Warren Visit - April 17, 2013

On April 17, 2013 "Warren" entered the chat to discuss butterfly Allyni's sacrifice of her light to return Caught from the dark place and possible consequences for this decision. After determining that she has not yet been altered by the change, he leaves a warning that other 'things' might be looking to fill the 'hollow' where her light once was.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

April 17, 2013

Warren enters the chat
Hellion: Hello Warren
Warren: Actually yo, as I understand it happening helper came to one of you specifically. There is a big ass difference between the two. Y'all do well to understand that shit. It be goin I done heard yall got yo boy back.
Hellion: Yes, he is among the living again.
Warren: Good on ya, hope it was worth what was done.
Papilio: What are you saying Warren? Do you know exactly what Allyni did?
Denitza: Was he not the one who told us?
Warren: Hm?
Denitza: I believe none of us knew until he informed us.
Warren: awwww shit
Laparus gets on camera
Warren: you're the guy with the sword! HELL YES
Glaucopsyche: some of us knew.
Warren: fuckin sword guy, guy has a FUCKING SWORD. I'm all over it man.
Laparus: I have a sword yes.
Warren: HELL YEAH YOU DO. Well, first broskie. She didn't give anything, yeah. She sacrificed it. That's real diff.
Thyodamas: Holy fuck I didn't notice Warren was here 0-0
Warren: Holy fuck I didn't notice you didn't notice
Hesperiaris: Didn't notice, or didn't care, Warren? :P
Warren: I care like a bear yo. But yeah, yall, killing one's "light" or whatever you wanna call it. I have an idea of it. I've not heard it called that before. If I'm right it's like life force or some shit. Not what makes you live, don't get it twisted. It's more like a reflection of life. You are born here, and something is born somewhere else.
Polyommatus: Is it the kind of life force affect by emotions?
Warren: I doubt your "light" originated int he vault. But since yall be chit chatting with folks there, now that's where it went.
Hesperiaris: Poor Allyni, since hers went kablooey.
Hellion: Allyni's light went to the vault?
Warren: I was? What point was I making?
Laparus: Life force, and what giving that up might do to a person.
Warren: Ok, see, I don't know what that will "do" per se. The most drastic effects will likely happen at the time of death if anything. There is a balance to things you see? And yall are making a fucking career of fucking that shit up. Get me? Not what's fucked up is yall have like…done weaponized your "light", as it were…
Laparus: That doesn't normally happen?
Warren: but then yall a creepy cult, so I guess I can expect that.
Godotishere: Wait. I think warren…is helper…telling us to go away…
Warren: HAHA I aint helper. I don't think helper be doing too well with the ladies. Just a guess 8D You, light lady. Get yur ass up there have a heart to heart.
Thyodamas: Who me? Ok. You called me, friend?
Warren: As far as not weaponizing your "light" you done already did it. All of you who have been doing shit for your vault friend. That's weaponizing it. Using it like a tool, which in itself is unnatural as fuck.
Laparus's pet rat comes on camera
Laparus: Two of them.
Warren: Now don't get me wrong, weaponizing your "light" ain't necessarily bad or like evil or anything. It's just fucking weird.
Urbanus: Welcome to the game warren. Weird is what we do.
Warren: ok yeah so, your "light" or whatever is like walking around and shit?
Polyommatus: Do you think it would be potentially damaging to the "light"? To weaponize it?
Warren: Well, as far as not weaponizing it, that's not really on you. Light, don't have a consciousness normally. It's a part of you. But you split that shit up, and you've created something else. Well, still made of the same shit. But it has a right to choice. It's got it's own life.
Thyodamas: I made a Roivas! Yay!
Laparus: How can a light have it's own life? Warren, have you ever heard of this happening before?
Warren: Yall both need to talk one at a time y0. I'm guessing when you get hurt, it gets hurt right? Or at least something like it.
Thyodamas: When I pinched myself, she felt it. Neither of us has gotten hurt, though.
Warren: Ok so there is a physical connection, but the bind really ends there. By. The. Fuckin. Way. Why the hell would you give away anyway?
Thyodamas: Because otherwise someone else's would've been taken, so I decided to give mine instead.
Antiopa: And if she didn't choose quickly enough, it would've taken both of them.
Warren: Fair enough. heh, ok. See here is the issue. The one who sacrificed her light, she chose to give something up when it was hers to give. There was not conflict inside, not struggle. With you, I'm guessing if she gets hurt. Or worse, that shit will echo back to you, or visa versa. It's all theoretical really. Like I done said, yall should really be dead by now. Usually shit don't get this far. You are very squeaky.
Thyodamas: Yes, I am.
Warren: Squeak on.
Thyodamas: I will squeak on into the sunset.
Warren: So the issue with having killed it, not there is an emptiness inside. Since yall love to fuck with the vault. Some things may take advantage of that if they are smart enough.
Chat: WHAT?
Warren: Cool yo pants. Again, it's theoretical.
Laparus: So we need to try to find some way to protect her.
Thyodamas: So we stop them before they do the thing. How does that sound?
Warren: Where your damn vault buddy anyway?
Laparus: Which one? We have like four.
Warren: The one who started things.
Laparus: Roivas is still trying to find our friend Natalie, who was put into the vault.
Warren: Makes sense, the vault is fucking big.
Laparus: How big? Are we talking country, continent, entire world?
Warren: Bigger thank a country yo. But it's not the size that is an issue.
Laparus: My guess is that the issue is that it's fucking dangerous.
Warren: It shifts.
Antiopa: How bad does something have to be to get put into the vault, and who's the caretaker?
Warren: Bad? Hell, I don't know that shit. I just know not to fuck with it.
Hyparete: Know anybody who does?
Warren: Who what? Fucks with the vault?
Charithonia: Other than us.
Warren: Not among the living haha. I done told you, yall should be dead. Whoever has your back has it good.
Laparus: Roivas is doing a good job then, hooray. Have you ever heard of an inhabitant of the vault called the mapmaker?
Warren: And his cousin the noodle cooker.
Antiopa: I'll take that as a no.
Warren: Nope.
Antiopa: Do you know anything from the vault?
Warren: Ok, let me put it to you lie this: Typically when I do my job, I am the most spooky thing involved. Weaver and me, we be the freeaky deaky shit. So I done heard of the vault but I've never really dealt with it.
Laparus: If I understand it right, being part of a mystical order-family that has dreams regarding this mystical entity is kind of freaky.
Warren: "supernatural", whatever, that's what I mean. Typically when I get a job it's very normal. Someone is missing, someone is dead. Some other terrible thing…but it's not usually all that spooky, outside of people being evil dicks.
Laparus: How far back has your family been doing this?
Urbanus: Are you ever gonna tell us what exactly your job is.?
Warren: Fucking hell Urbanus, I done told yall like five times. My job is to announce the weaver. That's it. Weaver doesn't have a voice of its own so I do that shit. In the past we would take it farther. But not anymore.
Chat: Farther how?
Warren: Ok kiddies. There was this time thousands of years ago, where to talk to someone you had to go talk to them. While doing so, we would get wrapped up in their shit. With the net, no need.
Glaucopsyche: Isn't that kinda what you're doing with us now?
Warren: Say what fruit loops?
Glaucopsyche: You're already getting way more involved in our shit than you need to.
Warren: Yeah, well, I'm a sucker.
Laparus: And you know what? I think you care.
Warren: Pshhhh, I think you high on what my roomie be tokin sword guy. Caring bout yall is not a winning bet. Not that I don't like all you fine. I just don't work out well to give a shit. Hold up…this conversation right here needs more scotch. Brb. Had to settle for a fucking case of 4 loco. That's a damn travesty.
Godotishere: Isn't that…illegal?
Warren: Hell yes. Illegal like a lemur. I got me one of them too.
Charithonia: Warren. You weird.
Hesperiaris: Focus.
Warren: I'm all about it.
Hesperiaris: Did you ever find out anything more about whoever was fucking with your files, or anything pertaining to that?
Warren: haha about that. I'm in even going to try and looking that shit anymore.
Hellion: That's a good idea Warren.
Warren: I ain't dead yet. Yall are impressively fucked, but I've seen worse.
Laparus: You need to stay alive until there's someone to take on the family business. And keep helping people!
Urbanus: May I ask a question?
Warren: Go on wit cho bad self most tomato like of colors.
Urbanus: I don't think anyone else is very concerned about it right now.
Warren: Spit it out yo.
Urbanus: but can you tell us if you think Showtime might have anything to do with the vault?
Warren: Serial killer Showtime? How in the hell would I know that
Antiopa: Do you have ay info on it?
Warren: Only what's on the news.
Antiopa: Such as?
Warren: Fucker kills people I don't know, I don't go out of my way to study up on serial killer ok. I've seen enough fucking serial killers, God willing I'll never deal with another. But that shit is a dream not worth having.
Hyparete: Another?
Warren: Hyparete bro, I doe told yall usually when I get called in its normal shit. Murder is normal shit.
Hesperiaris: Sadly.
Charithonia: Even if it's effigies of people?
Warren: Say what now?
Charithonia: You know people that look like butterflies, Warren.
Warren: Haha, you ever heard of a kill pattern?
Hellion: Yes.
Warren: Bundy killed blonds, same fucking thing.
Papilio: Okay, but going after a group of people who follow a very particular Vault entity seems like a specific kill pattern.
Warren: If showtime has a hard on to kill people that look like yall, all that means is they have it bad for yall.
Laparus: So you're saying he might have considered it "practice" for us?
Warren: Naw, I ain't saying that. I'm sure it's linked to you, if yall are so convinced. It just don't mean it's anything magic or some shit. It's just what this particular freak is into.
Urbanus: Well, considering he specifically sought us out to threaten us
Warren: Well, aint he a sweetheart.
Hellion: If I may.
Warren: Sup yo?
Hellion: Does "G-1467" mean anything to you?
Warren: Nope. Can I buy a vowel?
Hellion: Sorry, we got nothing else to add to it. Other than it was used as a "Quarantine protocol".
Warren: Ah, sounds like helper shit.
Chat: Yeah exactly.
Warren: Helper needs a fucking magic set or something.
Crino: Yeah. 1467 was when the Vatican quarantined itself or something.
Hesperiaris: …fucking seriously?
Warren: haha the Vatican. I do love religious people 8D
Glaucopsyche: True, you keep sticking around us cultists 8D
Warren: They think they know more than the do.
Allyni: …oh?
Warren: And underestimate the value of what they don't realize they know. Belief is a fucking house of cards, just takes the right thing to knock it down. Thing is fuckers don't tend to remember the only point to a house of cards after it falls is figuring out how to build it again better.
Allyni: What's this about me getting taken over by demons? O_o
Warren: Haha I done didn't say anything about demons. Who said demons?
Laparus: Warren suggested there's a hollow inside of you that something from the vault might try to take over.
Warren: COULD.
Allyni: Ooooooh.
Warren: Not might. Nothing you want to do.
Hellion: Try us.
Warren: No trust me.
Charithonia: So what is it?
Warren: Leave it alone.
Allyni: …do I have to kill a thing?
Papilio: Just let it go guys.
Warren: Yall are already a creepy cult. I'm not gonna help you become a bad creepy cult.
Charithonia: We'll leave it be. Chill.
Hesperiaris: Wee, you've done piqued my curiosity.
Antiopa: Warren, on the off chance it happens—
Stelenes: It's that bad isn't it?
Papilio: It probably involves killing people or something.
Antiopa: Okay fine, if it happens, then we'll talk about it.
Charithonia: Yeah not gonna do that DX
Warren: It's nothing I am going to have on my shoulders for having suggested it. Ok? Damn.
Wollastoni: Probably involves some philosopher's stone alchemy shit where we turn Allyni into a homunculus
Warren: ohhhhs hit. Just hope her nose don't fall off. Go all slytherin and shit.
Urbanus: Don't fucking hate on slytherin
Warren: Urbanus, I worry for you. You claim to not be a cult, you're team slytherin…
Hesperiaris: slytherins for Life.
Warren: Yall are full on brake. Naw just in general.
Antiopa: So Warren, can I ask a question?
Warren: sup might might?
Antiopa: You probably won't know the answer, but do you know what might've been killing me?
Warren: In regards to what?
Hellion: Help3r said something was killing Antiopa, and he saved her with an injection. It's something bad from what we can tell.
Warren: Sorry dude, I don't know.
Antiopa: Okay.
Warren: I don't really pretend to understand hamburgerhelper. If you were injected after the fool decided not to kill you, it was prolly just some light LSD shit so you would not recall what just happened. That would be my guess anyway. Caught you didn't thin about this shit till you saw it right? There's a difference between repressing a single moment of memory and making someone FORGET like a lot of shit. Awwww snapington.
Hesperiaris: …Why exactly did you come in tonight Warren? Just because you love us so much? :P
Warren: I done got me some gushers, Ima eat the hell out of these.
Laparus: I think he came into to talk about Allyni's light.
Warren: Yeah, I came in to talk about the "light" killing. Yall have a way of making enemies of well…bad shit. So just something to look out for.
Antiopa: Well, Warren, Caught would've died if she hadn't done it.
Warren: You, I never said she should not have done it. She made a heavy choice for someone she cares about, more people like her, less need for people lie me. World is better. everyone go home happy. Unfortunately that's not the world we live in. So, here I am.
Stelenes: But the way? Warren?
Warren: sup?
Stelenes: thank you SO much.
Warren: You're welcome like a boss 8D
Laparus: You put it best, you're going above and beyond.
Warren: Yeah well we all die sometimes.
Septentrionis: Is there are place we can give you a 5 star review?
Warren: Fuck the police.
Hellion: Don't say "yolo".
Urbanus: You do customer service better than me, and I work at a grocery store XD
Warren: HA
Hesperiaris: Warren, you seem the type to shout "YOLO~!"
Septentrionis: "5 out of 5 would summon his supernatural crap again"
Warren: You find me on hot or not gimme some extra stars we will call it even.
Allyni: Cue him trying to sell us a house.
Laparus: Hey Warren? If I get some money, I may be interested in some land in upstate New York.
Warren: AW MAN YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. Shit be SO prime.
Stelenes: Can you handle Oklahoma? XD
Warren: Naw not my towns. Sorry yall. btw yo…
Allyni: Yes?
Warren: Can someone play the sacrifice here?
Hellion: Laparus
Septentrionis: He wants to see the vid
Warren: And can the one who done did the deed hop on cam?
Wake. Up. Caught. is played in chat
Warren: Ok so that's a circle and a square?
Hellion: Triangle
Warren: Triangle I mean.
Denitza: there's your circle.
Laparus: Yup.
Warren: rye is getting to me. In the best way. Alright someone send me the other symbol like this yall have. Yall said you had something else like this. aight, so this is what I'm getting from this. This shit was on yo boys arm? Right?
Chat: Yep.
Warren: Well, whatever exactly it means, let's assume and make asses of ourselves and say the full shape is how things are meant to be or some shit. As what you did is like a freaky broken up version of it.
Allyni: Figured.
Warren: I'm guessing each shape means something and when it's together infinity shit, it lives on or some other bullshit. You were killing it. No infinity. And everything is open/separate.
Laparus: So the infinity is light?
Urbanus: So Allyni killed her light in the face?
Warren: More like let it out, so it could burn out, with no container. I dunno, makes sense.
Allyni: So I was fueling it, and without me it burned out?
Warren: Well you done seen how light can travel, if she gave it up so it would wake him up I'm guessing a part of him had to be lost in the vault.
Hellion: Yes, Help3r said that.
Warren: So by sacrificing it to wake him, so it was like a bold of electricity to bumpy helpers ritual, I know people, it likely burned itself out to push his mind back. Was halfway here, halfway there. Now yo boy is back here.
Allyni: That was the idea, yeah.
Warren: Makes sense.
Hesperiaris: It tipped the balance of forces to one side.
Warren: Aight. Show me an eye.
On camera, shows Warren her eye.
Warren: Other one. Aight. You done felt any weird itching on your scalp?
Allyni: I don't think so
Warren: Woken up to a crawling sensation on your back?
Allyni: noooo
Warren: Ever lost a fingernail for no reason?
Allyni: Like, the whole thing? Nope.
Warren: Felt any tooth pain, but in parts of your mouth that don't have teeth?
Allyni: No.
Warren: Been hearing your own voice, like you are thinking to yourself, but you aint thinking to yourself?
Allyni: No.
Warren: Have any big fears suddenly you could give a shit about, like you just aint afraid anymore?
Allyni: Not more than usual.
Warren: Felt a burning, tingling or cold chill on the tips of your ears?
Allyni: No.
Warren: Do you smoke?
Allyni: No.
Warren: aight, then that don't matter…uh. Shit there's a ton of shit for smokers specifically.
Laparus: What about shit for smokers?
Warren: Feeling the sensation of smoking without doing so, when scared or angy, shit like that. Smell it for no reason.
Hyparete: Caught had a lighter in the alley tho
Warren: Taste it for no reason, suddenly have no desire to do so…or suddenly feel like doing it more…
Papilio: Warren, can I show you a video clip of Caught when he was sleeping?
Warren: Let me finish this shit first.
Papilio: Alright.
Warren: and it's not a possession list. Possession don't happen with like symptoms
Urbanus: Well then what is it?
Warren: It's to see how close to the line you ride. Sensation does not lead to reality, likely it is manifestation to an unseen reality. Why do you think laughter makes people feel better when ill? It's all the same shit. If you were possessed, likely no one would notice, not even you. It aint like the movies yo, head all spinning and shit. Sides, not all possession is bad.
Chat: Oh?
Warren: Possession does not dictate a lack of control. Not necessarily.
Allyni: Interesting.
Warren: Depends on your outlook I guess.
Urbanus: Possession dictates ownership.
Warren: Anyway, heard music without there being music?
Allyni: No.
Warren: True Urbanusliness. Bur possession of who. The new thing is not necessarily the thing doing possessing.
Laparus: The supposed host could be the parasite.
Warren: Exactly.
Allyni: Neat. So if something things it wants to invade me, potentially I could make it my bitch?
Warren: Lately have you felt someone squeezing on your sides, when you are falling asleep?
Allyni: no.
Warren: Felt water on your body with no water.
Allyni: No.
Warren: Ever danced with he devil in the pale moonlight? Na, I'm fuckin with yah.
Allyni: Of course XD
Warren: Ok you seem good for now. Till yo go growing real fucking wings. Then I'm done.
Selene: Okay, what would it mean if someone HAD experienced any or all of that, then?
Laparus: I'm assuming it would mean something is occupying, rather than possessing.
Warren: means I would have to get my big fucking binder and lil Allyni and I would have a private discussion.
Laparus: Loxura has been hearing music when there wasn't any.
Warren: Pretty English boy?
Allyni: Yeah.
Warren: Fuck man
Antiopa: Yeah, the one you're here for.
Warren: He's chill he has the weaver with him, more or less, he don't die anyway, weaver won't let that happen.
Laparus: I'm not sure I consider "he won't die" as being "chill".
Warren: being alive is HELLA chill.
Chat: But what about Caught? Can you watch this video to see if he has symptoms?
Warren: Bros, that's a wide list, it could be any number of things. It's like I said, those things were things that MAY happen if someone is riding close to the edge. Between here, and there. So your British boy and yo other boy would have some, cause we know they are.
Papilio: It sounds enough like what Caught was going through to make some kind of connection.
Warren: but this one here don't have 'em, so good news is good. Do a dance and drink a plenty.
Allyni: Awesome.
Warren: But yeah if he has the weaver nearby, which he does, yo boy will be spiffy, more or less. Eventually you will have to take care of the thing hurting him, but yall go that in the works as I understand it.
Allyni: We haven't gotten a status report from them in a while though.
Warren: Weaver will be with him till the job is done, then it will dissipate. That's how it works.
Antiopa: Warren I have a question.
Warren: Sup?
Antiopa: How often do you guys get calls?
Warren: Never stops bro, never fucking stops.
Laparus: Do you get a file for every case, or just the ones the weaver accepts?
Warren: Yep. OH sorry, accepts.
Godotishere: Why does weaver do what he does?
Warren: I dunno why weaver does what it does? Charity tax write offs I'm sure.
Hesperiaris: Like the weaver even pays taxes.
Warren: Weaver totally pays taxes. Weaver aint not freeloading communist 8D Yall set cause I've got a buzz on and I could stick around. Actually, hold up I'll be back in like a quart. Hey, shut up twinkie face, that shit don't even make sense…the fuck am I sayin, brb.
Urbanus: Warren, u r drunk.
Warren: Im drunk but not you shut. Ok, I'll be back in 15. While I'm gone. All your questions can be answered with this here.
Allyni: I'm still curious about what I should do if I start feeling symptoms
Warren: Get nakid and jump into the nearest fountain. I'm playin, if you get symptoms tell me and I'll get my big fucking binder and we will figure it out.
Laparus: You know if you need anything or you need to talk we have your back. We owe you at this point.
Warren: haha I'm cool yo. I know people.
//Warren leaves the chat

Special thanks to Banana for compiling this chat log