Warren Visit - June 30, 2013

On June 30th, 2013 "Warren" entered the chat to reveal that his mysterious 'organization' surrounding the Weaver, has changed management, and that there may be unexpected repercussions regarding Loxura's condition. Simultaneously, it has been discovered that Antiopa may have been being followed by some unspecified antagonist during her visit to Seattle, prompting 1AmTheHelp3r's attack on her.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

June 30, 2013

Warren enters the chat
Chat is listening to Marvin Gay's "Let's Get It On"
Warren: Getting funky up in here
Septentrionis: WELCOME TO PROM
Warren: ohhh bby come back!!! so yall have been busy eh?
Mari: you wanna come?
Warren: haha ill pass on prom, I'm too good a dancer. Dont want to make people jelly.
Septentrionis: Awwww
Urbanus: you can hear Septentrionis' heart break.
Warren: So guys, Im gonna start off seeing this lady who was having all the funky dreams.
Urbanus: was, she ain't anymore.
Mari: Allyni, come on down!
Allyni: You want me on camera then?
Warren: Yupperz.
Allyni gets on camera
Warren: there she is.
Chat: Hello pretty lady!
Allyni: Hello.
Warren: Gonna need to see your eyes.
Denitza: Warren the ophthalmologist.
Warren: Other one now. Ok. How you been feeling?
Allyni: Sore.
Warren: How so?
Allyni: Hurts to breath sometime cuz of the ribs. And my leg is a pain in the ass. Nothing "Mirrorsy" no…
Warren: Good.
Hellion: Good is good.
Allyni: I agree.
Warren: Keep me update if that changes, now get out of here wit yo pretty face, distracting me. GIT
Warren: Next on the list…did yo friend toss captain curt a window?
Mari: Yes.
Apollo: That happened.
Inachis: Yep. Apparently it's funny.
Hesperiaris: We warned him.
Denitza: We done warned his ass too but uh, yep.
Warren: They are cool, had worse. But damn.
Urbanus: We did warn them.
Septentrionis: Unknown doesn't mess around.
Warren: Also, who was the one who was nearly killed by needs help helper?
Hesperiaris: -Points at Antiopa-
Antiopa: oh, hi, uh
Warren: Ever learn anything about that?
Antiopa: What you mean dude?
Warren: About why it all happened why this guy took then left you.
Hellion: Help3r claims to have saved her and to have succeeded in sparing her.
Apollo: Not so much. There's a second video file with a password he promised to give once she was ready, but we've never gotten it.
Antiopa: Did I learn anything morally or did I gain more info, because both's a no
Hellion: I have theories Warren, but they are just that.
Warren: Hm.
Allyni: Unknown was actually looking into going CSI on Zero's stuffed cat, or rather was was getting a friend to look into it.
Warren: so uh, I'm gonna be straight with yall. Things have been…well, changing on our end of things a bit.
Inachis: What's going down?
Warren: Let's just say, ew management, and keep it at that.
Apollo: Should we be worried?
Inachis: New management? I thought you answered to the weaver and got shit direct from there?
Warren: It's a bit more complicated than that. Anyway…
Mari: It's not because of us, is it?
Warren: Not at all.
Papilio: So does this new management effect Loxura's case at all?
Warren: But I'm just saying, I don't know how all the moving parts are going to be affected. Yes, it does, I assume, but I don't know how. Not yet.
Allyni: That's fair.
Papilio: Appreciate the warning.
Inachis: Do you think it's likely that the quality of protection will suffer?
Urbanus: We''ll be sure to give Ireland trio a heads up.
Warren: I really can't say more sorry, I don't know myself.
Urbanus: It's fine.
Warren: This Unknown…She single?
Hesperiaris: Warren, she would break you.
Warren: I talked to captain curt, she apparently has some moves. Fast.
Wollastoni: I would not recommend pursuing her.
Inachis: That she is man but she has moves that'd make god cry.
Warren: Untrained, but fast.
Mari: Warren, don't you have a lady?
Warren: Not asking for me haha
Septentrionis: …….
Mari: Devin IS interested
Urbanus: Devin needs to back it up, like now.
Apollo: hahahaaa I KNEW IT
Warren: haha chill yo, Devin is married. No I'm not trying to hook anyone up god haha. you guys are ridiculous.
Apollo: :3
Antiopa: Shouldn't we get back to what we were talking about?
Warren: I don't really have anything else guys. Just wanted to warn you, also. Records.
Urbanus: Records?
Warren: That's why I asked, records.
Hesperiaris: Oh. Well that just isn't as entertaining.
Warren: sorry haha
Allyni: Any thoughts on what we need to be doing for Loxura now that Mirrors has complicated things?
Warren: as far as I know the weaver is still with him. im sorry Im a bit scattered.
Septentrionis: But if stuff goes south with Light, then out permanent removal plan is messed up.
Apollo: That's ok. You doin' alright?
Septentrionis: Is everything ok on your end, hun?
Warren: "all goes south" is a horrible generalized statement. Can't really do anything with that you know?
Septentrionis: Okay, if Mirrors prevents Light from completing her end of things, any idea what we should do instead?
Thyodamas: Mirror's seems to think we're leading her to her doom.
Warren: Well, they are there. We are here. Trust her. It's all we can do.
Septentrionis: Alright.
Warren: It's a hard truth, but still the truth. So here is the thing I am just going to say it. We think Antiopa, the one taken by helper was being followed by someone else.
Allyni: ……………..
Papilio: Like who?
Warren: Someone we have been trying to get our hands on for a long time.
Urbanus: Someone, or something?
Mari: …..tall and faceless?
Septentrionis: Showtime?
Antiopa: Uh, no god no.
Warren: I can't say until I know for sure. Work with your friend.
Septentrionis: Fair enough.
Warren: Get all the info you can.
Allyni: Is it someone we know?
Mari: Or know of?
Warren: said I cant say yo I'm just trying to give you a heads up.
Antiopa: Warren, just let me know when you find out, ok
Warren: Will do. I have to go for now yall. l8
Warren leaves the chat

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