Underscore and Lasaia Visit - February 25, 2013

On February 25, 2013 Thyodamas' Light, previously known only as "Underscore" by the fans, entered the chat along with the Dark Place denizen who she has befriended. Thyodamas grants him a butterfly name, Lasaia, thereby creating a new member of RoivasSevil's family. Thyodamas' Light discusses her intention to seek Searching_For_Loxura instead of the Map Maker.

Previously entering chat under several variations of an underscored name, this visit revealed that this represented the Light of Butterfly Thyodamas, which was previously abducted by The Mirror. It exists in the Dark Place and has developed sentience. Its conversational style mirrors that of Thyodamas. The Light played a video of misty smoke. The transcript has been edited and usernames have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

February 25, 2013

_ enters the chat
"_" changes name to "[Redacted: Thyodamas' name]" (Thyodamas' Light will hereafter be referred to as "Light")
Chat: Hey Light!
Light: WAH what the hell!? Weird…I can be trying to contact you guys and nothing…for DAYS. I think about you and then suddenly BAM.
Thyodamas: Well that's a little bit concerning…try thinking of us more often?
Chat: Did you hear about Loxura being attacked?
Light: I know. We could hear it. It was not fun -_- I have a confession…actually. I know we agreed it would be safer to go find this map maker…but we have not been doing that…
Allyni: I could make a very inappropriate joke right now…
Thyodamas: So what have you been doing?
Light: We were heading over there…for a while but then on the wind like the singing we heard that fucking no strings song…we have been following htat.
Urbanus: Why have you been following that??
Light: Because I'm going kill the fucker.
Thyodamas: We need to arm you first before we send you after it.
Light: Not your decision , I am already going, and I am not alone.
Thyodamas: What can we do to help you?
Antiopa: You really need to rethink this, we don't need you dead!
Light: I have thought about it.
Thyodamas: and if you're going to do it give us a chance to power you up a bit so you have a chance at it.
Light: and do what, just let him continued to get tortured!?
Papilio: You also should know that Croesus contacted the Weaver. So make sure you aren't going to get beat up by that thing.
Caligo: We just have to be careful.
Glaucopsyche: Not a little kid, that guy was a runner, remember?
Caligo: Especially now that this weaver thing is in play.
Urbanus: We're just trying to eliminate variables in you going after this thing and not knowing what it is.
Thyodamas: I know how you feel, but if you're this determined, at least give us a week to get prepared. One week.
Light: I am going to keep following the music. If I find where it is coming from, I will wait to go in.
Urbanus: We'd kinda prefer if you went to find the mapmaker now.
Antiopa: Keep hidden! Don't let anything see you!
Light: and to me us whatever.
Thyodamas: Yeah?
Light: I know everything you know, I feel everything you feel.
Thyodamas: I have a hunch.
Light: If you ever think about us being useless again, I will slap us so hard YOUR teeth go loose.
Thyodamas: OK GURL.
Light: oh
Thyodamas: Oh?
Light: I told him about all this when we started following the music.
Thyodamas: What does he have to say?
Light: He doesn't know of anything that can switch between here and where you are, so whatever it is, it's different from all the things we have been passing here.
Urbanus: You know Mirrors' puppet things? Yes we thing it's one of them.
Light: I am getting used to this place…it is kind of pretty in a way…it's vast…and calm…more or less…what is the thing you call again?
Urbanus: The Weaver? Honestly we don't even know for sure if it's real.
Antiopa: Basically it's like a folktale passed down by the runners.
Light: He doesn't know what that is.
Thyodamas: Is he around right now? Because I had something I wanted to ask him.
Light: He's always with me. He kind of has not left my side.
Thyodamas: Mr. Dude, I have kind of an offer as a sort of thank-you present for not killing my light. To make things easier, so we don't have to keep calling you "The dude", I was thinking of giving you a present in the form of a butterfly name. Would you be okay with that?
Light: Well? haha ok then, he shrugged.
Thyodamas: I guess that's a yes? I don't know. Anyways, the name I had in mind was Lasaia, it's the blue metalmark butterfly and it looks like this, if you're ok with that?
Light: haha ok I'm gonna take that shrug as a yes. haha ok I guess you are Lasaia then, hehe welcome to the family or whatever. JSHDFOHWDFSLDJF THA HELL MAN a little blue butterfly like the ones your voices came out of just appeared by him.
Chat: Awesome!
Thyodamas: We make megical bullerwhy.
Light: shdfsidfg this is just more and more odd.
Hyparete: If he's got a lil butterfly can he talk to us?
Light: I don't know…say something you.
Lasaia enters the chat
Lasaia: um hi? …this is weird…
Interrogationis: SO what's with the arms bro?
Lasaia: the dead trees keep others away, usually. You don't.
Interrogationis: How'd they get there?
Lasaia: I don't know, the dead trees were on the maps, I just found them.
Light: you guys already asked about the trees djfhsdkfhso dont freak him out too much! JDFHS
Thyodamas: How exactly did you find the mapmaker? How did you meet him?
Lasaia: I was running, and ducked into one of the caves…he lives there. That was a long time ago…
Interrogationis: What's your name?
Lasaia: I can't tell you my name…that is not safe…
Light: He has not even told me his name.
Antiopa: Have you always been in the Dark Place?
Lasaia: I dont' think so. But I have been here for a long time. It is hard to say when there are no days.
Light: He said before it was nice to have a scale of time finally when I came along. Right?
Lasaia: yes.
Baptisiae: Why did you decide to stay with Light, Lasaia?
Urbanus: Because she's cute.
Lasaia: …She didn't try and kill me.
Antiopa: How big is the Dark Place?
Lasaia: I don't know how big it is…In just this time that we have been following the music, I have been seeing places I have never been to.
Thyodamas: Can you try to describe some of the places that you saw?
Light: He already tried. XP We have gone through a few valleys, and another big dried up lake. We are back in the forest now.
Antiopa: SO basically you went around in a circle?
Light: No, they were different lakes I think, no boats.
Hyparete: Lasaia have you ever seen a big glass dome or anything like that? Or do you know anybody named Roivas?
Light: I have already asked that stuff haha. He doesn't know Roivas. We can't keep talking for long, every time we do, stuff finds us. I think we have to go.
Chat: Bye guys! Be safe!
Thyodamas: And hugs for Mr. Lasaia!
Light: sdhfisudfhjdf I can't hug him I have no arms. Ok, I will talk to you guys when I get a chance…
Lasaia: Um, thank you? I will keep her safe, no matter what.
"Lasaia" leaves the room
Chat: Later Light!
"Light" Leaves the room

Special thanks to killsthebeat for compiling this chat log