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unknown footage was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on July 31st, 2011. It is 4:22 minutes long.

This is an extremely disjointed video containing footage of Caught seemingly wondering around in the middle of the night. Caught claims to remember none of the events transpiring in the episode and vows to take a break from filming for a while.

Additional Information

Slender Sightings

  • There is visual distortion at 0:10, 1:28 2:09, 2:25, 2:46, 3:19, and 3:23.
  • There is audio distortion at 0:48 and 3:13.
  • There is one moment of missing video at 0:33, though there are many cuts, and no indication of what happened between them.
  • There is missing audio at 0:24, 2:09, and 3:23.
  • The piano music played at the end would seem to be a type of distortion or effect of Slender Man's presence. It's unclear why or how.
  • That's a very interesting shadow for just a moment at 0:47.

The appearance of 1AmTheHelp3r

YouTube user 1AmTheHelp3r was first active on this video, leaving Caught the message "We have to talk." This is also where he would video comment his Rule #1 and Rule #2 videos.


Confirmed Theories

This music is a form of distortion or audio overlay. According to Caught in viewer interaction, the music wasn't his doing, and was simply present in the video.

Working Theories and Observations

The music played during the last minute has yet to be sourced.

The distortion when Caught climbs the stairs at 2:46 is far worse than any of the rest seen in the video. It's possible there is an unrecognized Slender sighting in the trees that we have yet to spot.

Further Speculation

The way the camera is moving around it seems like a sleepwalking video. ~ Runjump360 on Slendernation

Does anyone know what the 01f in the video tags refers to? It made me think of the shorthand I've seen used for classical music (01f would indicate first movement in F minor). ~ KillstheBeat on Slendernation

I think he wrote on himself since the words all seemed to face him; if someone else had written them, they'd be upside down when we saw them. ~ KillstheBeat at Slendernation