Warren Visit - April 12, 2013

On April 12, 2013 "Warren" entered the chat in order to warn the chat regarding a ritual performed by fellow Butterfly Allyni sacrificing her light in order to revive Caught.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

April 12, 2013

Warren enters the chat
Chat: Hey Warren!
Antiopa: Did anyone tell him what happened?
Warren: What?
Hellion: Hold on Zero, if he doesn't know…
Warren: ?
Septentrionis: So, someone took all the pictures you gave us of the files down. Tell him about bewise moving files.
Warren: Oh that, yes I know.
Hellion: "Bewise"
Warren: haha yall trying to tell me something? I'm here to tell you something. Yall see this?
Warren links Butterfly Allyni's Light Sacrifice Ritual
Septentrionis: Oh? Yes.
Hellion: I just saw that. That's Allyni.
Septentrionis: Did it actually do something? Allyni sacrificed her light to try and wake Caught up.
Charithonia: …….
Septentrionis: Like all of it.
Charithonia: No…freak…why?
Septentrionis: did you guys seriously not see this three hours ago?
Hellion: Is it just about the video, or is it something else?
Warren: I just saw this shit and wanted to know what yall are doing. I think its marker yo. Blood runs.
Charithonia: …we had nothing to do with this.
Hesperiaris: The cult does not approve
Samuelis: Yeah, she used the symbol?
Papilio: Do you know exactly what she did by doing that?
Warren: Nope.
Hellion: A few of us are desperate, Warren, for answers and otherwise.
Samuelis: But the symbol is missing the "greater work" part??
Hellion: Yeah, if it has any impact at all.
Samuelis: The symbol on her door is different. Maybe she created her own?
Septentrionis: The triangle is on her hand
Samuelis: It is missing the philosopher's stone part
Wollastoni: Allyni effign tried alchemy jfc
Septentrionis: She has two symbols on her hands
Papilio: Yeah it doesn't seem like her. Why didn't she talk to us about it first?
Septentrionis: She didn't mention anything about a ritual earlier, did she?
Warren: It seems a bit heavy. Even for yall.
Charithonia: Understatement of the year. Do you think something got to Alyni?
Warren: You mean mind controlled? haha, it wouldn't matter what you call light you have to willing give it or nothing happens. You have to want to give it.
Samuelis: Yeah, but did someone give her the method idea?
Warren: well, I don't know her broskie. So I can't say on that.
Papilio: So you just came in here to tell us about this. Nothing on your end?
Warren: Yeah, sorry, I just thought when i saw it that you may want to know.
Papilio: It's okay Warren. Thank you for telling us. Most of us didn't even know that this had happened yet.
Warren: Well…it's specific. Very much so, which means it is prolly based on some kind of education, yah know?
Urbanus: I'm with you Warren, this smells of Help3r.
Samuelis: Also, guys, the infinity sign is missing. It's not on her hands or the door.
Hyparete: Allyni was still willing to work with Helper.
Papilio: Help3r would only talk to Allyni once. So maybe Help3r did come to her to help Caught in some way and convinced her to do what she did.
Hellion: But I don't think she was coerced.
Hyparete: Something has to accept it. So if something take it we'll prolly see it.
Warren: there is a difference between giving something to something to someone and sacrificing something.
Urbanus: Warren, this isn't like us.
Warren: haha
Urbanus: I know what it looks like but still.
Hellion: I think that's his sole purpose is to help Caught, Urbanus.
Warren: I will say one thing. I've seen some shit. I've not seen people do this before, regardless of the outcome, or the reason. That kind of selflessness, I'm starting to root for yall a bit.
Hellion: Allyni is a good person Warren, and is selfless.
Wollastoni: We're all here because we wanted to save our friend.
Hesperiaris: Selflessness tends to be our Achilles heel.
Wollastoni: This all started with some bloke having sleeping problems and being a snarky shit about it and we all wanted to help him anyhow.
Warren: heh yall best be careful what you wish for. You are struggling with little things in the vault. Don't tempt fate. Yall aint dealt with that yet. Not personally.
Hellion: I think he's saying Mirrors and SFL. I think Warren is saying Slender Man is the big fish.
Warren: Say what now?
Hellion: You aren't?
Warren: I am.
Septentrionis: :/
Warren: Shit I don't know, I'm watching Jurassic park. Hang onto your butts
Wollastoni: He fuckin knew Alfred was a fucking potter reference and he loves Jurassic park. Marry me man.
Warren: 8D
Septentrionis: Is a ship sinking?
Warren: Take it to Maury yall. I'm outtie.
Septentrionis: Thanks for the warning, Warren.
Warren: I hope your friend is ok l8
Warren leaves the chat

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log