Sequence of Events

Videos break down into three catagories, those uploaded by Caught, RoivasSevil, or 1AmTheHelp3r. RoivasSevil's uploads usually deal with coded messages and abstract segments of other media; whereas Caught and Help3r's uploads usually focus on Caught himself. These three types of videos can often be told apart through their unique naming formulas. The only exception to this rule so far is "21129_21269_922518224" which was uploaded to Caught's account.

Timeline Of Events

71262419 RoivasSevil-March 16, 2011
RoivasSevil's first coded video, essentially considered an introduction to the internet.

Vlog_01 CaughtNotSleeping-April 5, 2011
Caught's first video. He describes a type of insomnia he seems to be suffering despite sleeping for ten hours a night. He also expresses doubt that the internet will provide him much help, but expresses a need to make a video anyway.

Vlog_02 CaughtNotSleeping-April 22, 2011
Caught again complains of a feeling of sleeplessness and complains about the lack of help that the YouTube community provides.

_15121216_2415128229_ RoivasSevil-May 8, 2011
RoivasSevil's second video, and first clearly aimed comment towards Caught, as well as the first indicator of something abnormal going on.

Vlog_03: Goodbye CaughtNotSleeping-May 12, 2011
Caught threatens to delete his channel in the wake of fan speculation regarding the nature of his insomnia.

STOP CaughtNotSleeping-May 16, 2011
Caught blames pranksters for hints of Slender man appearing around him.

Rediscovery CaughtNotSleeping-May 25, 2011
Caught goes back to the room with the Operator Symbol, and realizes that there are larger forces at work.

A gift for the 'slender man' CaughtNotSleeping-June 3, 2011
Caught responds to popular Slender-lore in an attempt to dissuade commentators and their memes.

21129 21269 922518224 CaughtNotSleeping-June 11, 2011
Caught returns to retrieve his 20 dollars, instead he has a disturbing confrontation.

152226913 712 1115262 RoivasSevil - July 3, 2011
RoivasSevil leaves Caught a riddle, promising to help him.

Sorry. Caught-July 7, 2011
Caught apologizes to his viewers, and admits that he hasn't been entirely truthful.

"Learn to Play." CaughtNotSleeping-July 17, 2011
Caught follows RoivasSevil's advice and begins searching for his next clue.

- RoivasSevil-July 19, 2011
Missing video

Little update. CaughtNotSleeping-July 24, 2011
Caught promises to follow up on RoivasSevil's next riddle

The sink. CaughtNotSleeping-July 24, 2011
Caught visits the kitchen referred to in RoivasSevil's last riddle. There he discovers the unexplainable.

unknown footage CaughtNotSleeping-July 31, 2011
Disjointed footage of Caught wandering around in the middle of the night.

201212235222 RoivasSevil - August 6, 2011
RoivasSevil leaves

1AmTheHelp3r makes his first appearance, leaving all CaughtNotSleeping subscribers personalized Rules and messages.

Rule #1 1AmTheHelp3r-August 10,2011
1AmTheHelp3r reveals he has been watching Caught for sometime.

Rule #2 1AmTheHelp3r-August 14,2011
Caught discusses his findings from the RoivasSevil's sink riddle, before he has a nasty run-in with Help3r.

Rule #3 1AmTheHelp3r-August 16, 2011
1AmTheHelp3r outlines what the viewers must do to rescue Caught, and sets a seven day deadline.

Four Days Remain. CaughtNotSleeping-August 19, 2011
An ominous reminder to he fans of their dwindling time.

A brand new day CaughtNotSleeping-August 21, 2011
Caught is successfully released from the Help3r's clutches and uncovers a new puzzle, courtesy of the Help3r.

The Coffin CaughtNotSleeping-August 30, 2011
Caught goes over the latest riddle and requests the advice of the viewers.

Natalie CaughtNotSleeping-September 10, 2011
Caught is approached by an enthusiastic fan on the street who agrees to help him solve Help3r's latest riddle.

141888 1422? RoivasSevil-September 13, 2011
RoivasSevil returns, giving Caught a cryptic address

coffin contents CaughtNotSleeping-September 24, 2011
Caught review's Help3rs "gifts" for him and once again polls the audience on his next course of action.

Caught sends private messages to YouTube users Mesay20yr and Xuchilvith confirming his intent to follow RoivasSevil's puzzle and visit 925 Cranbrook Dr.

925 Cranbrook Dr. CaughtNotSleeping-October 13, 2011
Caught contacts Natalie and despite a tense encounter, she accompanies him to 925 Cranbrook Dr. where they encounter several manifestations of Caught.

Rule #4 1AmTheHelp3r-October 23, 2011
1AmTheHelp3r contacts the fans, prompting them to choose a spokesman from among the 'Chosen Few'.

Caught sends private messages to YouTube users Mesay20yr and Xuchilvith announcing a new Twitter feed and Tumblr for posting clues and updates.

Rule #4: chosen friend 1AmTheHelp3r-October 31, 2011
1AmTheHelp3r announces the new spokesman.

Sleepwalking. CaughtNotSleeping-November 11, 2011
Caught and Natalie update the viewers about their status, and reveal the results of Caught's nighttime filming.

1AmTheHelp3r messages 239 subscribers with pieces of a puzzle, which asks "Would you like to hear a story?" followed by a string of words and numbers. Pieces of the puzzle together to form most of the Winnie-the-Pooh story "In Which Pooh and Piglet Go Hunting and Nearly Catch A Woozle".

RoivasSevil sends out coded messages and those who answered the call with videos were labeled "Butterflies".

Rule #4: Prepare 1AmTheHelp3r-December 29, 2011
1AmTheHelp3r continues Rule #4 with a series of rules.

Dead End CaughtNotSleeping-December 30th, 2011
Natalie investigates the address given to Caught by 1AmTheHelp3r on the instance of viewers in the aftermath of Caught's disappearance.

1472 Lansing Place CaughtNotSleeping-January 3rd, 2012
Caught enters the house at 1AmTheHelp3r's address and finds himself trapped inside.

Rule #4: Secret Word 1AmTheHelp3r-January 3rd, 2012
1AmTheHelp3r releases the first of the Rule #4 riddles

1472 Lansing Place: Two. CaughtNotSleeping-January 9th, 2012
Caught enters the second room of the Dollhouse and finds himself truly trapped.

Rule #4 Secret Word: Two. 1AmTheHelp3r-January 9th, 2012
1AmTheHelp3r releases the second of the Rule #4 Riddles.

1472 Lansing Place: Three. CaughtNotSleeping-January 14th, 2012
Caught moves to the next room and has several frightening encounters along the way.

Rule #4 Secret Word: Three. 1AmTheHelp3r-January 16th, 2012
1AmTheHelp3r releases the third of the Rule #4 Riddles

1472 Lansing Place: Four. CaughtNotSleeping-January 19th, 2012
Caught enters the next room, finding himself in the basement of Lansing Place.

Rule #4 Secret Word: Four. 1AmTheHelp3r-January 23rd, 2012
1AmTheHelp3r releases what will be the last of the Lansing Place Riddles.

1472 Lansing Place: Five. CaughtNotSleeping-January 26th, 2012
Caught exits 1472 Lansing Place only to make several disturbing discoveries.

Ustream 1 CaughtNotSleeping-January 28th, 2012
Natalie talks with viewers and attempts to answer their questions regarding her involvement.

Vlog_01 CaughtNotSleeping-February 2nd, 2012
Caught seems to have a brief lapse in memory, starting himself back at the beginning.

A long night. CaughtNotSleeping-February 14th, 2012
Natalie and Caught go in search of another RoivasSevil clue, only for Caught to make a major admission regarding his predicament.

YouTube User ChewieV2, or Laparus among the butterflies, receives a box from RoivasSevil in the mail containing a warning regarding the Showtime Killer

The Umbrella Caughtnotsleeping-February 23rd, 2012
Natalie approaches Caught about a new clue from RoivasSevil, and the camera catches some unexplained activity in their absence.

Willows Peak CaughtNotsleeping-March 8th, 2012
Natalie goes in search of the next clue at Willows Peak and encounters something entirely new.

Willows Peak Tape CaughtNotSleeping-March 31st, 2012
The damaged footage from the tape recovered at Willows Peak.

26 2326916 1115262422 CaughtNotSleeping-April 12th, 2012
Caught encounters the Slender Man, and faces a dramatic physical attack.

Aftermath CaughtNotSleeping-April 20th, 2012
Natalie enters the woods looking for Caught and has an encounter of her own

422 26922 1922922 21129 2012 RoivasSevil-May 12th, 2012
RoivasSevil shows themselves, and reminds Caught and Natalie of an untapped possibility.

Out of options CaughtNotSleeping-June 11th, 2012
Natalie discusses Caught's condition and makes a decision to act instead of wait.

Running CaughtNotSleeping-August 15th, 2012
Natalie backs out of her promise and instead attempts to flee

1813712 71922 2326916... CaughtNotSleeping-November 18th, 2012
Natalie returns to the alley to find the tools left by RoivasSevil and instead encounters a serious new threat

G-1467 RoivasSevil-January 3rd, 2013
1AmTheHelp3r posts to RoivasSevil's channel, removing all of RoivasSevil's video in the process

G-1467 1AmTheHelp3r-January 3rd, 2013
1AmTheHelp3r posts this video to his channel, shortly after removing all of his videos declaring the purge of the channels

Rule #5 1AmTheHelp3r-January 4th, 2013
1AmTheHelp3r visits Natalie's childhood home, and discovers something of interest

Rule #6 CaughtNotSleeping-April 12th, 2013
A year after entering a coma, Caught is revived by 1AmTheHelp3r followed by a frenzied attempt to flee the Slender Man

A hole in the ground. CaughtNotSleeping-August 26th, 2013
Natalie finally returns from the Dark Place and reveals what she saw there

Rule #7 CaughtNotSleeping-March 1st, 2014
1AmTheHelp3r discusses the role of the infected and what they do to keep The Slender Man at bay

Extreme Circumstances CaughtNotSleeping-March 21st, 2014
Natalie goes in search of 1AmTheHelp3r and Caught in the woods

Happy Hour CaughtNotSleeping-April 20th, 2014
Caught and Natalie flee 1AmTheHelp3r and celebrate their respective victories together