Warren Visit - June 12, 2013

On June 12th, 2013 "Warren" entered the chat to discuss the event surrounding fellow butterfly Allyni and her connection to the recent appearance of Mirrors. After having suffered physical attacks and blindness, Warren hinted that Mirrors may be reflecting the Butterflies actions against Mirrors onto Allyni, who's absence of light ahs been replaced by the Mirror's presence.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

June 12, 2013

Warren enters the chat
Chat: Hey Warren
Warren: Stop your bickering kiddies or so help me. I will turn this internet around.
Samuelis: :P Warren you're not my dad
Warren: Ownership? BAH im just say, ill get ball of yarn. WATCH YALL PLAY WITH IT, I KNOW YOU WILL.
Warren: Hey Almost-Orange, im focused. I have a table full or pappers full of focus. chillax, this is gonna take a while anyway.
Urbanus: let's do it.
Antiopa: Ok.
Warren: well first of all WAIT
Urbanus: moot point, I haven't relaxed singe I called her last night
Loxura: Hey Warren!
Warren: Oh snap am I hearing the pretty boy? Weaver boy?
Urbanus: Yes.
Warren: hey there weaver boy
Inachis: Good to meet ya, Warren. I've not met you before <3
Warren: Yeah yeah nice to meet everyone we are all bestfriendsnow. SO. The guy who put up a video, calling for help, called me, and Deven. How? When? I'm asking when and how you kno my bro.
Hellion: He came in. He came to talk to us about him, and you.
Warren: Haha. THAT must have been a BARREL of fun.
Laparus: We actually got along quite well.
Hellion: He was actually very angry when he came in.
Warren: That sounds like him. I tend to all him kirt. Captian kirt.
Septentrionis: Kirk*, lovely.
Warren: ok anyway, Dev would be the guy to talk to, i matter, not really my area. but as he on assignment in Saratov I am gonna have to do.
Loxura: Out of curiosity, what did you tell Allyni's parents?
Antiopa: What did you tell Allyni?
Urbanus: kjdjgdfljngldfsjhhd
Warren: yall are gonna have to go one at a time here
Hesperiaris: I hope he dressed warmly.
Warren: this spacebar blows
Denitza: Russia must be lovely this time of year.
Warren: and I told them the truth.
Septentrionis: Good to know.
Urbanus: Her dad was confused as hell last I heard.
Warren: took a bit of convincin, but they eventually let it sink in.
Hesperiaris: They probably deserved to know, since their daughter was kinda blinded by all of this.
Warren: or they think we are crazy.
Antiopa: But back to the task at hand?
Papilio: the fact that they took it so…well. Is pleasantly surprising.
Warren: Either way, if she is commited I have people I can call to fix that.
Papilio: awesome, thank you Warren
Warren: And with the state of things, they need to know. So yeah, I may not be captain kirt, but I think I can get my head around this.
Urbanus: but any help is great.
Antiopa: We need to help her as long as you can try
Hesperiaris: Well, you're marginally intelligent, I'm sure you could figure this out given time =P
Warren: oui, so where the hell to start.
Urbanus: the beginning?
Warren: I talked to her about her symptoms, thing is, they speak to a lot of things…
Hellion: Well, she's been showing symptoms of the stuff you told us about.
Warren: yall think this is mirrors? Yes?
Denitza: Could be.
Maritime: we presumed so.
9802: Hopefully not.
Antiopa: It's the only think we know of for now.
Warren: ok I got a yes, a maybe and a not sure.
Septentrionis: But there are other possibilities as well.
Warren: ok well, I started my study based on the ing is
Hypsina: Or it could be something Mirrors sent.
Warren: so for now, lets assume it is
Hesperiaries: it's too big of a coincidence.
Warren: that way we can make a good ol ass of u and me
Denitza: Already there friend.
Hypsina: You should be pun-ished.
Warren: ZING. Anyway. I looked over your logs with this thing in the past and btw yall keep some of th best records Ive seen in a cult. Assuming this is your mirrors, first and foremost, it is very VERY good at what it does. Allow me to elaborate. Typically a possession (of any kind) is subtle, to say the least. At least for a long time. This bitch here, has the extremes of such a thing going on.
Hypsina: Like a demonic possession? O_o
Denitza: I'm not sure I like the implications of that.
Warren: In the first night…No demonic possession is a whole other thing, possession is a loose term.
Hypsina: Ah, my apologies. Continue.
Warren: As far as it's plans, I will get to what I think they may be…wow this PC sucks balls. Huge basket of balls…ok, so here is the thing. The scratches, on her arms and back, the lacerations on her gums, this is injusry that has been occuring while she sleeps.
Hypsina: But that doesn't explain why she can't see…is it doing damage to her retinas too?
Dido: Give him a min Hypsina
Warren: She has dreams, and then those dreams are reflected physically. But the BLINDNESS 1) happened in the middle of the day 2) was not preceeded by any dreams.
Urbanus: Yeah and she was awake.
Loxura: do you think the possession is waht triggered the other thing?
Warren: There is no evidence of that
Loxura: Part of having light means being seen so maybe that's related to her blindness.
Urbanus: There's a theory, that it's becuase doyht doesn't have eyes. Yes/No/Maybe?
Hesperiaris: If I was the lack of light, then she would have gone blind before now.
Warren: no, again possession is a loose term. Also if it was emulating mirrors sight, she would have cuts or puffyness around the eyes. At the moment, honestly, the blindness has me baffled.
Papilio: At least she's not possessed?
Loxura: …yet.
Warren: then there would be physical effects. Cornea damage, or pupil constriction.
Hesperiaris: Well, spontaneous blindness is not a new thing.
Warren: She has none of that. Is there anything you guys might have done to cause this?
Urbanus: No. Maybe?
9802: Didn't have too?
Hellion: I have an idea.
Warren: What were you thinking Hellion?
Papilio: | It doesn't physically see us. But it says it can see us.
Laparus: I think it's not so much typing, as thinking the words, and then they're there.
Hellion: If there was anything done to mirrors to make it blind it may be reflecting that onto Allyni if Mirrors is trying to possess her.
Warren: Give me a moment.
Warren leaves the room.
Loxura: Did we do anything to actually blind it?
Laparus: I did but I didn't make it public.
Warren re-enters the chat
Warren: Well fuckall.
Denitza: That doesn't sound promising.
Warren links videos of rituals made to 'blind' Mirrors, made by Thyodamas and Heliconioides
Warren: Bros, I think it may have been you.
Thyodamas: But I said I did mine AFTER she went blind.
Warren: Well if you did it after then it was likely just the first.
Segecia: Heliconioides did before.
Warren: I don't care about pointing fingers.
Thyodamas: Although I wouldn't doubt I made it 3784237894235 worse 3:
Warren: chill, point is, I think that's what did it.
Papilio: Guys, we have another problem. If this is Mirrors, we can't directly do anything to Mirrors without affecting Allyni.
Septentrionis: How do we fix it then?
Warren: Well you only have so much "light" attached to it. So it SHOULD wear off.
Antiopa: How long?
Thyodamas: Can if be sped up at all? The wearing down part.
Warren: I dunno.
Kurthnaga: So are you saying these videos we did after the blinding so to speak have lengthened it?
Warren: I am not saying it lengthened it, I think when you are blind you are blind. Yeah but if this fuck has a hold of her, it prolly took it as "(butterfly name) You cannot see, Allanie" (or however that is spelled). There is a bigger problem, and here is where I get serious. I told her family what is going on, because, this is very bad.
Hellion: I think we understand.
Warren: I don't think you do bucko. If this thing is in her, and can do the kind of punishment it is doing as fast it can, it shows an EXTREME concentration. What I mean is…
Urbanus: Is she gonna die? ksfjgklfjsgklfkgklfg
Warren: If this thing wanted to kill her, she would be dead. Just as easily as it scratched her it could choose to break her neck. So that means a plus, it does not at this time want her dead. And I doubt it simply wants to harm her for fun.
Papilio: Hey, Warren? I had this theory earlier that Mirrors uses people as bait. Do you think Mirrors is going to hurt her to try and get us to do something?
Warren: You are dealing with a hurt dog, More so a dog you hurt.
Hesperiaris: It's bleeding and in pain and it's angry as fuck.
Urbanus: This is a revenge thing, ain't it?
Warren: I read these logs, and the way it came in, the way it left…so rash torture is not…"Logical", yeah, but see, I don't think thin are you are going to be given a "deal". It is a strategist. It is showing you, what it can do. If you are given a chance to get her free, I would take it.
Urbanus: But
Warren: But?
Urbanus: It may want someone's light again, more than one.
Warren: Possibly.
Kurthnaga: and it's holding Allyni hostage to get that?
Urbanus: We barely stopped it last time. Roivas almost died.
Antiopa: I say do it.
Warren: Either way, likely you will be choosing between whatever it wants, and this girls life.
Thyodamas: Or it wants Thyodamas' Light back for a start. It did take interest in the Dark Place.
Urbanus: Don't get me wrong, I love Allyni…
Warren: Plain and simple.
Antiopa: I'll do it if it comes down to it, I'm not letting Allyni suffer.
Laparus: Do you think there's any way that we could remove it from her without it hurting her?
Warren: Would you throw a rock at someone with a gun to a friend's head? Same thing.
Loxura: It's not going to let us pick. It's going to choose one of a long a list of people it wants.
Warren: See I don't think so…
Eresimus: Is there anyway to help the situation, Warren? Anything. I will do whatever it takes to see my friends to safety.
Warren: This pattern is so different from these other logs. I don't get the feeling it wants the same thing it once did, and Eresimus, bro…
Eresimus: Yeah?
Warren: You may want to start by asking it to talk, with the way it left, it had something to say, clearly.
Eresimus: -nod- I had that idea in Skype earlier, but wanted to talk to you first.
Warren: But then, it didn't, instead choosing to pick a weak point and squeeze. POINT is, you may be able to stop her pain at least by letting the thing know you wish to speak, as far as "shooting it", I don't know if that is a road I would go down…
Papilio: What if I told you guys I kinda already started that…
Warren: 'cause frankly it is infantile and vengeful. If you miss, then I bet money she is dead. Here is the thing guys, and please listen real good here, you have had no casualties. None. At all. That is good. But, you have not been in a situation like this, if it threatens to kill this girl, please damn take it seriously.
Thyodamas links a video
Thyodamas: There that will fix it.
Warren: Don't take this to the bank guys, haha.
Antiopa: …*sigh*
Warren: But I don't think it wants you. If it did, it would not have taken such a drastic action as an opening move. Your light is not going anywhere, these are the actions of someone racing with a clock. Whatever they want, it feels time sensitive, desperate.
Loxura: Maybe it's dying?
Warren: Well, if you let the clock finish, I'm guessing Allyni is going to die. Something as vindictive as this thing would not lose alone.
Laparus: Warren? I really, really hope you're not suggesting that we save Mirrors' life.
Warren: Sup beardy? I doubt it is dying. If it has the concentration and will to do what it is doing, it is healthy. Doods. Don't offer it anything until it asks.
Eresimus: Papilio and Thyodamas have offered to talk so…that's started…
Warren: Again, something that can do this to a human being…ok it's like this.
Thyodamas: We need to fix it fast.
Samuelis: Okay. Made a vid asking it to let us know what it wants.
Warren: This kind of possession as it were is just as dangerous for it as it is to her.
Hesperiaris: It's bound itself to her.
Warren: It could easily get lost in her thoughts and they would both die.
Urbanus: Allyni, think happy thoughts.
Hesperiaris: As the blinding of it blinded her…
Warren: That in mind, I don't think it wants your light, if that was it, why take such a chance?
Thyodamas: Well, then, what the flying fuck does it want?
Hypsina: Lost in thoughts…what if it got lost in a slew of memories?
Eresimus: Perhaps SFL is a piece of itself? I've mentioned that idea in passing but…
Antimachus: Does it…want SFL.
Warren: Well like I said if mirrors get tangled in her thoughts, memories, whatever, the body would cease to function. They both die.
Hypsina: So this is an act of desperation.
9802: So it has to be big.
Warren: No. Don't get me wrong.
Hesperiaris: It's hurt and desperate and unpredictable because of it.
Warren: What I meant by that is you hurt it before, it is showing you its not to be fucked with. I doubt it, or it would not be able to keep up this action.
Antiopa: You will remember this pain.
Hesperiaris: It remembers the pain.
Urbanus: Roivas ilu but gdi
Warren: well this roivas according to your logs is a bit of an extremist.
Urbanus: She's just as prone to emotions as we are.
Satyrus: It's either all or nothing with rovias. Usually all.
Warren: In any case the big thing I need you to understand, if it threatens to kill your friend do NOT take that lightly, or you will DEFINITELY hurt your friend. I promise you. And trust me. I know You do not want that. I have seen enough people get pig headed and ballsy and die. Not this time. So please. Don't.
Antiopa: Don't worry. I won't let someone in this family die as long as I'm still here.
Septentrionis: We'll do our best. But among this group, who knows what will happen.
Warren: In the meantime, someone would prolly ask for a damn meeting. That is a good place to start.
Samuelis: Did so.
Satyrus: Papilio asked for a meeting.
Warren: well there you go.
Samuelis: If it is desperate it won't waste time.
Warren: If any of you REALLY feel the need to attack it, heh…
Denitza: I already feel the need.
Warren: Just be damn sure you understand the possible consequence.
Satyrus: And no sacrificing, please guys.
Warren: I have talked to your friend already.
Samuelis: Attacking should be left off the table until we can know what this thing wants.
Hypsina: An attack would be really stupid, if there is a hostage situation on our hands. It's like we need a proper hostage negotiator.
Warren: there are times to fight. There are times to survive. You are in no tactical place to fight.
Samuelis: Yep, sounds like surviving time.
Warren: I am the sense of common sense foo.
Hesperiaris: We're always in survival mode.
Satyrus: If an enemy expects you to fight, don't be there for that battle.
Urbanus: Also, Allyni's not texted back, I am worry.
Samuelis: She might be sleeping?
Warren: And just be to clear. The way it is in her, it could break her body literally apart as easily as we could break spaghetti.
Urbanus: obv Warren wants me to cry dfkljgkdfljh
Hypsina: Or it could have time to fucking recharge.
Warren: Crying she aint dad sucka, dead, wow this computer blows.
Laparus: I'm kinda glad she's not a dad sucker, that'd be creepy.
Warren: SHUT UP YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU but if it killed her, likely it would get hurt. But it would recover. Unless it is REALLY dumb.
Laparus: When it does leave her body, I imagine it'll leave a mark on her?
Warren: A mark how?
Laparus: Well, psychologically. Maybe in other respects as well.
Warren: Well likely. But let's just get there first.
Hellion: So Warren, I had a theory before about how she was blind and how she doesn't like silence.
Hellion: Earlier today I know that the blindness may be affecting the way Allyni things. I was thinking of sending her audio tracks. Do you think that would be a problem?
Warren: I don't see how that would be a problem.
Urbanus: Do you really want to be in here with that thing?
Warren: I've been around worse.
Laparus: If you die Warren, I'll murder you.
Warren: You and captain kirk. Yall really should not worry about me.
Urbanus: Too late.
Septentrionis: Warren, we love you to death.
Warren: I get the feeling I have survived more than you have seen. Just saying yo.
Chat: Too bad, we're stuck caring about you now!
Laparus: If you stop caring about us, we'll stop caring about you.
Antiopa: i will kill u
Warren: yeah
Antiopa: no one shaves the beard.
Warren: It's like that. I'm not going anywhere, deal with it.
Laparus: You're going to have to remember that we won't stop wanting to cover your ass.
Warren: son of a bitch. Didn't this ass say in the log I read "enjoy the pain you have given your friend" or some shit.
Chat: yeah?
Warren: That would be the bit about the blindness, no bro.
Antiopa: It knew?
Urbanus: Heliconioides made her vid after that?
Warren: I'm saying that would be talking about what would happen if you attack. Thank gods you didn't try and cook it again.
Laparus: It provoked us into doing horrible things.
Eresimus: So, what if someone were to try and illuminate her path??? To give her some sight so to speak?
Urbanus: *deff wasn't considering stocking up on mirrors* Thank fuck I didn't *hides hammer*
Warren: oh god. not quite pink, yes, don't do that. Jeezis.
Urbanus: I didn'tttt
Warren: I know. Good!
Urbanus: I figured it wouldn't work anymore anyway.
Warren: And Eresimus…
Eresimus: Yeah?
Warren: That is iffy…since we don't know how this…hurting it hurts her thing…works. I don't know what helping her, would do? If that makes sense.
Eresimus: No, it does. I wanted to talk to you before I did ANYTHING at all.
Antimachus: So it's one step ahead so far.
Warren: Bluntly it attempted to restrict it's sight, thus, her sight was restricted.
Antiopa: …..oh god what do Allyni's parents think of us.
Hesperiaris: It might have worked through, depending on if whatever effects him effects her.
Warren: haha Antiopa, her parents don't know you blinded her.
Papilio: Or try this hostage negotiation idea.
Urbanus: Oh, I hope they're not mad, I don't want more angry texts.
Warren: we just figured that out now.
maritime: Let's not tell them that.
Papilio: Like warren said, we need to start talking first.
Antiopa: I know but there going to kill us.
Hesperiaris: We have to be honest, but we don't need to tell them.
Warren: Antiopa, if anyone kills you, it won't be her folks.
9802: Antiopa, if anyone kills you, kill it back.
Hyparete: Allyni knows.
Urbanus: Showtime's more than enough killers for me thanks.
Warren: I will talk with her again tonight.
Papilio: Thank you again Warren.
Warren: Yup, I'm a pretty swell guy.
Hesperiaris: This is why you're our buddy
Warren: he aint just all looks LADIES
maritime: okay warren, I gotta ask quickly
Warren: Yes maritime?
maritime: Inachis tired to give Allyni some of his light to fill the empty bit to stop Mirrors getting in. I'm guessing that won't work?
Warren: ah yes, that video I saw. fuckall you guys. It took a SPECIFIC SCIENCE for Allyni to do what she did with her light…
Hesperiaris: well, we aren't exactly a surgical bunch, we like hammers.
Warren: I'm not saying it did anything bad. It likely didn't do anything.
Maritime: So it won't hurt her?
Warren: if it makes it to her, I don't know what it will do. but I don't think it will make it there at all.
Maritime: okay, thank you.
Denitza: Warren, I actually had a question too and I'm not sure if it's been addressed
Warren: ?
Denitza: Is there a chance that this isn't actually mirrors and it's SFL masquerading as mirrors since it's been kept off Loxura due to the weaver?
Warren: It's poooooooossible o_O
Denitza: I mean it could be a sort of hostage situation?
Warren: But this SFL has been all PAIN PAIN PAIN.
Denitza: "Give me Loxura or the girl gets it"
Warren: I doubt it has the mental dexterity to pull this off. It would prolly pull itself apart even attempting it.
Loxura: If that thing is a projection of SFL, do I need o make sure it doesn't hurt Allyni.
Urbanus: 'nother slightly related question.
Warren: hm? o_O spit it out pretty boy. wait, what?
Loxura: If mirrors can after me would Weaver kill Mirrors?
Warren: ahhh, no, if mirrors attacks you while it still has her, weaver will kill them both. Sorry mate.
Hesperiaris: …oh.
Warren: Well…you have to think of the mind of a sociopath, you tell a normal kid not to touch the oven, they may touch it once and never again, a sociopath may keep touching it, just to prove they can. I would not bring up the weaver. Or anything that could seem like a threat…again, I'm thinking with the idea, that this thing is acting desperately.
Antiopa: So no more snark.
Eresimus: Exactly, keep everything low-key, friendly and business-like with it.
Warren: Desperate creatures are unstable and dangerous.
Maritime: "Friendly" when it's ripping into my friend's back?
Warren: I agree with 23, Antiopa can suck it (referancing Antiopa's username). OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH numer jokes…number* fuck you computer. Well hopefully you never will, its a burden being so numb sometimes. Like when you want to high five, PAIN IN THE ASS.
Satyrus: I'm willing to be the person to have to conversation with if people want. My emotions are dead anyway.
maritime: This too a very depressing turn.
Papilio: No they're not, *kisses muse*
Warren: Woah, PDA! You sfuckers watch it! Sexy fucers. FUCKERS. man this computer is all the balls.
Papilio: PDA = Public Display of AWESOMENESS!
Warren: So I think we are done here yes?
Papilio: Yup.
Philenor: Do you have any real estate for sale Warren?
Warren: I will go call this lovely lady, and let her know whats up.
Chat: Thanks, tell her we love her.
Warren: Maritime has been reading my diary.
maritime: :D
Warren: I will try. He is in some shit at the moment apparently. aight yall. Stay smart.
Warren leaves the chat
Warren returns to the chat
Warren: Also, right quick. If yall are trying to drive someone who has a friend at gunpoint in to talk to you, may want to dial down the sarcasm.
Maritime: Sure thing man.
Warren: Shits chess it aint checkers. l8
Loxura: Yeah, we figured as much.
Denitza: not sure how that metaphor works, but okay.
Warren: IT WORKS LIKE YO MAMA OH SNAP. Whatever…that means…
Segecia: burn.
Warren: *snappiddy snap mu-fuckah* ok L8
Chat: Later!
Septentrionis: Warren are you drunk?
Warren: Not yet. I'm tipsy. n thatnote…L8
Warren leaves the chat

Special thanks to Banana for compiling this chat log