Warren and Devin Visit - July 7, 2013

On July 7th, 2013 Warren and Devin entered the chat admitting that there had been a change in management at the organization for which they work, and that the new leaders wanted to recall the Weaver, and had thus put out a hit on Loxura. They instead wanted to use the Weaver to eliminate a pair of serial killer brothers who were responsible for 1AmTheHelp3r's attack on Antiopa. In order to stop this threat, Warren and Devin made a deal that Laparus would kill the brothers instead.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

July 7, 2013

Warren enters the chat
Chat is listening to Marvin Gay's "Let's Get It On"
Warren: Sup suckas.
Dido: Hi Warren.
Urbanus: Dude. Dude.
Warren: Bro. Bro.
Urbanus: Tell Devin his team should have posed as an ice cream truck.
Zephyr: Are you the cool kid on the block?
Warren: Im the koolist kid man. haha almost orange, you funny.
Apollo: Happy 4th Warren!
Warren: and to you
Zephyr: You celebrating?
Warren: Every day I wake up breathing
Wollastoni: Hi Warren!
Warren: hey. Shit's been crazy on my end. A lot of moving parts…
Allyni: Hi Warren. Give me just a minute.
Warren: For you Allynikins, Ill give you five ^_-
Loxura: Hows that new management going dude? Feel free to vent…
Laparus: Anybody stabbed the new boss yet?
Warren: actually that;s why I am here. To talk about the "new boss"
Antiopa: Uh ok.
Urbanus: Is it bad news?
Warren: A bit
Urbanus: Wonderful.
Allyni: Fuck.
Loxura: Okay, lay it on us. We're used to bad news.
Warren: Yall have gotten a bunch of attention from our end lately. So let me back the hell up. First of all helpzikins didn't tell any of us off, if Devin was watching I doubt he would know. helper bby did however make one of the PI's hired to look out for him.
Loxura: Well shit, if that's the case someone else is watching this chat like a hawk.
Warren*: so they called him off.
Urbanus: kay
Wollastoni: Did the PI happen to see Caught?
**Warren: No one has seen this caught like at all…
Wollastoni: Oh.
Warren: from what I understand.
Allyni: Well then.
Wollastoni: Thanks anyways ;n;
Warren: (And I don't know everything its not my case) But they have like 30 places helper could be shacked up.
Zephyr: Makes a little sense. He's hiding.
Warren: but don't know which ones are actually his. whoever helper bby is, he is damned good at hiding.
Laparus: and Help3r never said he was actually IN the building the van was outside.
Hyparete: Helper said he has several.
Warren: They have been chasing dead leads for weeks not. Everything time they think the guy fucked up it just leads no where, false mistakes, purposeful dead ends.
Philenor: Well they know where one property is now.
Loxura: You got to admire his skill at staying hidden…
Warren: Fucking guys a ghost
Urbanus: He's trying to shake you guys off.
Antiopa: Warren just keep in mind he will kill people if they get in his way, and right now it sounds like you and your friends are trying to get in his way.
Warren: Most things devin looks for will.
Loxura: So what's this about the new boss then?
Laparus: These guys are a thousand times more pro than us, Z
Urbanus: We're not pro at all.
Laparus: There's not really any advice we can give them.
Antiopa: I know Laparus, but that won't stop helper from killing.
Warren: First of all to the little one who said she would burn me. :3
Antiopa: What's the up and up?
Warren: Your cat is in the mail back to you.
Warren: I have spoken with our mutual friend.
Apollo: Awesome!
Warren: and she DID NOT throw me out a window. haha.
Loxura: …yet.
Apollo: You're such a charmer I don't see how she could. :P
Antiopa: Did she find anything?
Warren: Actually yeah.
Allyni: …Do we get to know?
Antiopa: Ok what is it?
Warren: On that stuffed animal were a few hairs of one Jerred Mars which fulfills our suspicions.
Chat: Who?
Laparus: Please tell me you have an identity for Helpsy
Warren: ok, yall are so fucking tangled in the vault, I forget that sometimes. HA no that would be way too easy mate.
Laparus: thought so.
Guest_24601: Help3r is cleverer than that, Laparus.
Warren: Jerred Mars is related to someone we have been trying to get to for quite some time.
Allyni: By blood or association?
Warren: Blood.
Allyni: Ok.
Warren: One Terrence Mars.
Antiopa: So what is this, your giving me names but no info bro.
Warren: Who we believe has killed five girls in the last few months.
Chat: General Panic
Warren: All around the same age of miss ima burn yo shit here.
Guest_24601: So it's possible this Terrence Mars was who intended to kill Antiopa.
Philenor: So how did the hair of Jerred get on the kitty?
Wollastoni: But that means that guy has been around Antiopa, if he's touched the cat.
Laparus: Meaning I have a new freakin' target when I head north.
Loxura: Warren, tell us you can tell us about this guy?
Allyni: But why was his relative's hair on the cat and not his???
Warren: We think Jarred picks them out. Terrence does the deed.
Antiopa: and they're still after me…
9802: Help3r beat down a serial killer before you got back.
Allyni: Antiopa, who else touched your cat?
Antiopa: Allyni, it would be great IF I COULD REMEMBER.
Denitza: Is this like father/son or like brothers or uncle/nephew?
Warren: We think they are brothers, but there is a stupid lack of info on Terrence.
Loxura: Brilliant.
9802: This is why we should crack that drive.
Laparus: How stupid?
Warren: Very.
Loxura: What was he doing before he started killing girls like Antiopa?
Warren: from what we can tell he was a normal dude, until like six months ago, then regular visits to the police, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, like out of the fucking blue. Then girls started going missing.
Chat: That was when SFL showed up, Roivas's house was destroyed, and Rule 5 showed up.
Urbanus: Mental disorders don't happen like that.
Loxura: Not sure, just that this sounds like some kind of fucked up dark placian or otherwise bullshit.
Warren: First in Kansas, then California. Yeah, but traces of the brother were always on the scene, or on objects the victims owned, but there's nothing to pin on Jarred, so we suspect Terrence, as he kind of vanished when it started to get bloody.
Guest_24601: Exactly how does this relate to your new boss?
Warren: heh, I will get to that…I think the one doing the killing doesn't get out much. so here's the deal. You all have become a liability. The big wigs see you as a problem, that is getting bigger.
Allyni: Not shocked.
Laparus: We love you too, dude.
Warren: Hey not me man! Im all for ya!
Laparus: I know, I'm just messing with you.
Warren: so…a week ago an order came down to Devin. To get rid of this problem, he was ordered to kill your boy. Hence freeing the weaver from your contract.
Loxura: Good luck with that…He had Help3r in defense mode in front of him.
Apollo: No, not Caught. Loxura.
Loxura: wait, what?
Warren: Yes, to kill YOUR boy.
Polyommatus: …is there any way around that?
Antiopa: That's why Devin told me calling the weaver was "unwise", am I right, Warren?
Warren: Yeah, so here's where I spit my beer. Devin refused.
Allyni: Very good man.
Wollastoni: So they sent somebody else?
Warren: but that caused a problem.
9802: I don't think that goes well.
Warren: Ok, sorry, I've got a buzz on, and I'm tired. Im gonna put Devin on, hold up.
"Bewise" enters the chat
"Bewise" changes his username to "Devin_Shroter"
Devin_Shroter: Ok, so as Warren said I refused this job. Also it is a pain to type with one hand.
Loxura: Thanks man, I appreciate it.
Urbanus: Caccee says sorry >_>
Loxura: Seriously.
Devin_Shroter: It's fine, I would have done worse. She is quite the survivor.
Urbanus: she is <3
Allyni: Are they going to just replace you with someone else? Or are you in trouble?
Devin_Shroter: Honestly, I feel our time under the old ways are ending…
Laparus: There has to be a catch to you not being dead
Loxura: Sounds like it.
Devin_Shroter: I feel soon we may be on our own.
Urbanus: Why do we always fuck everything up?
Devin_Shroter: I can't agree with the impulsiveness of these people. This is not your fault, this has been a long time coming. My whole life these people have been trying to take over. They did. So, things get interesting.
Loxura: So give it to me straight, who's coming to kill me?
Devin_Shroter: Well it is my case, no one will come kill you until I am dead, so they have to kill me first.
Allyni: Oh geez.
Loxura: Well, if they were smart about it, they'd just retract the weaver.
Devin_Shroter: It doesn't work that way, no one controls the weaver. The only way to retract it is for you to die, or for you to be safe.
Loxura: What can I do to help you stay alive because you're risking your life for me.
Devin_Shroter: I like you well enough but I am risking my life for the principal. I am not a hit man. I do not kill innocents.
Guest_24601: Commendable.
Devin_Shroter: They may or may not come for me, but I doubt they will get close. I met back up with Warren because, well…he has talents. I will know if they are coming. Don't worry about me.
Urbanus: we worry about everyone.
Laparus: Is Warren joining you?
Devin_Shroter: On paper, no. But we are together, in the same place now.
Urbanus: Get Caccee.
Zephyr: But I guess Warren's got you covered.
Devin_Shroter: As far as your friend unknown, she refused to stay with us hence we are relaying the message about the cat.
Apollo: How's your partner handling all this?
Devin_Shroter: Not my partner anymore.
Chat: We're so sorry…
Devin_Shroter: She made her choice.
Urbanus: So she chose management.
Devin_Shroter: Yes, she did. Anyway, we have been able to swing a loophole that will take the hit off of you. And allow the weaver to continue to protect you.
Chat: How?
Allyni: Wait, wouldn't the Weaver bitch slap anyone who messed with Loxura anyway?
Devin_Shroter: The weaver is not a god, there are ways around it. As far as they are concerned, losing a few of us to get rid of our lings to you is a worthy price.
Laparus: Well fuck them too.
Urbanus: Jesus, we're not that bad ;m;
Devin_Shroter: Its not about who you are, of if you are bad. You are directly linked to the vault. That is the issue.
Loxura: Well I suppose another way to look at this is they're more than a bit scared of us…
Devin_Shroter: Again, not scared of you, scared of the vault. That is the issue.
Loxura: Yeah, I figured. No one really wants to touch that thing.
Devin_Shroter: Very different.
Allyni: I shouldn't have to ask this, but why is the Vault such an issue?
Loxura: I meant through extension.
Devin_Shroter: Because the vault is directly connected to this "Slender Man". Anything that is, has in the past always won. We have never been able to get close.
Apollo: Makes sense.
Devin_Shroter: Learned so little for so much chaos.
9802: And you'd prefer not to have a bunch of sick amnesiacs?
Devin_Shroter: I don't know what I personally would prefer about anything anymore. Anyway, if this was the Mars brothers who were after this girl, they have agreed to life the hit, if one of you takes care of them.
Urbanus: They want us to kill someone.
Polyommatus: How do you suggest we go about this?
Allyni: You want a regular joe/jane to kill a serial killer
Laparus: When?
Apollo: So…one of kills a couple of serial killers…
Loxura: Personally I don't mind taking out a potentially supernatural serial killer. I'm fucking sick of sitting around waiting to see if I'm going to get dragged to hell.
Devin_Shroter: Not one of you. The weaver already chose one. [ Redacted: Laparus' name ].
Chat: …fuck.
Loxura: Dude, you better put an axe in one of their faces for me, okay?
Laparus: I did say I wanted to take a crack at this guy.
Urbanus: Laparus…be fucking careful.
Polyommatus: Can he have any help or does this have to be a solo thing?
Laparus: I have some stuff I brought when I thought I was going after Help3r…
Antiopa: does it have to be my chat-father. Really?
Devin_Shroter: Not my choice, sorry.
Loxura: So, question…The weaver chose him…How does that work?
Laparus: Give me the details when you can. Though, yeah.
Loxura: Like, I thought it just protected people it was called upon?
Laparus: Back up would be really, REALLY nice.
Loxura: Not made choices for the organization or whatever?
Devin_Shroter: The only way we could swing it is to have the weavers consent, so Warren asked, in his way. Weaver chose him. So we were able to get them to drop the hit, they are not willing to defy the weaver, their stupidity is not that high yet. Now, somethings you should now. People have been found on the scenes of the three murders. People we think tried to stop the killings, the bodies left indicate that the one doing the killing is very strong.
Laparus: They weren't covered in puppies by any chance? No, of course not.
Devin_Shroter: and fire patterns from the one officer who was killed leads us to believe it is very fast.
Laparus: OK, so a strong and fast serial killer.
Loxura: I don't suppose you can send him to grade A hunting gear or something?
Devin_Shroter: Well shit part of the deal, we cannot help.
Laparus: You'd be surprised. But I didn't bring mine. Oh for fuck's sake!
Devin_Shroter: Or the contract is invalid.
Urbanus: Hey Devin, new management is a dick.
Devin_Shroter: Yes. Yes it is.
Laparus: I'm not even getting kitted out?
Devin_Shroter: We cannot give you anything.
Polyommatus: Does advice count as help or can we get some of that.
Eresimus: So you can not help, but can we help him?
Wollastoni: We're not under management's rules.
Devin_Shroter: Yes, you can.
Laparus: I got a weapon.
Allyni: I guess we'll see how far that "untouchable" thing stretches too.
Zephyr: Hey Devin, how were the victims killed? Was it like stabbing, or blunt trauma? We need to find out how this thing fights.
Devin_Shroter: Until we have this taken care of, we can after today discuss it no more. Warren will be available to talk about other matters, but this, cannot be brought up again.
Chat: Okay.
Devin_Shroter: If they see a loophole to break the contract, I feel they will take it.
Urbanus: So the clock is ticking.
Devin_Shroter: Not so much a clock, there is time, its more we don't want to accidentally say something they will use against us.
Laparus: Is there ANYTHING I can do to get some kind of edge here?
Devin_Shroter: This conversation is being encrypted.
Allyni: Makes sense.
Denitza: Lips zipped, got it.
Little_Butterfly: Too bad I'm in NC, I'd say Brave and Glory could be backup.
Devin_Shroter: But we can't get away with that too much.
Zephyr: Like how the victims were killed?
Devin_Shroter: Torn apart. By hand, and…teeth…some were strangled, then partially eaten we believe.
Apollo: My goodness what the heck did these brothers get into?!
Laparus: So he's THAT strong.
Urbanus: EATEN??
Devin_Shroter: Others beaten, another we feel was eaten alive. So, it goes without saying, do not take them lightly.
Laparus: LIGHTLY?!
Loxura: Can I pull some Weaver/Dark Place crap and send a shit load of power to Laparus?
Devin_Shroter: Part of the contract dictates no one in this situation directly can help.
Loxura: Like, at all?
Laparus: I mean all I have is a club and a box of shit I'm not sure even WORKS.
Loxura: Not even the way we normally do?
Devin_Shroter: Physically.
Laparus: So you're telling me I've got what I have on me now and that's it?
Devin_Shroter: It is not all that simple…
Allyni: I am fucking livid.
Devin_Shroter: We were raised in this. This is all we have. May I give a bit of advice.
Urbanus: Fucking please.
Laparus: Better than nothing.
Devin_Shroter: Advice you will think is common sense now…but when it comes down to it…just, don't hesitate.
Laparus: I'll do my best.
Loxura: …question. Does Unknown count as "part of this situation"? Because if not…I sense a team up.
Zephyr: and how are we supposed to find these brothers, if you all can't help us after this conversation?
Devin_Shroter: I can't tell you, but it will be taken care of, you have help, I just can't say how. just…just trust me.
Laparus: Alright, I'll trust you. You're going out on a limb for us.
Devin_Shroter: I am sorry this had to happen.
Denitza: Devin, you're a peach.
Laparus: Not your fault, and dude, at this point I think we just expect this kind of shit. We owe you one.
Loxura: Least I do.
Apollo: Thanks for standing by us, for whatever reason. We really appreciate and respect it. <3
Laparus: You're a full on Butter-friend, dude.
Wollastoni: Warren too.
Devin_Shroter: Again this is all if our speculations are correct. If this helper truly stopped these brothers, he will be your means to find them.
Apollo: Oh great.
Denitza: So we gotta get helps back in here?
Apollo: Well… I guess it's a good thing you guys made up today. »;
Laparus: Joyous, well…I guess it's a good thing we kissed and made up.
Denitza: We can't even discuss the thing.
Devin_Shroter: you can, we cannot.
Denitza: ohhhh.
Wollastoni: I'll go make a video to call for him. Sound good? I think we need a chat with Help3r.
Laparus: No blue, I should probably do it.
Urbanus: When this conversation is done, would anyone think it rude of me to ask about STK?
Devin_Shroter: We have no information on that case sorry. Things have been, well, busy.
Urbanus: Dude, he's gonna kill around girl in my name. There's nothing?
Devin_Shroter: Urbanus, I have 17 cases, all of which have people potentially dying in them. As does warren.
Urbanus: Okay, fine, I get it.
Laparus: So, did the Weaver just pick me as the geographically closest Butterfly or what?
Allyni: Does the contract say, "kill" or "contain/hinder"?
Apollo: Honestly, Laparus? It makes perfect sense you were chosen.
Devin_Shroter: You were chosen because the weaver feels close to you. Why I do not know.
Laparus: Oh well that's a cheery thought.
Apollo: And your not the geographically closest, anyways. Selene is. But because of how this ties in with Loxura and Antiopa, and the fact that if anybody's got a chance in any kind of physical combat, especially with a supernatural entity, it's probably you…
Devin_Shroter: Also, be calm there is time. You have time to do this. Take that time, and train. Get your head right.
Laparus: Despite my regular ass kickings…ok time helps.
Devin_Shroter: You will likely only have on chance.
Antiopa: What happens if he fails?
Laparus: Antiopa, if I fail, I get killed and probably eaten.
Devin_Shroter: Then I get hunted down, likely killed, as does Warren. A new person takes up our cases, and likely my ex partner kills the one the weaver is watching.
Laparus: Ok, so I fail, and everyone dies. joyous.
Antiopa: and it would probably find me.
Devin_Shroter: Yes and likely they would come after you.
Loxura: I don't suppose I can get some info on your ex-partner just in case…? Preparations and all. Honestly I'm not sure I trust them to hold their side of the deal.
Laparus: Not a bad idea, Loxura.
Devin_Shroter: Well, Loxura, if my ex-partner comes after you, you will die.
Loxura: Probably, but I'd rather go out trying not too.
Devin_Shroter: She is very well trained and well…insistent. She *was* also my wife.
Chat: We're so sorry Devin…
Devin_Shroter: Like I said, she made her choice.
Allyni: *All of the Devin hugs* *all of them*
Devin_Shroter: In any case, if he fails, Loxura, you run. Leave and run. She is very well trained, and very skilled.
Loxura: Got it. Seems to be what I do these days anyway.
Devin_Shroter: Hey pal, me too.
Loxura: Chances are SFL will get me first anyway.
Devin_Shroter: Such is life.
Loxura: Yep.
Guest_24601: We should start a club.
Devin_Shroter: Well our time is up any more encrypted chatting here and this thing is going to be dead before it starts. Train up.
Wollastoni: Stay safe Devin. <3
Devin_Shroter: You too.
Laparus: I'll do what I can.
Chat: Bye!
Devin_Shroter and Warren leave the chat

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log