Warren Visit - December 1, 2013

On December 1, 2013 "Warren" entered the chat to update the players on the status of Laparus and the_unknown. Laparus is recovering from his confrontation with the Mar's Brothers and the_unknown has decided to remain with Warren for the time being in order to unite their forces.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

December 1, 2013

Warren enters the chat
Chat: Hey Warren
Warren: How is your buddy Hyparete? I read about what happened.
Jannelle: Last update on Hyparete he was icu
Warren: Geez man, yall go all out…good to see you guys too.
Loxura: So all that…was straight from Laparus' mind?
Warren: You mean the Weaver's Eye?
Loxura: Yeah.
Warren: Yuppers.
Baptisiae: Laparus is probably going to be really happy when he sees that video then.
Samuelis: I hope that's sarcasm.
Warren: he's not happy about it at all. He and Caccee are with me here, we are all kinda lulling out. As far as Weaver's eye goes, there is a reason we call it the Weaver. More like it is woven, into, and through everything. Hell I don't even really know what the weaver is, as in how ti started. but I know how it works more or less. there are a lot more things than the weaver in our minds, or potentially. Weaver happens to be a good one, of those things. So, I'll take it. I don't know. All I'm saying is our minds, in general, are not as private as yall might think. Haha, I might be a bit jaded to that fact.
Janelle: Is Laparus gonna be coming home soon?
Warren: I don't know his exact plans, he is in the other room resting now.
Chat: Give him hugs from us!
Samuelis: Question, does that put the anchors at any risk if others decide they want to utilize the Weaver, assuming that a certain someone did get away?
Warren: Others utilizing the weaver? And who got away how? o_O
Samuelis: I'm taling about the potential of a survivor of weaver co…other than Warren.
Warren: Ohhhhhh hah fat chance.
Samuelis: Okie Dokie
Warren: The only way that could happen is A: I die. B: Tehy find another person the weaver connects to c: they convince that person to help them…it's unlikely. They would need new anchors if I died anyway. Yall are connected through me. Soooo, if I die your connection dies with me.
Wollastoni: If you go and die I'll kill you.
Warren: Well, I can't have that!
Loxura: So…now that we have the tech…What now?
Warren: Well, I know for now, Laparus said he needed a break, rightfully so. Caccee apparently is going to hang out with me, and since we have the weaver's eye running…well, it's back to business, find people who need help and help them.
Chat: We'll help any way we can.
Warren: After dealing with those kids last night… I think she, I dunno she seemed determined. Shes an interesting lady…oh I am sure we will need help haha. So yeah, at the moment she is in the bathroom… has been for hours…blasting music… I think she is taking a bath.
Antiopa: Hows Laparus?
Warren: He seems more or less ok.
Samuelis: You might wanna check on Caccee, she tends not to stay in one place.
Warren: We talked about that for a long time…actually, her not wanting to be in one place, but I think finding the children hit her at home and being able to help em, and what not.
guest_24601: Children?
Warren: yeah the…ohhh fuckballs ok yeah. So. After they dealt with the jerk balls aparently they heard noises coming from some stairwell that lead to like a sub basement or something, and they found a room, lined with cages, some of the cages, well had kids in them, ranging from age 9 to 14 girls. alive.
Chat: what?
Warren: So, they took em and last night I got the kids turned over to the cops. I knew caccee didnt like being cooped up … and after talking with her…shes real paranoid but she seemed set on staying… soooo…I guess we are partners now.
Wollastoni: Warcee otp
Croesus: Like batman and robin…or the wonder twins.
Baptisiae: More like Oracle and Batgirl.
Warren: haaaaa. Well I am just sexy enough to be oracle yes. Between Laparus opening all the windows cause its "hot as balls" in here and her eating all my damned ice cream…
Wollastoni: Apparently you need an AC.
Heliconioides: not surprised. chewie is an ice giant.
Warren: That guy has a volcano in his pants or something. Samuelis said he heard things…as an anchor? Is that right?
Samuelis: Yes.
Warren: Please prepare a detailed log of that, and put that up for my records.
Samuelis: Have a link, hold on a sec.
Warren: Some of that may be linked to who the weaver is looking at next…I dunno. It may have just been a fuck up on my part…
Samuelis links Hearing Things 11-29-13 in chat.
Samuelis: There you go, good sir.
Guest_24601: The Eye still needs some fine tuning I take it.
Warren: Yeah, this thing is being held together with duct tape and little boy dreams xP thanks.
Guest_24601: How are you compensating for cerebral feedback?
Warren: There is a mechanism that taps into the natural electrical presence in the nervous system, that grounds the system into the persons (my) body, not my brain, thus, no (more like less ) feedback.
Guest_24601: Ah, so you went for the neural link instead
Warren: Yeah the old boys used to do it with.
Croesus: Guest_24601 is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. No doubt wearing some sort of sweater vest. Because he's old ;p
Warren: Haha seems to be the case, you know what Guest_24601, I will put together a theoretical design and send it. I cant (won't) send the actual designs, but it'll let you know essentially how it works.
Guest_24601: I'd be happy to take a look at some theoretical schematics and maybe suggest theoretical improvements.
Warren: Sure, hell man if you know what you are talking about I can use all the help I can get. This is not really my department.
Guest_24601: I'm no expert myself, but I know my way around the workshop well enough. I'd appreciate a chance to help people.
Warren: Sounds good there buddy, im starting to like you. Speaking of liking people I have to say that all of you, for, hell I dunno just being who you have been, we have a chance again, to help some people, and fix some shit out there.
Chat: *general celebratory comments*
Warren: and she is yelling at me from the bathroom as if I can hear her…brb
Chat: haha, okay.
Apollo: P.S. I think Hyparete has his phone again. I just got a text that says "ow”
Heliconioides: i'm gonna take that as a good sign!!!
Loxura: Which also means he's conscious. Awesome
Chat: woohoo!
Warren: Ooookaaay Ive got to take off guys. Apparently there is a mighty need for hot wings and seeing Catching Fire…
Chat: have fun! stay safe!
Warren: You all as well. And again, great work. Thank you.
Antiopa: Make sure Laparus is ok.
Warren: I'll be sure he stays nice and "cool" Antiopa, don't worry. Even if he fries me out to do. l8ah!
Chat: Bye!
Warren leaves the chat

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