Underscore Visit - August 1, 2013

On August 1nd, 2013 Thyodamas' Light returned to the chat to reveal the outcome of her attempts to return Loxura to the real world. Septentrionis's protection of Thyodamas' Light was successful, Loxura was returned, but Lasaia continues to be missing. She also reveals that she has lost the temporary body that was given to her by the Mirror, and considers returning to him. Lastly, after hearing of the Weaver's company's interferences, she renders them blind.

Previously entering chat under several variations of an underscored name, this visit revealed that this represented the Light of Butterfly Thyodamas, which was previously abducted by The Mirror. It exists in the Dark Place and has developed sentience. Its conversational style mirrors that of Thyodamas. The Light played a video of misty smoke. The transcript has been edited and usernames have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

August 1, 2013

Light enters the chat
Thyodamas: sup gurl
Light: oh hi…
Urbanus: "Oh hi" IKJSHDGLKHSFG
Light: heh hah…the little butterflies…you are always so cute…
Apollo: We're so glad you're ok.
Urbanus: Things are shit by the way.
Hesperiaris: You adorable superhero you
Urbanus: How are you.
Light: o_o
Thyodamas: You're pretty cute yourself.
Light: It didnt work?!
Urbanus: no it did.
Chat: No! Loxura is out and safe.
Thyodamas: he aint doin so hot though.
Light: Oh…ok.
Thyodamas: Just not in good shape.
Antiopa: are you ok?
Light: I don't know…I am lost…and that thing hurt me.
Chat: Is Lasaia with you?
Thyodamas: *hugs* im sorry ):
Light: …I lost him when it dragged me away. and…
Chat: Oh no!
Urbanus: and?
Light: I had a body…it felt so good…like I was real for once…
Urbanus: and it went away.
Apollo: Had?
Antiopa: You probably used up the light we gave you.
Urbanus: welp things are looking like you're gonna get another soon.
Light: I got away from it, and rolled into a valley where I just hid…its so big and I faded…
Thyodamas: darling you're always real.
Light: I'm tired…
Apollo: oh sweety I'm sorry. *clings*
Light: I have just been sitting here…hoping he is looking for me.
Chat: He is.
Apollo: You've been so brave. We're very proud of you.
Light: the burning in my chest stopped…from the bite…it went away. Then, so did I…
Urbanus: You've been fucking amazing doll.
Hesperiaris: You've been brilliant.
Thyodamas: But you did good and that's what matters =)
Urbanus: Here have an Urbanus butterfly cuddle.
Light: hehe…thanks.
Antiopa: We can help you I promise.
Light: I…I just hope he is lookin, I can't move so well.
Wollastoni: He is. He cares about you very much.
Light: Before I felt…strong.
Hesperiaris: Damn right he's looking, that boy can't keep himself away.
Light: Like…REALLY strong.
Thyodamas: he cares about you yeah? so I'm like 900% sure he's looking.
Light: and fast, heh, gotta go fast…
Chat: HA. We're sure he's looking for you.
Light: While he isn't here can I talk with you about something…
Chat: sure.
Light: I know you guys are joking and stuff…but you know its really not like that.
Thyodamas: Sorry about all the jokes u_u
Light: he has been…such a good friend…
Hesperiaris: We say it in jest, dear. It flusters you both, and it amuses us so.
Light: I just don't want to lose that you know heh whatever like that matters.
Hesperiaris: Of course it matters.
Wollastoni: It matters dearie.
Light: damn I'm tired…
Wollastoni: Friendship is a very strong thing.
Chat: You should rest.
Thyodamas: Friendship is ~magic~
Wollastoni: *hugs rosemary*
Apollo: You're been through a lot. Rest. We'll try to get ahold of Lasaia for you.
Urbanus: I mean look at us loonies we're all friends and this shit rocks the boat yo.
Light: you know, that burning…heh.
Thyodamas: hm?
Light: That bastard…after a while…it…haha god. It felt good.
Papilio: Because you felt something?
Light: I felt…Alive.
Urbanus: Well I imagine the dark place is quite cold…no shame in that precious.
Light: you said things were shit?
Chat: Yeah.
Light: If I didn't mess up then what?
Thyodamas: Loxura is in really bad shape and someone has died.
Urbanus: The people that worked along with Weaver.
Light: What howl!?
Urbanus: The thing that was protecting Loxura. They killed Devin cause he tried to keep them from killing Loxura. They don't want nothing to do with us, and they asked Devin to kill him so they could split on us.
Thyodamas: They really don't like things connected to the Dark Place so they think we're more trouble than we're worth.
Urbanus: And he refused.
Light: What the hell!?
Urbanus: He was a good man, and they killed him.
Light: Give me a break like for a second damm.
Urbanus: We feel you
Samuelis: It's understandable.
Apollo: Of course, all the time you need.
Urbanus: It's been a…rough couple of days.
Antiopa: And Loxura is in shock from everything that happened yesterday.
Samuelis: It certainly has.
Light: No, it hasn't been rough. Not yet. I will show them rough…
Urbanus: You'd have to get in line. Warren, Devin's brother has dibs.
Light: I'm tired…of this…waiting, hoping, praying, craying.
Thyodamas: Same Here.
Apollo: We all are *hugs*. We're trying to think of a way to get an upper hand.
Light: I'm sick of being helpless…I'm sick of being the bottom of the food chain…this has to change…
Urbanus: It will. We got an idea.
Thyodamas: Then we'll find a way to change. Yeah we were just talking about this stuff.
Light: Oh?
Urbanus: But it's ultimately up to you.
Papilio: Yeah we would like to run a bunch by you Light.
Samuelis: Definitely know how you feel, hun.
Urbanus: We need to get rid of SFL, so we can get Weaver away, and Weaver co away, and keep Loxura safe.
Thyodamas: Hold up I had this shit written down.
Urbanus: Bluntness; he can't do another attack. Even if he lived, he'd just check out mentally.
Thyodamas: That's what we had so far.
Light: Haha I assume the random crap you just said in my head was a link.
Thyodamas: Yeah, we need to end this ASAP
Light: I can't click links doofus.
Thyodamas: Oops ._. ok uuhhh word wise, we were gonna lend you more light.
Urbanus: So you can beat it's bitch ass, but only if you're okay with that.
Thyodamas: Try and bring down sfl defenses in effigy since Warren said the only reason nothing has worked is because it hides and using our light to draw attention to SFL in the hopes that maybe other dark placians will see it and attack it like zombies in l4d
Light: Well that last one won't work…other things here listen to it, they have been following us for months.
Thyodamas: dang ):
Hesperiaris: Well, shit.
Light: I don't know how…they listen to it. I have never heard it make a sound…ever actually…now that I think of it.
Urbanus: creepy dark place fuckery.
Light: I don't know if it *can*
Thyodamas: It probably uses some kind of telepathy.
Urbanus: It's probably too dumb.
Hesperiaris: Or something akin to puppet strings.
Light: haha amen.
Urbanus: holla, but is this a thing you'd feel okay enough to do.
Light: well…I have an idea too…but I don't think you will like it.
Thyodamas: More ideas the better. Well lets hear it anyways and then we'll see.
Hesperiaris: I haven't lied most of what I've been told today.
Septentrionis: it's still worth saying.
Light: I am game to get it out in the open…so you guys can hurt it. But I can't do anything to it like this if I have to…if my body faded earlier it would have just taken me without a fight…I need…I need mirrors.
Light: I need it to do what it did before…
Hesperiaris: Saw what now?
Urbanus: I think she's right.
Papilio: Hold on, what exactly do you mean Light?
Thyodamas: It might take some convincing though.
Septentrionis: You know that it isn't just going to help out of the kindness of it's dead heart.
Hesperiaris: I know she's probably right, but I don't like.
Thyodamas: I'm not sure it would willingly help you kill something like sfl.
Urbanus: But it's not doing this for us, it's for her.
Light: I need to have a body, or I am a sitting duck…and I can't even handle myself if things go wrong…
Hesperiaris: It "cares" for her.
Thyodamas: But if you think you can talk it into it then we can do it.
Apollo: It does seem to really care about keeping her safe.
Light: I think that burning is what made that possible…It said it was giving me the means to fight…I think that it was telling the truth.
Hesperiaris: oh, this is the kind of desperate idea that ends up biting us in the ass a month down the line.
Urbanus: Probably.
Antiopa: Just be careful around that creepy bastard.
Urbanus: But we ain't got much choice.
Papilio: Do you want to team up or become a part of mirrors again?
Light: I need it to bite me again…
Thyodamas: There is no teaming up or joining going on here.
Light: so…so I can be whole…
Hesperiaris: I am going to say this because I am concerned for your well being.
Thyodamas: I wonder if there's a way to make it permanent, so that thing doesn't have to keep biting you.
Hesperiaris: That it might use this to get you addicted and tied up with it.
Samuelis: Like Hesperiaris said, this really sounds like something that will turn around and screw us later.
Antiopa: You know that may not last right? You may just fade at the end like last time.
Light: I know it sounds bad…but what can I do like this? I was useless for so long…
Apollo: There's that place Lasaia was going to help you find. A place where you could get a permanent form.
Light: I finally could help.
Thyodamas: You're not useless.
Samuelis: We can think of something else, something that doesn't potentially jeopardize your well being.
Urbanus: Also, Light, what we talked about yesterday. Please don't believe what it says about us. I'm like 500% sure it'll say it again.
Samuelis: Say this is a bad thing, what if Mirrors ends up using you to its advantage? Against us…
Thyodamas: Do you think you could ask doyht to make this one permanent? I'm not sure if it can but it wouldn't hurt to ask.
Light: You guys are saying a lot of things…let me think about it.
Septentrionis: Take your time to think.
Septentrionis: 0__0
Light: heh hah heh…you saved our ass…
Urbanus: yeah Septentrionis, that was your shield.
Septentrionis: My didly little shield did something? Thank God.
Light: Those damn walls came up and I could see your butterfly a ton of em flying up out of the holes in the ground.
Hesperiaris: Came out of the ground and everything.
Apollo: That thing was awesome, Septentrionis. I want to see how you made that.
Light: It scared me at first to be honest…
Septentrionis: I'm glad that it saved you omg.
Light: hm, that's interesting.
Chat: What is?
Light: I feel like there are other people here, but they are far away…little whispers I can't make out. You are all clear in my head…these are other ones though.
Chat: Do you recognize the voices? Are they Natalie or Roivas?
Light: They are quiet…I dunno it's more like how you feel when someones watching you.
Chat: Be Careful.
Apollo: Think it's you specifically, or this chat.
Light: With you guys.
Apollo: Because we know this chat is being watched…
Imperialis: Could be those management bastards.
Light: Wait what?
Chat: The people who killed Devin, they watched this chat.
Light: Oh…
Urbanus: Constantly.
Hesperiaris: The people who killed Devin, and shall be the victims of our vengeful wrath.
Apollo: They've been spying on us.
Urbanus: They've been on our d for so long. So feel free to yell at them. We do.
Light: Well hi there…I wonder…hey…will someone with a lot of light come on cam…
Septentrionis: hehehehe
Urbanus: Glaucopsyche, do the thing.
Apollo: And Antiopa, she's here too.
Septentrionis: Oops, not a lot. Am I okay?
Hesperiaris: Well according to Roivas I have "Great presence", does that count?
Light: hehe yup that's the butterfly that came out of the ground buzzing brighter…
Glaucopsyche: Hope this helps, anything? o.o;
Light: Yep! There is yours too! Ok…
Papilio: WOOT!
Light: Lend me some light?
Antiopa: Do you have to even ask or does it just happen?
Glaucopsyche: I lend my light to Light.
Light: When you pop up your butterflies just get brighter…when you lend light I feel it…
Septentrionis: Need some more or…?
Eresimus: Need any more, Light? I have no webcam but can make a video using my phone.
Light: Its like the burning but it's a lot smaller, like a tingle.
Glaucopsyche: Glad I can help!
Light: Well I want to just see if this works…if it does anything.
Thyodamas: Do you think if we lended you a looot of light it would do something?
Light: Maybe…
Septentrionis: I lend my light to Light.
Thyodamas: I wish I could lend light but you are all that I've got ),:
Papilio: I lend my light to Light.
Urbanus: I lend my light to Light.
Light: Woah, ok, feeling something now…I'm gonna try this…Ok fuckers…
Thyodamas: You got this <3333
Hesperiaris: I lend my light to Light.
Samuelis: I lend my light to Light.
Septentrionis: Like the good old days.
Papilio: I know right?
Thyodamas: Slowly this is becoming a Roivas visit all over again.
Light: Those watching my friends, you see, hear, taste, feel NOTHING.
Glaucopsyche: Like I said, Roivas 2.0
Light: woah shi…urm…ok.
Wollastoni: now all she needs to do is speak in vague code 8D
Light: I think that did something.
Septentrionis: Oh Really?
Light: Very tired now…
Apollo: Wow, did you just sensory deprive them?
Light: Yeah…I'm not going anywhere…for a while..
Thyodamas: I think she blocked Weaver co.
Glaucopsyche: Sounds like you did good though <333
Light: I'm gonna waft here…
Segecia: suddenly Light becomes Roivas >_>
Light: haha…I doubt roivas almost passes out when she does stuff…
Apollo: Yeah take a rest, you've done a lot of good work today.
Thyodamas: Roivas in training then.
Apollo: She could barely talk when she met us :P
Hesperiaris: Roivas also had like, what, thirty or so people giving her their light?
Light: Hey…voices are gone…they kinda piped up there for a second…
Papilio: Everyone has their start somewhere.
Urbanus: Do they sound upset? Because that would be hilarious.
Light: Sounded…well…scared.
Roppop: So damn proud.
Apollo: Warren will be pleased.
Light: I feel a bit sick now.
Hesperiaris: I love you, so much.
Light: Which is stupid. cause I don't have a stomach -_-
Papilio: Should we back off?
Glaucopsyche: No it's alright, you did great! It probably took a lot out of you.
Light: Yeah maybe…
Papilio: Message received.
Light: Ok yeah, that's a bit better. This is all so weird…
Thyodamas: What isn't weird these days.
Samuelis: xD You're telling us LOL.
Urbanus: This is all just confirming my theory that roivas is someone's light, just saying.
Light: I will think about what to do next…I don't know yet…for now…
Apollo: You're pretty freaking awesome, bby, you know that, right? <333
Light: …I want to just…rest…
Urbanus: That's find bby.
Imperialis: You did great <333
Apollo: We love you, sleep well. <333
Light: Take care of every other…
Eresimus: You take care too Light, and if you need more strength and light, tell us.
Light: If you can figure a way to…help him find me please?
Apollo: We're gonna do anything we can.
Light: Thank you.
Urbanus: fo sho.
Light: Bye friends.
Chat: Bye!
Light leaves the chat

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log.