Unknown Visit - February 16, 2014

On December February 16, 2014 "Unknown" entered the chat to update the players on Warren's status and discuss Fouxe's appearance.
Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

February 16, 2014

the_unknown enters the chat
Chat: hi omg
the_unknown: heyo
Urbanus: how's warren??
the_unknown: our favorite limpy is awake ^__^
Septentrionis: Oh thank god
Septentrionis: How is he feeling?
the_unknown: and secretly nursing a bottle of baileys I may or may not have snuck in here >.>
Urbanuss: caccee
Urbanuss: foss
Urbanuss: u bad girl
the_unknown: I saw your videos … sorry I didnt come before
the_unknown: he wouldnt let go of my hand, and honestly I kinda didnt wanna leave him either
Urbanuss: aww cuties
Samuelis: okay that's freakin adorable <3
the_unknown: shut your butt!
the_unknown: xP
Urbanuss: but i do gotta bone to pick with you when we got a minute
the_unknown: what's the bone?
the_unknown: gimmie the bone
the_unknown: having his phone would not have made him die any less?
the_unknown: it coulda let someone track us though
Urbanuss: ok but we didn't hear from him for days kjndfkjlfdh
the_unknown: sorry love, but frankly
the_unknown: we were murdering people
Urbanuss: yeha i know but still
the_unknown: and I didnt really want anyone linked to that
the_unknown: hell I dont even know if we were in the right
the_unknown: I still dont know
the_unknown: but it happened
denitza: what, for killing two serial killers, one of which was a cannibal?
denitza: I'd say you were pretty well in the right, mademoiselle >_>;;
the_unknown: I just dont know ok
Laparus: looks like the force of caccee made my computer crash.
the_unknown: thats why I made sure I was the one to pull the trigger
Laparus: thanks for that, by the way.
the_unknown: yeah, well thanks for stopping the choking train
the_unknown: XD
Laparus: we don’t need to thank each other for saving each other’s lives
the_unknown: yeah, we should keep a scrap book
Laparus: that would be the worst scrapbook ever.
the_unknown: yes, it really would XD
Hyparete: usually unknown is the one taking people breath away?
the_unknown: you haven't seen me take anyones breath away till you see how
the_unknown: badly I dance
Laparus: we should never have a dance-off, I think people would die just watching.
the_unknown: haha it is likely

deemah_maraho: I just think this whole chat can dance >_>
cheekbones: dee we can dance if we want to
kaitlyn: next time something threatens us, we'll just dance it to death
deemah_maraho: We can leave our friends behind?
the_unknown: we can leave our friends behind?

redpaintfactory: good to have u back miss foss
moogle: Indeedy
the_unknown: yeah, im just glad he woke up

redpaintfactory: i think we should talk about this fouxe chick
the_unknown: so, I am gonna go shoot a smoke, and have a shot then you all can tell me what up
kaitlyn: ooh, yeah good point
the_unknown: cool?
mari: ah yeah, that

laparus: Actually, that’s not a bad idea.
the_unknown: * clumbsy moonwalk out *
redpaintfactory: smoking is very bad for you

*loggers give Chewie shit for ruining everything*
mari: hurry up Unknown I stopped porn blogging for this
the_unknown: SPIRITS
the_unknown: hey
laparus: no spirits, you know what spirits do to you, you’re sticking to wine
chat: Welcome back
the_unknown: sorry I know things have been suck for you guys
the_unknown: but im kinda happy
rabbit_table: whiskey tho
cheekbones: I feel like that comment has some kind of backstory
the_unknown: wine is for old ladies and hipster writers.
the_unknown: XP

redpaintfactory: is there anything you two haven’t done together?
the_unknown: we never did take that bath
laparus: Warren’s bath wasn’t big enough
the_unknown: * WIIIIIINK *

*nsfw derp*
*Banana gets the topic back on track*

the_unknown: yes ok the track
chat: how are you?
the_unknown: haha ok woah
the_unknown: so I just tried to pronounce the "name" out loud and warren is freaking out
laparus: that’s.. strange. like, voluntary freaking out or knee-jerk reaction freaking out?
the_unknown: like a kid at toys r us
the_unknown: aparently knows OF them
laparus: like an, “oh my god, you met Elvis” kind of freaking out?
the_unknown: yeah
the_unknown: so what happened?
the_unknown: sorry I have not kept totally plugged in
redpaintfactory: she was all like "yall are dumb, don't be fuckin with my shit"
mari: we got some screen recording if you wanna see?
the_unknown: aparently fouxe is some kinda super smart lady or something
the_unknown: he is praddling on…
the_unknown: a super smart lady that aparently was on a shoot on sight ? o_O
the_unknown: well then
chat: yep.
kaitlyn: it apparently got complicated between her and weaver co
moogle: <_< Well she never has to talk to them again
the_unknown: yeah he says all he knows about her is she aparently created the eye
the_unknown: as we know it anyway
the_unknown: and was black balled
the_unknown: doesnt know why
the_unknown: ok he is just rambling about techie stuff I dont understand now…
mari: http://cnsstills.tumblr.com/post/76761304158/more-taft-files TW
denitza: yeah that last one's kinda severely fucked up
laparus: You’d like her. She’s does the same kinda fucked up things you do.

the_unknown: good god…
the_unknown: well this is a woman who knows what she believes
the_unknown: if nothing else
the_unknown: shit
the_unknown: scientists are always being used
the_unknown: like, always
the_unknown: this chick tho
the_unknown: anyone who is willing to do that to themselves in the face of defeat..
the_unknown: that is someone with conviction, right or wrong that is heavy conviction
the_unknown: more than I can say I have currently honestly
laparus: Sounds like somebody has a crush.
the_unknown: oh shut your hole xP
cheekbones: is somebody else jealous
cheekbones: (spoiler: it's all of us)
laparus: I can do better.
chat: OHH BURN
laparus: I’ll have to get a steel bunker, and hire bodyguards.
the_unknown: did you just burn me fuzz ball?

the_unknown: wait
the_unknown: so this person contacted you guys
chat: yes
the_unknown: how did that go…?
guest_24601: I'm reasonably certain she allowed me to access that database we were looking at
mari: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrUWyRPRMqk started off like that
mari: then went onto cryptic shit
mari: then an actual visit
the_unknown: is that little lies? o_O
chat: yes
callmemrtanuki: …wait till you hear about HOW she contacted us, Unknown….
callmemrtanuki: Warren's gonna love that…
the_unknown: ?
callmemrtanuki: kinda possibly, hacked the weaver's eye or assumed control…
redpaintfactory: she was up in our google doc
the_unknown: he is laughing
the_unknown: a lot
the_unknown: … a lot lot
laparus: Warren, are you fanboying over your celebrity crush getting into your system?
the_unknown: aparently when a weavers eye crashes ( which is rare aparently) its cause of a built in system
the_unknown: and the "myth" was when that happens it auto connects to fouxe
the_unknown: bue aparently he never really beleived that
callmemrtanuki: that explains, w_e_auto
the_unknown: seems like haha
banana: ironically we thought the weaver was an urban legend at first too >_>
mari: a creepy organisation urban legend of an organisation surrounding an urban legend
starling: We do love our supernatural urban legends
the_unknown: so yeah he is aparently laughing at the "hacked" part
deemah_maraho: Chewie's beard is an urban legend >_>
the_unknown: "you cant hack a system you own
the_unknown: aparently a lot of people didnt think this was a thing tho

the_unknown: well this
the_unknown: too
the_unknown: err aparently when they used to crash, like 78% of the anchors would die
the_unknown: before the "weavers eye" model was made
laparus, Ah, so before she got involved.
the_unknown: he says no one has died since they were using that mode
*chat breaths huge sigh of relief*
the_unknown: but always assumed it was just a better design
the_unknown: not that there was actually a moderator
the_unknown: can I get the other visits?
*linked previous visits*

laparus: so she installed a failsafe that would fry the eye before it killed the anchors.
the_unknown: but that would mean she then like fucking
the_unknown: re wrote code in real time to restablish connection
the_unknown: thats insane
laparus: rewrote code in real time? what?!
the_unknown: thats what im saying thats not even possible
laparus: even from what I know about computers that still seems to be impossible
the_unknown: haha no man, I dont buy that
the_unknown: I cant even accept tha
laparus: is it possible she’s got some kind of adaptive program, something that can just roll with whatever people can do?
the_unknown: warren just keeps smiling and noddind " oh she can she caaan
the_unknown: Im not buying his take on it tho…

laparus asks how warren is handling this info
the_unknown: mr has a poster of her in his bedroom
the_unknown: over here
the_unknown: hes kinda loopy
the_unknown: in a cute puppy kinda way
mari: Unknown, want that google doc?
the_unknown: please
*Mari links to google doc*
mari: Fouxe seemed to know you were coming last time
the_unknown: was the 15th the last visit?
mari: no, there was one earlier
redpaintfactory: wait who has a poster of who?
the_unknown: I was just making fun of warren for his fanboyism red

the_unknown: ok wait
the_unknown: so she came in before and said she was looking into people
the_unknown: then this?
Mari: yeee
the_unknown: well, it looks like she saw something she liked then
guest_246011: And shortly after I find myself allowed into sections of that database.
the_unknown: … this thing about bleeding gods
the_unknown: shit man… the stuff she has done to herself
the_unknown: ie that conviction
the_unknown: and saying that…
the_unknown: shit dude what if she has a team?
laparus: if she has a team, are you going to sign up?
the_unknown: I have my team thank you very much X3
laparus: but seriously, if she does have a team and she’s on the up-and-up that could be good news for us.
the_unknown: if shes on the up and up yeah
the_unknown: Im not signing the fan club waiver just yet
the_unknown: at the least I would like to ask some questions
the_unknown: if there is a team
the_unknown: like… how they do it
laparus: a little advice from someone a bit more experienced certainly couldn’t hurt.
the_unknown: deal with the guilt and all that
the_unknown: i dunno
the_unknown: more shots!
the_unknown: im sorry I couldnt help you guys more with this
the_unknown: I was really worried about this doofus
laparus: You’re doing your best.
the_unknown: kinda fell apart a bit

mari: have we mentioned Natalie yet?
laparus: OH yeah! Natalie has shown up and talked to us. So we know she’s safe-ish, kind of.
the_unknown: good!
the_unknown: well safe ish kind of I will take
the_unknown: big and lanky?
rabbit_table: yeah
redpaintfactory: still around
the_unknown: she must be resting safe tonight at least

mari: anddddddd have we mentioned Dox?
laparus: Dox… Dox doesn’t exactly look well, but, he’s asleep. or unconscious. but his breathing seems okay, and it looks closer to proper sleep than he’s been for a while.
goose: Is he bleeding stil?
laparus: No. He’s going to be getting over this for a while, I’d say. it’s probably going to take him weeks to recover.

the_unknown: warren is now on a semi drunk rant about the weaver
the_unknown: yeah apparently its an encrypted video, on a private unlisted site
the_unknown: that aparently will take time to get into, assuming the hardware back home is not totally dead
laparus: You have any luck with the encryption?
the_unknown: hell man
the_unknown: its showtime shit
the_unknown: what I mean is
the_unknown: it is SOMETHING
redpaintfactory: * s h o w t i m e i n f o *
sage: if stk installed a hover cam i'm going to be upset
the_unknown: we will get into it
the_unknown: that shit doesnt come around much..
guest_246011: I may be able to get it working with my equipment, if Warren's needs replacing
redpaintfactory: yeah I'd like to know as much as possible before i fuck his show up
the_unknown: by the way buddy steave B is Stephen Brent
the_unknown: and he moved to texas a few months ago
banana: haha good job steve
the_unknown: is currently CURRENTLY working at a post office
the_unknown: and likely fled cause of you

mayaxpapaya: I would still like to know why I'm actually still breathing myself
the_unknown: good looks?
mayaxpapaya: If it's an issue of proximity
the_unknown: * flips hair *
mayaxpapaya: pffft
wren: jeez laptop, lemme say hi huh
the_unknown: it helps ok!?
the_unknown: I will stomp your purdy face
sage: *hides in corner*

mari: I found a thing
chat: what’d you find?
mari: on one of Fouxe's files
the_unknown: sage dont flatter me buddy dont you flatter me!
mari: someone has the last name Brent
mari: https://31.media.tumblr.com/a1d51d716911ed9ef7fa38caad977b09/tumblr_n0ycraUsnZ1re89hmo5_1280.jpg
the_unknown: well I will file it
mari: https://24.media.tumblr.com/5dcb76294f221115695f3393ea54ef50/tumblr_n0ycraUsnZ1re89hmo6_1280.jpg
the_unknown: but as long as the guy is alive… ima leave him alone

redpaintfactory: K.Finch info would be nice?
redpaintfactory: if you can?
redpaintfactory: pls?
the_unknown: whats the k?
redpaintfactory: Kathrine
the_unknown: oh, ok
redpaintfactory: do you want the info help3r gave me?
the_unknown: yup!
redpaintfactory: h/o lemmy get it for you
redpaintfactory: https://24.media.tumblr.com/2a9ccc0b9758d7ba70704e23fb21dcb0/tumblr_n14mnidXWN1r1urh4o1_500.jpg
the_unknown: hm ok
redpaintfactory: I mean, I've got a good place to start
redpaintfactory: but the more leads, the better
the_unknown: btw this fouxe
the_unknown: ( looked at your logs now )
mari: is she single
the_unknown: she says a thing about a painting and faith yadd yadda
redpaintfactory: oh my god for a sec i though you said "btw this is fouxe" and i about lost my shit
evarae: same xD
the_unknown: haha no
the_unknown: anyway, that painting the faith thing
the_unknown: and what she did to hold onto what she wanted
the_unknown: made me think of
the_unknown: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stoning_of_Saint_Stephen
the_unknown: that
denitza: well, I considered that
denitza: I mean her name /is/ stephanie
the_unknown: yeah
laparus: oh shit she’s totally a martyr
the_unknown: so yeah, be careful with her if only cause she is clearly convicted
the_unknown: which can be awesome
the_unknown: or bad
the_unknown: I hope its awesome
the_unknown: that would be… awesome XD
redpaintfactory: should we leave you alone with the logs there girly?
the_unknown: pshhhh

the_unknown: so I have a thing…
the_unknown: that I kinda don't even want to bring up given my current moral crisis
the_unknown: bringing in others seems dumb
the_unknown: when the eye first picked up anything about it there was a lot of flashes of scrawled
the_unknown: writing and what not
Laparus: So you may need us to interpret things, decode?
the_unknown: so I think they have an eccentric flair
the_unknown: yeah maybe
Chat: We can do that.
Denitza: what, like…codes, or shit in different languages, or both?
the_unknown: both, some of them were german
the_unknown: I dont have any of the full things, the eye flashes and its all blurry and shit
the_unknown: but when I get out there, if I can pick up a trail I expect to see more
sage: do you get visions or print outs?
the_unknown: I dont get anything haha
the_unknown: thats this dorks job
Jannelle: rephrase. what does warren get? visions or print outs?
the_unknown: its all visual
the_unknown: and aparently gives him really bad headaches
the_unknown: you know… he doesnt talk abotu how hard this shit is on him >.>
the_unknown: I had no idea till I started living with him
the_unknown: srry for typing little drunk >.>
Laparus: that’s something you two have in common then.
the_unknown: your not as think as i drunk you are
the_unknown: beardy
Laparus: I meant not talking about how hard things are. but you can include the drunkenness if you like.
the_unknown: dont try and get me on the couch man
the_unknown: xPPPPP
the_unknown: dont try and get me on the couch man
Laparus: we both probably need some time on the couch (ed note: referring to a psychiatrist’s couch)
the_unknown: when the baddies are burried friend
Hyparete: gunna need alot more shells then =/
the_unknown: haha yeah…
the_unknown: ok drunk coming on now
the_unknown: gonna curl up with stumpy
Mari: give him a big kiss from us
the_unknown: SHUDDAP
Laparus: okay, if the roles were reversed, would you shut up?
the_unknown: <.<:
the_unknown: IM GONE
the_unknown: take care jerks
the_unknown: <3333
Chat: Take care!
Laparus: Don’t get dead.
the_unknown: you niether
the_unknown: stay safe guys
the_unknown leaves the chat

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