it lead to a specific place, or can it help you find wherever you want to go?
Lasaia: I don't know how exactly it works. It just always has.
Thyodamas: Well, it's worth a try in finding SFL's house, right?
Laparus: So it's kind of like Jack Sparrow's compass?
Laparus: Actually a jar of SFL's dirt might work for us.
Light: Ok, we are moving on now. I…I miss you guys…
Thyodamas: We miss you too. And I'm sorry about being so hard on you, but I was getting worried because I wasn't expecting it to take so long. But I understand. Sorry about that.
Light: I'm doing the best I can ;;
Antiopa: I hope my butterfly is hugging your face, because that's exactly what I want to do to you right now.
Light: --* Well…now it is…
Laparus: Don't make us create a butterfly hug pile on you right now…
Chat: Keep safe, you guys!
"Light" and "Lasaia" leave the chat

Special thanks to Banana for compiling this chat log