Warren Visit - January 10, 2014

On January 10, 2014 "Warren" entered the chat

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January 10, 2014

Warren enters the chat
Warren: Sup pop tarts
Warren: That's my man *bump*
Denitza: Hope you like brown sugar cinnamon 'cause that's all I got.
Warren: :D I'll take em!
Chat: Hey Warren!!
Guest_24601: Ah, Warren, it is good to see you.
Warren: Good to see y'all too
Papilio: How are you? What's been going on?
Hyparete: Take it you got the mass message?
Warren: You know setting up shop, pulled some strings, got a proper setup forming here
Urbanus: Hey man!
Warren: More secure, or getting there
Guest_24601: That is very good to hear. The job needs somebody working on it.
Samuelis: So, we have an idea we wanted to present to you.
Warren: Well, I'm still in the setup stage over here, which is a pain in the ass cause shit ain't getting any more quiet out there.
Guest_24601: That's what I hear.
Warren: But I could not really get to work if I have to keep hobbling away from stuff.
Samuelis: Would it be possible to use the Weaver's Eye to find out what happened to Natalie? Sorry to cut straight to the point.
Warren: Well that's the thing, Weaver doesn't exactly answer to me…or anyone. It just kinda sees what it chooses.
Urbanus: Figured as much.
Warren: We were able to track your boy cause it chose him. That being said, maaaaaybe.
Samuelis: So, it would need to choose her? Darn.
Allyni: So in other words, someone would have to call it?
Guest_24601: Might it be possible to tempt it into watching her?
Urbanus: I'd feel weird doing that, idk.
Warren: naw, not really calling it. We may be able to sway it o_O I dunno man this is uncharted territory for me…
Urbanus: Do you think it's worth trying?
Samuelis: Hmm, how would one sway it? LOL I mean your best guess?
Guest_24601: I'm sure you're not the only one unfamiliar with the etiquette of persuading disembodied entities.
Warren: Best thing I can put out there is get the anchors to do the same thing that made them anchors, but put something in the center of the eye that has some significance to her, and the individual…and… maybe?
Hyparete: Significance to Natalie?
Warren: I don't know what that will do though, I'm putting that out there right now
Urbanus: Quick everyone buy a bat.
Papilio: Like…..maybe the words to that song.
Tarquinius: More Supernatural Science!
Guest_24601: Perhaps the pocket watches many of you carry
Warren: Significance to the person doing it, about Natalie. Something that forges some kind of connection.
Guest_24601: She did use one to save her life if memory serves.
Urbanus: Pocket watch then. That's really all we got.
Warren: It's all about forging the connection, it could be a can of pop really, as long as it means something to the person asking.
Samuelis: Well, in an aspect yes, but like Guest_24601 said, Natalie also used the pocket watch as a tool.
Guest_24601: Natalie used it to kill the bag-head Scott in A Hole in the Ground
Warren: In relation to the target.
Guest_24601: So items that the anchors would personally associate with Natalie?
Samuelis: I guess it doesn't hurt to try regardless… Seems to be a recurring theme.
Warren: I would not recommend using any dead plants…there may be wiggle room, to a point but… dead branches I don't think would be a good idea…
Urbanus: Maybe try someplace with a greenhouse Samuelis?
Allyni: Any pines or evergreens?
Warren: That could work.
Samuelis: Oh yeah I meant evergreen branches in the first place. Only things still alive in our yard.
Chat: What? We thought she was with you?
Guest_24601: We have not, has she been missing?
Warren: Naw, not missing shes just been investigating a missing person and has not checked in. I wouldn't worry just yet, I was just checkin'. She's not exactly the check in type, I have found. Last op she went on she didn't bother calling at all then just showed back up when it was settled.
Urbanus: She doesn't let anyone else check in either *grumbles*
Warren: It's a bit different from working with Devin, that's for sure haha.
Denitza: A missing person, though - hopefully not one of our effigies?
Selene: Would you be able to tell us who she's investigating?
Guest_24601: I have worked with people like that, it can be frustrating.
Warren: Whatevs tho, girl's got mad squabbles. She's looking for a missing pair of boys, that's all I know. The eye isn't exactly all that informative most of the time
Urbanus: Hey, I gotta ask…
Warren: ?
Urbanus: Any showtime news?
Warren: There was something showtime related but I have not been able to dig up much on it, another killing I think, but your government's being real hush about it, like they are making a point of it. Prolly trying to deny the fame shit these people get all wiggly over.
Urbanus: Shit. If you get the chance, can you look more into it?
Allyni: "Government" as in not cops O___O
Denitza: Do they consider showtime a threat to national security or something?
Warren: I can tell you it was not in Seattle, it was on the east coast.
Apollo: Well, once these things go inter-state, doesn't the FBI take over anyways?
Warren: Which is weird.
Urbanus: Which part east coast, do you know?
Warren: Boston/Conneticut area
Denitza: FUCK
Glaucopsyche: do we have any idea *when* that happened?
Warren: A few months back.
Apollo: Do you know what gender the victim was?
Warren: The body/bodies were found then anyway. I don't know what the count is or hell even when exactly.
Selene: That's my fucking hometown area, fucking hell.
Urbanus: Has there ever been more than one at a time?
Warren: I'm basically running off rumor here.
Denitza: Well, rumors are at least partially rooted or truth, or something like that.
Septentrionis: IF the government is having to keep it hush hush, then it's probably a lot…
Warren: Well if you want some good news…since y'all got the eye working, Caccee has been able to return a little girl to her grandparents, saved a dude from his… kinda broken wife.
Chat: Yay.
Hyparete: Unknown went to college in Boston…
Warren: And pulled a few people out of a lair… somewhere in Dakota o_O …so yeah, basically, we are making moves and that's thanks to y'all.
Urbanus: She must be happy, helping people again ^_^
Guest_24601: I am glad she's got meaningful work to do. She seemed despondent and directionless.
Hellion: Huzzah for that.
Guest_24601: If only we all could say the same.
Papilio: Thanks to Warren and all the anchors.
Warren: Yeah, she wasn't too happy when that specific bit of info crossed our path. Aside from y'all calling I had another reason for coming by…
Guest_24601: To suddenly switch coast like that is suspicious by itself…
Warren: We are making moves, but its tiny shit, for what we have helped we have lost more. Thing is I don't think we can do this on our own, least not for the long term. When this place is really up and running, I think we are gonna need help.
Selene: What kind of help?
Warren: Just following leads, figuring shit out, so we aren't you know, too late when shit goes down.
Papilio: So do you need us to do leg work when you get a lead or something?
Guest_24601: I will provide any and all assistance I can.
Warren: I'm real iffy about asking so I'm not gonna. So I just floated it out there. FLOAT.
Antiopa: Did you really think we would say no?
Warren: Haha, well, Antiopa, y'all maybe should say no. My last group well, you know what happened to them.
Guest_24601: It's dangerous work.
Warren: So yeah, That's why I can't really bring myself to ask. If you're in, you gottah be in for your own reasons with your own purpose. Not cause I asked, feel meh?
Hellion: Could some of us deliver answers to you later on?
Warren: And Allyni, you creepy crawler, if you ever want to step up to it, I think your particular… past would benefit you for some specialized work, once I can make the contacts and get you training. But seriously… think about it first.
Allyni: O,O Orly
Guest_24601: I will confess that for the past few months I have been feeling somewhat lacking in purpose.
Warren: I don't need any answers at all. If you're in, you are in when you want to be, out when you don't.
Guest_24601: Something like this may be just what I need.
Allyni: Nah, I mean, I DO have to think about it.
Warren: Yeah, you do. I dunno man. I've been kinda staying away from y'all.
Allyni: If I can be useful then useful is good.
Warren: I'm pretty scared of, you know, history repeating. I had this talk with caccee too.
Papilio: I can totally understand that Warren. I have the same fears myself.
Warren: She threw a juice box at my head. Y'all stubborn people.
Guest_24601: What happened with your old group was a lesson hard learned for many, Warren.
Erin: What flavor?
Warren: Fruit PUNCH
Chat: did you really?
Warren: :D If that lesson was learned man, I would be out. Yet, here I am.
Guest_24601: Are you sure that's what it would have taught you? To quit?
Allyni: There are consequences either way. I think it's just a matter of what's worse and what you can abide by.
Warren: Haha, apparently, yeah.
Hellion: Part of me would love to be a helper to those in need. …unintended pun.
Warren: Speaking of helpsy mc brickYoface…that sucka has fallen off the map.
Septentrionis: Not surprising. He kind of told us he was going to.
Warren: No, I mean…we had all those files on him cause they were watching him…all the safe houses, known locals…that shit's gone.
Maraho: They are all gone?
Warren: Torched. He is just, gone.
Papilio: Yeah we all assume that Help3r will take good care of Caught. We have nothing to say that is going to happen. So Help3r is off the radar entirely huh warren?
Warren: As far as I can tell. Though that one was not easy for my brothers to track before and that ain't really my gig. I.E. Warren is over his head. hah. In pretty much every damn way. Another thing, Y'all want to use the eye to find Natalie, I know our tall friend has been seen following her, now here's the thing…If that thing has some kind of claim on her, Caught, or hell anyone, I don't know how the eye or the Weaver itself will deal with that. Now, I'm willing to take that risk…but Y'all need to know it is in fact, a risk.
Chat: Okay.
Warren: And ima say right now I have not a damn clue what will happen.
Eresimus: Even old fashioned detective work…
Warren: Could try, but I'm not exactly a detective and if shes been out there for what? months?
Allyni: Yup.
Warren: I dunno I wont make this call guys. If y'all go for it, I'm on your team.
Urbanus: Thanks man.
Warren: If not, I could put caccee on it when ever she shows back up…but I doubt she will take it over another missing kid if that's in play.
Urbanus: Which is fair.
Warren: The eye has been all about the missing kids lately…if I can be candid, I think it's cause of her.
Papilio: Because of who?
Warren: Caccee.
Guest_24601: You believe Caccee's emotions are influencing the Weaver's choices?
Warren: When it was Devin, the eye had a habit of finding war-type criminals. I never thought too much about it but now she's out there, and there is this pattern…
Papilio: Wow….so this thing can be influenced.
Warren: Doesn't seem coincidental.
Papilio: Not to be inconsiderate, but it makes sense that the previous "new management" wanted him out of the picture.
Hellion: Maybe not as non-sentient as it seems.
Warren: ?
Guest_24601: I have to say I'm not used to devices of this sort having a component like the Weaver.
Warren: The Weaver is a shifty…thing. I've had it with me, in a way, my whole life. I still don't really GET it.
Urbanus: That a technical term? "thing"?
Warren: Well, we don't know what the hell the weaver is…even our oldest files don't have info on finding the weaver. As far as we (my family) has been doing this, Weaver's been there. And yes, it is like I am one sexy THANG, Technical.
Hellion: Maybe it's watching out for you AND yours?
Warren: Maybe I dunno.
Hellion: Maybe in a "family is family" thing.
Warren: It may just give us what the people hunting want to see.
Guest_24601: I imagine it might be because Caccee is the one actually carrying out the operations. If I were to make a guess I would say it chooses the operations that the Operative would be most invested in to guarantee their commitment.
Warren: Likely.
Papilio: So….if the operative wanted to go after someone/thing that wasn't necessarily bad…
Warren: Also there is the simple fact that I'm the only one now. There used to be more people with my job.
Papilio: …could the weaver be tricked into helping that operative do bad stuffs?
Warren: And we all had people to work with, so there wasn't much to think about then. Different groups got different kinds of jobs. I never really thought it was actively taking us into account.
Guest_24601: And now there is only two of you, you have to be more aware of everything.
Allyni: Almost sounds like a good boss.
Warren: Weaver doesn't answer to us, it answers the calls for help. So if the good thing was hurting someone? o_O possibly. Grey area. Y'all are a rarity.

redpaintfactory: if it doesn't answer to you lot, how'd it know to pick somone to kill the mars


warren: yall called weaver

warren: typically it doesnt go down like tha

redpaintfactory: sorry if that's been answered before
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redpaintfactory: i mean

redpaintfactory: I *know* it doesn't answer to anyone

nattikarlo: Whaaaaat if the help is personal or from something self distructive?

guest_24601: Devin mentioned something about one of his functions being preventing misuse

of the Weaver

warren: well haha you can take your boy as an example

warren: the self destruction would have to be SEVERE

warren: to really grant attention I would think

warren: and with self distruction there is typically some degree of choice

warren: so, grey are

warren: I dunno man

nattikarlo: makes sense

warren: well there is this too

warren: the eye shows us people who need help the weaver itself is still latched to your boy

warren: so even if weaver did say "hey yall these girl scouts need to die!

warren: we still would have to choose to do it

nattikarlo: Aaaah so

nattikarlo: And then the girl scouts accidentally spread a plague!!!! O__o

sage: or infection

guest_24601: Or intentionally

warren: damn girl scouts

warren: I love them thin mints

sage: hey warren?

warren: ?

sage: not to add more to your plate

warren: add it all man

sage: but a few months ago we got a visit from somebody we think was my showtime analogue

warren: got a name?

sage: "steve b"

sage: he got sent a youtube video id made to him

warren: wait roll back son

sage: and the only thing we got was r reapeating string of characters

warren: you knew him, and he was a showtime surrogate or whatever?

sage: we have no clue

crusay: This is what happened. We found out that showtime was killing effigies of us

warren: how did you send him a message if you didnt know him?

crusay: Sage made a video to his would be effigie

crusay: Then suddenly this guy comes in and says who are you people

denitza: he thought it was a prank

crusay: He got an email with a link to this chatroom

banana: sage made the video and basically shouted into the void. and the void echoed back in

the right direction

crusay: ^
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warren: oh,

warren: ok

sage: i kinda made a theoretical video expaining the reasons he prolly got killed

redpaintfactory: when he got in, he said he thought maybe he was being watched

redpaintfactory: kept seeing van around

warren: send all the info you have on this guy to the weavers eye channel, I will nab it and add

warren: the guy to the list

sage: J*ehzkkKkwudhw;;lsks"'skjh~

warren: sage thats Mitchel jargin

warren: who sent that to you?

sage: that was in the email he got

denitza: what kind of jargon? o_o

crowmaiden: 'Mitchel'

warren: Mitchel Jargon, named after Ryan Mitchell DST

redpaintfactory: do you know what it means then?

warren: its a code when fed into the right program will produce coordinants

warren: so, I can

sage: …oh

chat: yee

warren: Ill get back to you on that I will have to make some call

warren: but yeah I recognise the first bit they always start that way-ish

starling: Thank you very much, Warren.

warren: be sure to send that in the package sage

starling: How have you been holding up, Warren?

guest_24601: With a cane?

redpaintfactory1: V PLS

warren: ZING

redpaintfactory1: GOD DAMNIT

warren: give that man a prize

redpaintfactory1: NO

sage: dont dis the cane

redpaintfactory1: DON'T ENCOURAGE THAT SHIT

warren: naw, im allright

warren: im pretty used to devin so caccee working with her is well

guest_24601: I'm not far from needing one myself.

warren: haha its new

erin: I'm holding up just the same, Warren

warren: * cane five *

warren: CANE TEN

erin: *double cane five*

redpaintfactory1: i'm glad chewie doesn't pull jokes like that anymore uhg

warren: :3

warren: aight yall Ima get out of here and fix some of these cameras
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warren: everythings gottah be second hand poor as shit man I miss funding

chat: stay safe and bye

warren: yall stay frosty

warren: L8!!

warren left the room.
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