Underscore Visit - June 2, 2013

On June 2, 2013 Thyodamas' Light, previously known only as "Underscore" by the fans, entered the chat to discuss a recent discovery in the dark place. After a close encountering what what seems to be a "living" cave, she reveals that she has been seeing and hearing The Mirror in the Dark Place recently and admits feelings of inadequacy and fear in the face of this returning threat.

Previously entering chat under several variations of an underscored name, this visit revealed that this represented the Light of Butterfly Thyodamas, which was previously abducted by The Mirror. It exists in the Dark Place and has developed sentience. Its conversational style mirrors that of Thyodamas. The Light played a video of misty smoke. The transcript has been edited and usernames have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

June 2, 2013

_ enters the chat
"_" begins to play a video feed of fluid smoke
Chat: Light!?!
Hadyn: Or Lasaia.
"_" goes through a series on name changes wherein the dash grows longer
Wollastoni: We will see.
Hadyn: Oh yeah, Lasaia is more echo.
Hellion: She has to buffer.
"_" changes name to "[Redacted: Thyodamas' name]" (Thyodamas' Light will hereafter be referred to as "Light")
Chat: Yay! Hi Light!
Light: o_o ohi
Hellion: Yeah, you doing okay?
Light: well um we are okay…
Apollo: But?
Charithonia : what's wrong?
Light: That thing has been following us ><;;;
Chat: Oh no…
Light: Well, the music is getting louder…
Hellion: Maybe its a sing. Oooo, that wounds like a good/bad thing. Yeah, is he okay?
Light: He's here.
Charithonia: He's not hurt right?
Light: Last time one of the goons nearly took his arm off. dkfjghdkfjgh yes it did! It was that BAD. He is acting like its not big deal it is a BID DEAL sijdgfdjfgdfj
Segecia: Tough guy.
Allyni: How's his arm doing?
Light: VV yeah big tuff guy
Hellion: I'm sure he's made of sterner stuff.
Light: Well…ok so we found something…
Hesperiaris: Oh? Do tell.
Haydn: Finding things is good ;)
Light: A cave.
Hesperiaris: and was there something in the cave?
Light: We just found it then you guys all popped up around me @_@
Hellion: Maybe it was the echo from the cave?
Light: It's hard to see in there…it is dark…but there are these…lights…
Allyni: Not a bad theory Hellion.
Hesperiaris: …are they hanging from the ceiling?
9802: I swear, if it's a maze with balls of lights…
Thyodamas: What, are these lights on the walls?
Light: they arent on the walls… They are floating…
Thyodamas: Are they shaped like a thing?
Charithonia: Floating lights? Lovely
Light: Blue lights…
Allyni: There were floating lights in Out of Options…
Light: hold on
9802: How hard would it be to move around them and continue on?
Light: They are, I don't know, they are just balls.
Charithonia: like are they all over the place or just in a few places?
Thyodamas: It could be like Atlantis where if you poke one they start setting everything on fire. Is there anything else in there or just a bunch of glowy thingies?
Light: Well, the music is not going this way…so it's not like they are in our way. I want to know what's up with these…um…
Charithonia: Like tons or just a few?
Light: I can see four. But I can see the light from some others deeper in the cave.
Philenor: Maybe it's meant to lead you somewhere?
Light: Wait…
Hesperiaris: Well, treat them like bees. If they aren't bothering you, don't bother them.
Light: In this cave…I can hear something…@_@ I think its…you guys…
Chat: What?
Light: Singing…
Hesperiaris: OH
Charithonia: You are my sunshine.
Hesperiaris: Follow the lights, find Natalie?
Hellion: Could you go into the cave? Or do you not think that's a good idea?
Charithonia: Dunno if you should follow that…that might not be wise O_O
Light: I think I will go in a little bit…
Thyodamas: Maybe we could just like poke around little while and then after we see what it is we.
Light: I will be fine!
Apollo: I think it might be a good to take a peak. Just keep the path to the exit clear.
Light: If you can get your arm eaten I can GO IN A CAVE XP
Hesperiaris: Nothing good ever follows someone saying "I'll be fine".
Light: ODHFSDJFDLFJV One passed by…and it was like…whisperin
Thyodamas: Did it say words? Was it anything you could make out?
Light: It sounded like a lot of voices…
Segecia: Singing voices?
Light: No…more like rambling…
Charithonia: Nonsense?
Light: I'm going in.
Chat: Be careful!
Light: It's windy in here…and big…o_o I still cant see very well.
Thyodamas: Caves are like that yo
Thyodamas: What's up?
Light: Tripped.
Septentrionis: I thought we were past that stage
Light: Wait…there are all these…roots all over the place…
Thyodamas: I think it'd be best to stay away from those. I mean, we know what happened last time there were roots.
Light: Well it's what I tripped over it is a bit late for that. xP
Hellion: Let's not disturb their slumber.
Hesperiaris: Pet them, caress them, make them feel loved
Light: They have this like…sticky stuff all over them…
Hesperiaris: Never mind, don't touch that shit.
Thyodamas: Is it like sap osdjfhsajdfasd
Philenor: Can you see what color it is?
Light: The roots color? It's dark…
Hesperiaris: She can't see the color, she's in a dark cave.
Light: No, I mean the color of the sticky stuff…It's black.
Chat: Eww, let's avoid that, that might be bad.
Light: Wait…I can see something up ahead…hello!?
Charithonia: Is it more light? Or a person…
Hesperiaris: Oh god no don't shout at them. They might be dangerous.
Light: It's hard to tell…it may just be more rocks…but it looks like…a person…
Charithonia: ya don't now what it is don't do nothing to it
Thyodamas: What kinda person? The more details the better
Light: I am going closer…hold on…
Thyodamas: Try to stay hidden if at all possible. I'm sure there are big enough rocks to cover her up or something.
Hesperiaris: If you think it's dangerous run the fuck away.
Haydn: Do they seem to prefer various layers of stripes in their clothing? Do they wear glasses without lenses? Are they just an outline?
"Light's" video begins to fade
Apollo: Woah woah, sweety.
Chat: Light? Light are you ok!?
Haydn: It's flickering out…
Chat: Light? Stay here!
Hesperiaris: They grabbed you, didn't they?
Charithonia: What are they?
Segecia: Tentacles…
Chat: Run run run! GO GO GO!
9802: Maybe she's hiding?
"Light's" video returns extremely bright
Charithonia: What was it?
Hellion: Yeah, holy hell, you're neon.
Charithonia: brightest she's ever been.
Hesperiaris: The roots grabbed you, didn't they? Or tried to, at least?
Hellion: Did you see what that thing was in the cave?
Philenor: Um why were our voices near them. Maybe they were a kind of protection system for the figure?
Light: they all curled up around the cave entrance as soon as we got out…
Allyni: I guess you wandered into something's house
9802: But why was our singing there and who was in it o.o
Hellion: Something doesn't want anything there. Did you see the figure closer?
Light: I didn't get close enough…
Hesperiaris: Probably for the best.
Hellion: Damn. It's alright Light, you did your best.
Light: sjdfkjsdgkjdnglgn
Hesperiaris: It was probably like the light on an angler fish.
Charithonia: At least you weren't hurt.
Haydn: It was good you ran. If you'd gotten closer you might have died so you couldn't tell us anything, so lose-lose.
Allyni: Not everything is a something though. It could just be some other creature.
Hellion: We all try Light. You're coping in a place that seems absolutely hostile.
Light: Well I guess we will keep following SFL's music…and hope they don't kill us u_u
Philenor: You're splendiforous
Light: They are coming after us more and more lately…it's weird…I dont think I need to sleep.
Thyodamas: have u been 8)
Light: I was too scared to sleep for a while…so I didnt…but I dont feel tired…
Thyodamas: Caught not sleeping?
Thyodamas: I'm sorry that was bad. forgive me
Hesperiaris: That was painful.
Light: B)
Septentrionis: Title Drop strikes again.
Haydn: Let's act sevil here.
9802: Light, I can't even believe you still associate with your other half with that level of punnage.
Light: I just dont feel like I have to…its odd
Charithonia: So you're constantly awakeish? Like I-had-too-much-coffee awake?
Light: Yeah…always awake unless I try and sleep then I can…But come to think of it…I dont think I ever…dream…
Allyni: I wonder if the same sort of thing was why Caught couldn't sleep right.
Light: There is something else…I should bring up…But I dont want to worry everyone if I am wrong…
Allyni: We'd worry more not knowing @_@
Light: The closer we get to the music…I think I have seen…that thing…
Charithonia: …well that's to be expected
Light: In the distance, a few times…but only for a moment.
Thyodamas: the sfl thing?
Light: Not SFL…The thing that took me…
Chat: Mirrors? No! No! Shit!
Light: Sometimes…I can hear it again…
Allyni: Ok, just be on your guard about that son of a bitch
Light: …"welcome home"
Hesperiaris: Lasaia, you keep that damn thing away from her, you hear?
Septentrionis: We aren't going to let him have you again, Rosemary.
Light: Thing is…we walked toward where I saw it once…and there were some of those things…that are with SFL all the time…like…a lot of them…
Thyodamas: The inky things?
Light: …dead…
Thyodamas: 0_0
Charithonia: So he's been killing them? interesting
Light: Well sdjhdkfvjh dead…and strung up from the trees.
Hesperiaris: That sounds like…
Hellion: …Puppets?
Thyodamas: Of course there would be strings -_-
Light: Not hung from the neck…from like their arms and backs…its like they were…posed…
Chat: …ew. Yup, puppets.
Light: That's when I heard it…
Hesperiaris: "welcome home"?
Light: Yeah…I'm more worried that I may be going crazy ><
Allyni: You're probably not Light. Be careful.
Light: Well…crowbar here…could not see them >.>
Charithonia: Lasaia can't see them?
Light: I KNOW THEY WERE THERE! sjdndkjfvkjfg
Hellion: Wait, Mirrors hid itself before though, from Help3r.
Allyni: It's ok, Light. Lasaia isn't the only thing that can't see it.
Light: Helper said if I stayed here too long…bad thing would happen…what if I…I DON'T WANT TO BECOME SOMETHING LIKE THAT djfkfjghjdfgj dfgjdfgljdflgkjdfklg
Hellion: Light, we're here, and we won't let you become that
Light: I am your son? And the one true king?
Segecia: Just don't think about it and stay to the task at hand.
Light: Well im lost in the elephant graveyard ><;;;
Philenor: We will be the light that eventually shines down upon you
Light: It used to tell me things…
Hellion: Like what?
Light: How it would take me by force…it told me…what it would make me do…to…all of you…
Allyni: Eeeew. Don't listen to it.
Light: What if we didn't beat it at all?
Charithonia: We did.
Chat: Then we'll beat it again and kick it's ass to the curb. You are a strong, awesome chick, you can handle anything!
Thyodamas: Unless that thing is Algebra <:3
Light: if it did take me…maybe then at least I could do something useful for once…
Chat: No! You are useful! Stop that. That thing isn't useful.
Light: we should go…
Chat: Ok! We love you. Lasaia give her lots of hugs! Don't listen to Mirrors, we're better than him.
Light: thanks
Philenor: We love ya Light. You Lasaia <3
Apollo: Love ya sweety. Stay safe. Don't let mirrors get you down. He's a liar.
Light: Goodbye friends.
Hesperiaris: Come back soon!
"Light" leaves the chat

Special thanks to Missanna and Haydn for compiling this chat log