Underscore Visit - February 17, 2013

On February 17, 2013 the Light of Butterfly Thyodamas came into the chat and discussed a potential opportunity for her to gain a body and learn to navigate the Dark Place, but at the risk of separating from Thyodamas and the safe place she has found in the trees. However, the boy who lives there helps guide her out of the woods despite facing severe dangers.

Previously entering chat under several variations of an underscored name, this visit revealed that this represented the Light of Butterfly Thyodamas, which was previously abducted by The Mirror. It exists in the Dark Place and has developed sentience. Its conversational style mirrors that of Thyodamas. The Light played a video of misty smoke. The transcript has been edited and usernames have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

February 17, 2013

_ enters the chat
"_" changes name to ""
"" changes name to "_"
"_" changes name to ""
"" changes name to ""
"" changes name to "_"
"_" begins to play a video feed of butterfly Thyodamas
"_" changes name to [Redacted: Thyodamas's name]
"Light" begins to play a video of fluid smoke
Laparus: Light, may I just say…get in the car.
Light: o3o
Croesus: Hello you wonderful little light.
Light: Hi!
Zephyr: Did you sleep well?
Light: It's weird, When I sleep here, it's just like being awake, but in a different way…
Laparus: How is it different?
Loxura: Are you aware of other things you wouldn't normally be aware of?
Light: It just feels weird, kind of dizzy
Croesus: Would you say you've been…caught not sleeping?
Light: sjkhwoefij
"Light" changes name to "Light_Not_Sleeping"
Light_Not_Sleeping: @3@
Croesus: So what about that boy?
Laparus: How is your love interest?
Light_Not_Sleeping: I am still in these trees, I have tried to leave a few times, but everything goes all ekfjbeujfh dfidgfbkj r00d
Papilio: Everything goes all what, Light?
Light_Not_Sleeping: Crazy again
Heliconioides: Is the boy still around?
Light_Not_Sleeping: yeah he is right here.
Laparus: I hope you know we're going to have to ask your intentions about Light.
Light_Not_Sleeping: wuejfhsdkfjls fsdikfhsoldfij YOUR NOT MY REAL DAD!
Laparus: Arm Boy, can you get Light away from where she is without leaving the trees?
Croesus: A better questions would be, has he seen a blue outline of a woman that Light can be directed to?
Light_Not_Sleeping: He doesn't know about Roivas, I have already asked that.
Croesus: Just remember, if he tries to hold your hand, punch him in the face.
Light_Not_Sleeping: >.> I don't have a hand
Laparus: Caught or Natalie, has he seen them?
Light_Not_Sleeping: I have asked him that too, thing is people pass by here every day
Laparus: Does he know anything about the lady with the long fingers?
Light_Not_Sleeping: well she hurt him and chased me ><
Plexippus: The gashes on his arms right?
Light_Not_Sleeping: yeah his arm
Laparus: Does he know why she hurt him?
Light_Not_Sleeping: he said he wandered into her home
Laparus: Where is her home?
Light_Not_Sleeping: I think it's the dried lake. He told me before, he has just been here, for a very long time.
Heliconioides: How did he get there? Where was he before?
Light_Not_Sleeping: He won't tell me I asked.
Laparus: and he says he can't leave.
Loxura: Can you describe what he looks like again?
Thyodamas: And try to be as accurate as you can when you describe him.
Light_Not_Sleeping: He is taller than me…I think, it is hard to say when I'm all…smoke. He is pale with messy dark hair.
Plexippus: What color are his eyes? Can you tell?
Light_Not_Sleeping: hey HOLD STILL. They are very light blue.
Laparus: Are they a very familiar shade of blue?
Light_Not_Sleeping: Lighter, almost white. I have a question…
Thyodamas: Yeah, me?
Light_Not_Sleeping: I know that you want me to find Roivas…but it is very hard to move around the way I am, and I can't really defend myself…Apparently there is a way…to get some kind of form here…
Croesus: What does it involve?
Light_Not_Sleeping: He told me last night, we would have to find our way to a specific room here, underground, but he does not know how to get there.
Croesus: Is there some way we can help you with that?
Plexippus: Does he know someone who does?
Light_Not_Sleeping: Apparently there are maps of this place, and we can use them to not only find this room but maybe Roivas's house
Plexippus: Where are these maps?
Inachis: But Rovias' house isn't safe right now, you should probably stay away.
Heliconioides: Okay Light, do you trust him?
Light_Not_Sleeping: I do.
Heliconioides: What do you want us to do?
Light_Not_Sleeping: well…I just kind of feel like if I go, to do this I will be abandoning you… but I don't know what I can do…like this…
Plexippus: If you get a form in the dark place, will you still be able to get back with Thyodamas?
Laparus: DUDE. I am addressing the dude. Do you know of any negative consequences that could arise from Light gaining her own form?
Light_Not_Sleeping: He says no.
Croesus: Okay, what about the maps. Where can they be found, how does he know about them?
Light_Not_Sleeping: You didn't tell me that before. I guess that makes sense…apparently it was how he found these trees a long time ago, by using these maps. Before he was forgotten…?
Loxura: So he didn't put the…
Light_Not_Sleeping: Hey! um he jumped down out of the tree.
Tarquinius: Follow him
Light_Not_Sleeping: IM GOING! Who forgot you? HEY who forgot you? He says, his friends.
Laparus: Hey, dude? We're not going to forget you.
Loxura: who were his friends?
Tarquinius: Does he have a name we can call him?
Light_Not_Sleeping: so can you take me to these maps? He says he has not gone far from this spot for a long time
Croesus: Well did you manage to get out of the tree without being attacked?
Light_Not_Sleeping: They don't come up while we are surrounded by the trees with the…limbs…it's when we leave out from under them…he says the body parts were here when he got here. They were on the map.
Croesus: Does he have any idea how to get around that crazy, eldritch psychopath?
Loxura: I suppose a gross yet possible idea is have him take some arms…with you.
Laparus: Actually Loxura, that's not a bad thought.
Light_Not_Sleeping: o_o ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wefkjhfkjh GET ONE ARM? YOU GET ONE ARM!!
Laparus: Come on, this is not the grossest thing you've done. You've been inside Mirrors!
Chat: What happened?
Light_Not_Sleeping: He threw a rock at one of them and it moved…IT FUCKING MOVED SDJFHSKFJJ SSDFKJSHDFKLSDF
Laparus: Light, when you asked him about Caught, did he know who Caught was?
Light_Not_Sleeping: skjdhfskjf it's still thrashing around up there…when I asked him I described what he looked like. I didn't ask by name.
Croesus: Have you heard the "You Are My Sunshine" music?
Light_Not_Sleeping: I think I heard it a tiny bit last night
Laparus: Light, did you ask about Natalie by name?
Light_Not_Sleeping: um do you know natalie? he says no. OH SHEEE SDJKFHS be quiet please…there are two people passing by…
Plexippus: What do they look like?
Light_Not_Sleeping: um hi…maybe we should go back into the trees…I don't like these two…no please let's go back…let's just go back…just NO SJDFSDJF! COME ON
//"Light_Not_Sleeping"'s camera goes dim, and then brightens again
Plexippus: What did they look like?
Light_Not_Sleeping: They were skinny but so strong jdfhsdjf
Tarquinius: Skinny? How tall?
Light_Not_Sleeping: Normal size
Laparus: Were they human? Humanoid? Clothed? Naked?
Light_Not_Sleeping: Their eyes…they had such big eyes. Big black eyes.
Laparus: You need huge eyes to see in the dark
Light_Not_Sleeping: ksdjhfsfh THIS FUCKING PLACE. We are…still running…
Laparus: We're gonna get you out of there, okay?
Light_Not_Sleeping: Ok…we crawled under this big tree's roots…going to stay here for a bit…
Laparus: I'm having minor flashbacks to Lord of the Rings
Light_Not_Sleeping: owsfhsdoifj
Laparus: Does the dude know who those guys were?
Light_Not_Sleeping: He said there are a log of things here. A lot of the things aren't good.
Papilio: Does he know of any things that are good that you could go to?
Light_Not_Sleeping: He says the map maker is good
Laparus: I'm talking to the dude - I know you don't want to answer this questions, but it could be really, incredibly relevant to your personal survival - how long have you been there? Like, guess-wise?
Light_Not_Sleeping: hm…he said the sun never comes up, and the ground is always moving, he doesn't know how long.
Laparus: What I'm worried about is that, Roivas was put int he Dark Place and forgotten. But she was put in as a body and doesn't have one anymore. I'm hoping the same thing doesn't happen with you.
Light_Not_Sleeping: what do you mean?
Laparus: Roivas said she was put there like Natalie was put there, and became how she is now. So, depending on how long our friend is in there, that might happen to him, too. Where is the map maker?
Light_Not_Sleeping: He knows how to get there, but it will take time apparently. He says it is very far away.
Laparus: Is there anything we can do to help?
Light_Not_Sleeping: He says don't forget her. sdijfhsdifuj I can see more of those things int he distance, where we came from. They are all climbing up into the trees…
Croesus: Just keep moving, then.
Light_Not_Sleeping: I don't think they are looking for us, it looks like they're settling in…in his home. Ok…we have to go. I'm sorry about your home…but we can't stay here.
Laparus: We're sorry about your home as well.
Light_Not_Sleeping: OK, we are moving… he is doing something. He has some kind of long thing pipe…like a pointer
Heliconioides: What does it do?
Light_Not_Sleeping: he stuck it in the ground…um JFHVKJDHFVJSDFO OW WHAT THE…he hit it with a rock and this LOUD SOUND SDFIHUSDJFH…oh…it's echoing…that way…
Papilio: Like sonar?
Light_Not_Sleeping: it sounds like a tuning fork. Ok…how do you know how to do that? hm…map maker apparently gave him this too. Ok guys…I am going to leave you so there is less light around us. I will try adn come back if there is any trouble.
Chat: We love you, stay safe!
Light_Not_Sleeping: <3
"Light_Not_Sleeping" leaves the chat

Special thanks to Banana for compiling the chat log