Ustream 1

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Ustream 1 was held by CaughtNotSleeping on January 28th, 2012. It is 34:26 minutes long.

Natalie, with Caught still far from home, messaged users that she would be holding a Ustream live event on January 28th in order to answer viewer's questions about her involvement. Caught interrupted the chat and eventually shut it down.

Additional Information


Several important facts can be gleaned from this conversation.

  • Natalie films herself due to a past trauma, unrelated to Slender Man, in which her brother was (presumably) killed or injured during a home invasion.
  • Natalie has not yet seen the Slender Man and exhibits few symptoms of his presence beyond a 'deeply bad feeling' and headaches. However, she claims to have seen "things" including, possibly, 1AmTheHelp3r.
  • Natalie also knows very little about Caught, about as much as the viewers know.
  • Natalie is uninteresting in bringing people into the haunting, and refuses to tell others about what is happening.
  • Natalie does not trust 1AmTheHelp3r due to his past actions and a sense of foreboding around him that mirrors her reaction to Slender Man.
  • Caught is back from 1472 Lansing Place.


Confirmed Theories

Working Theories and Observations

Natalie has a brief chronology error when she states that she has only been watching CaughtNotSleeping since the events of Rule #3. Natalie was present in Learn to Play.

There may or may not be a brief moment of distortion in the first third of the Ustream video. (unsure of time-stamp)

Further Speculation