Warren Visit - August 1, 2013

On August 1, 2013 "Warren" returns to the chat to reveal that Devin has been murdered by the management of the Weaver. He vows to get revenge before once again leaving the chat space.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

August 1, 2013

Warren enters the chat
Chat: Hello Warren
Warren: I can't stay here long.
Urbanus: Okay.
Warren: They killed Devin.
Chat: What? Fuck.
Warren: They fucking killed me god damned fucking brother.
Roppop: Oh my God.
Samuelis: No….
Segecia: Sorry to hear that mate.
Urbanus: I'm so so sorry, Warren.
Papilio: WHO, WHEN?
Warren: so fuck their rules.
Urbanus: ohmygod I'm so…sorry.
Antiopa: oh. that makes sense.
Mari: I knew it. I fucking knew it. As soon as Weaver didn't come.
Roppop: I am so sorry.
Warren: The weaver did come why do you think the kid is alive. Why do you think I'm alive. Ok. Hold on, sorry.
Papilio: It's okay.
Warren: alright…There are things they would not let me say…fuck them.
Papilio: We thought someone on our side came to help Loxura. Go ahead Warren.
Warren: The person connected to the weaver is connected to me.
Apollo: Holy crap, Warren *hugs* I'm so sorry.
Warren: What happens to him. Happens to me.
Urbanus: Oh shit.
Warren: If weaver was totally gone we would be dead. But this thing should not have been able to do ANYTHING. I don't understand how it did…there are some things about me…my life I have not shared…times when people connected to the weaver were hurt. In the past anyway. Just trust me…if it could have killed him…we would both be. What the fuck, that fucking place. I just…
Urbanus: yeah.
Warren: Ok. No. Alright so who is with him now?
Warren: She has to stay nearby.
Urbanus: They're very close. She will.
Warren: Don't let her leave.
Mari: She hasn't left him since.
Warren: She just has to stay nearby him.
Urbanus: We'll let her know.
Warren: Not if this thing can slip by. That…that place I…fucking god damned fucking vault.
Urbanus: Yeah.
Warren: ok
Papilio: Warren, is there anything we can do for you?
Warren: um
Urbanus: yeah that anything.
Apollo: Are you alone right now? 'cause-
Warren: it doesn't matter for me. It matters for him.
Urbanus: | You matter too bro.
Warren: Just make sure she stays nearby. JUST DO IT. Please.
Urbanus: okay.
Warren: and yall watching, fuck you.
Samuelis: Exactly, we care for you too, Warren.
Warren: I am coming for you.
Urbanus: Cheers to that man.
Warren: And I am going to fuck your shit.
Warren leaves the chat

//Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log. ||