Warren Visit - March 30, 2013

On March 30, 2013 "Warren" entered the chat and had an open discussion regarding his knowledge of the Dark Place (referred to as "The Vault"), and other players including 1AmTheHelp3r and Caught. However his knowledge seems to be limited and his ability to discuss the contents of his "file" even more-so.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

March 30, 2013

Warren enters the chat
Warren: sup
Allyni: Busy day of fuckery, yourself?
Warren: Yall had any luck wit yo spooky shit?
Thyodamas: Not really.
Allyni: Well, I wanted to ask you about something actually.
Warren: Sup?
Allyni: Septentrionis and i got string from Searching_for_Loxura. Do you think that would count as something that is "born of it"?
Warren: string? Like what kind of string?
Septentrionis: Yarn, Twine, and kite string.
Allyni: Yeah, it sent us those videos with a fuckton of string
Hellion: He says it used to be his.
Warren: maybe, I doubt it though…unless this thing like poops balls of yarn it's prolly not born from the baddie
Thyodamas: What do you mean "something born of it"? Like it actually has to come out of the thing?
Warren: Fingernails, eyes, skin, hair. Something FROM it
Allyni: Thought so.
Hellion: Well, Heliconioides said something about string coming out of the walls. Like it was alive. Or am I mixing something up?
Allyni: Oddly enough I didn't find a single hair in that ball of string :(
Warren: First rule, before you fight you need to either know what it is, what it looks like, or have something from it
Samuelis: well, we have a fair enough idea of what it looks like. Getting our hands on something like nails, skin, or hair might be a bit of a challenge.
Warren: I still doubt it, wall string or not, unless you're fighting a yarn monster. Which, hell yall, could be. You into tha shit.
Hellion: I have a question, Warren.
Warren: Shoot da whoop.
Hellion: You said I was "Cray" when I asked you if you ever saw the Weaver.
Warren: ya I did
Hellion: Does it not like being seen, and that's why it's crazy? Or is it something else?
Warren: haha i'd say it's something else. Do yall have no clue at all what the weaver is Oo
Chat: Nope.
Warren: sonofabitch man. ok.
Apollo: We weren't even sure it existed, dude. All we got are hand-me-down telephone-train rumors.
Warren: yall can wait. I gottah drop a big one. brb.
Samuelis: Okay then.
Charithonia: …eww.
Warren: aight. So yall keep asking me shit about if the weaver wants something from yall, and I've seen it and shit. The weaver can't want nothin.
Haydn: Is there much you know about the weaver?
Thyodamas: SO the weaver can't experience emotions? Is it like a robot?
Warren: the weaver aint what you would call…sentient…it has not will. It just is. Get me?
Thyodamas: What does it lack of will have to do with it not being seen?
Warren: It has no sense of will because it has no self. Whatsoever. There is no shell, it just is.
Thyodamas: So it has not form. Then how does it do shit? That's weird.
Warren: It operates off need and shit. If the need is strong enough, it makes it possible to fulfill the need.
Samuelis: Does that mean it can be called more than once?
Warren: Yall don't need to call it any more than once, it's gonna be around until the issue is resolved. That's why I'm still here.
Samuelis: I mean, could we call it for another issue? If the need was great enough.
Warren: You could try but shit man, I think you guys underestimate how strange it is that they weaver answered yall at all. Caught yall don't even have anyone dead yet. It's weird.
Allyni: Could other issues factor into what it thinks the issue is? Like would it consider Loxura's safety as something broader than SFL?
Warren: Seriously your situation aint all that bad. Not in comparison.
Apollo: We're weirdly good at surviving.
Allyni: Can it bring people back to life or something?
Warren: haha no.
Allyni: We're worried it might hurt innocent people to protect Loxura, though, based off a rumor we heard.
Samuelis: What about reconnecting a mind to it's body?
Warren: yall already called it, you get what you asked for. I wouldn't be greedy if I were yall.
Samuelis: Was merely curious.
Warren: I'm just sayin it's prolly not gonna answer again. I've never seen it answer someone twice, but then no one has ever asked twice.
Papilio: Warren, are you familiar with the Dark Place?
Warren: Dark Place? What you mean, like my crawl space? Damned raccoons be gettin in there and shit.
Hellion: Not exactly.
Papilio: Well, it's what we've been calling this other world. Kinda like a place where supernatural baddies hang out.
Warren: haha alternate realities, if we gonna talk about that you gonna need a better name to describe it then "The Dark Place".
Wollastoni: That's all we've been told to call it.
Warren: There are quite few "Dark Places". Get me?
Charithonia: It's just what it's called Warren.
Papilio: We could give you some details about what it looks like in there but I don't know if that would help you.
Warren: Hold on. I'll go get yo big ass file. Aw shit man…
Papilio: Hmm?
Warren: dammit, i'm starting to not like yall.
Chat: Why?
Warren: You're talkin about The Vault.
Chat: Huh??
Warren: That's what we call it, The Vault.
Hellion: What is it's function?
Apollo: So why is it called the vault?
Warren: The hell you think?
Glaucopsyche: because it's where shit gets kept.
Charithonia: …what is it keeping?
Allyni: And why does that make you not like us?
Warren: its a fuckin vault. Cause I don't fucking like the fucking vault…fuck.
Allyni: What's wrong with it? Other than the obvious
Apollo: We don't really like it either. But what is it?
Warren: There's a bunch of bad. a BUNCH of it.
Apollo: Yeah, we noticed.
Thyodamas: Hey! I'm in there and I'm not bad D:< Well, half of me.
Warren: The hell you want to know then?
Glaucopsyche: That's where our casper comes from.
Glaucopsyche: DO I LOOK LIKE I'M JOKING? :l
Papilio: Well we have a few people who got trapped in there.
Warren: THAT is where this thing comes from?
Papilio: We think so yes.
Warren: Wonderful.
Apollo: Like everything we deal with is from there, dude. Everything.
Warren: I'm sorry guys, I don't know if I wanna fuck with the damn vault.
Septentrionis: No offense, but I don't think the Weaver will give you a choice.
Warren: No shit, but I can just do my damn job. i don't need to be dicking with this extra crap.
Hyparete: All he HAS to do is give us the countdown.
Samuelis: Hey, you came in here because you were bored.
Papilio: Look Warren we aren't asking you to go in there or anything.
Warren: Yall should just stop. If you want this to end just fucking stop.
Samuelis: We can't "stop", this is our lives now.
Thyodamas: We've gone too far to quit now.
Allyni: We have to help our other friends first. Period.
Warren: Shit man. Anyone interest in some time shares in upstate New York?
Papilio: Look Warren, I appreciate that you are coming here to help us out. Going above your call of duty. But if you have other info on that place that could help us it would be appreciated.
Warren: Prime dates, Prime locations!
Septentrionis: I am if you tell us more about the vault.
Warren: Papilio, I done told you. If you want it to end, you just have to stop. I've never seen anything else work. I've seen some shit yo.
Papilio: So your saying that if we just stop that Loxura will stop getting attacked? That our friends will be freed from the Dark Place? And all the horrible things will just go away.
Apollo: We're supernaturally bound to something in there. Walking away won't make it stop.
Glaucopsyche: Yeah, thanks for your concern Warren, but we're well and truly fucked at this point. I understand if you wanna ollie out tho.
Warren: Stopping ain't gonna make everything better but yall can stop the wildfire from spreading.
Eresimus: I have a questions, Warren. What role does "Slenderman" play in this "Vault"?
Warren: A big one. Now I'm not totally sure how, or god knows fucking why. But a big one. Shit man. Yall be all up in my kix.
Hesperiaris: "Up in my kix"? Does anyone actually talk like that? :P
Warren: Yo sucka I talk how I want.
Hellion: Warren, I'd hate to further scare you, if this will scare you, but do you know of someone named "The Help3r", because he advised us the same thing.
Warren: HA! HAHAHA! Crazy shit helper. I know OF helper.
Samuelis: What do you know of him?
Warren: We aint hung out or anything. He likes train sets or some shit? Teddy bears?
Glaucopsyche: He plays with dolls.
Warren: YES DOLLS.
Hyparete: He tried to kill one of us.
Warren: He'll do that. haha fuckin hardcore helper.
Samuelis: What have you heard about him other than that?
Warren: That fool is cray.
Samuelis: Any details?
Warren: I dunno I just know he's crazy. Steals peoples faces or some shit. Cut em off.
Chat: WHAT.
Allyni: Is that legit or a rumor?
Apollo: Is it bad that didn't surprise me?
Warren: I done told yall. He one cray mothafucker.
Tarquinius: Do you now what he wants?
Warren: What helper? fuck if I know.
Septentrionis: pssstcheckthefile?
Warren: What he needs is a lobotomy.
Glaucopsyche: Interesting fact: the person he almost killed was the "12-year-old" you met the last time. It seemed like he couldn't bring himself to do it, though.
Warren: Ahh, Squeaky McGee
Apollo: Yeah. He had the knife to her through, and then stopped.
Warren: k.
Tarquinius: How do you know of help3r?
Warren: Been in other files. Read em. Laughed. Life goes on yo. Well, for me.
Hesperiaris: Oh, so you read those files but not ours? :( I see how it is… :P
Warren: Yeah, they were better. XP Color coded. Sweet binding…stationary…whew. Good files.
Glaucopsyche: We got a dingy binder didn't we :T
Warren: Your file's shit cupcakes. BINDER? Pah lease. Yalls file is a cardboard box. There aint even no paper clips.
Glaucopsyche: AHAHA of course. No wonder you didn't read that shit.
Warren: fo real.
Thyodamas: SO if you're done boasting about your files, you gonna tell us if you know about a guy called Showtime?
Warren: Just what I done heard on the news. Like a year ago.
Hellion: He wants to kill most people here too.
Warren: You got shit wrapped up in this tool? Crap man.
Glaucopsyche: Well, we heard about him through The Vault, so you may wanna keep an eye out.
Warren: Yall shit be BROKE. Like, REAL broke.
Hellion: He gave us some death poems.
Hesperiaris: He miiight be killing people that have a connection of some sort to us.
Allyni: And look like us.
Warren: K.
Allyni: And have names like us.
Glaucopsyche: Well, mine just looked like me, but Interrogationis's had the name thing.
Apollo: Honestly, the more you react to our situation, the prouder I get none of us are dead yet.
Warren: hooray.
Samuelis: Warren, can I ask you a question?
Warren: nope. Playing, go for it. DON'T DO IT. Go ahead.
Samuelis: Posts 1AmTheHelp3r's Symbol
Warren: That aint no question.
Samuelis: Have you ever seen that symbol? Or know what it might mean?
Warren: Nope.
Samuelis: Okay, thanks anyway :3
Warren: Yup.
Thyodamas: Do you know about a thing we call Mirrors?
Hadyn: yasurc/The Mirror/samadoyht?
Thyodamas: It talks backwards, is usually associated with mirrors, and has no legs.
Septentrionis: If so many things from the vault are fucking with us, it sounds like a fairly shitty vault…
Papilio: We were the ones poking around in it Rabbit
Warren: Sounds like if so many things from the vault are fucking with you. Yall been loosening the hinges.
Hellion: We've been dealing with something called "RoivasSevil" that wants "To go back".
Haydn: Have you heard of G-1467? A "Strong's Number"?
Warren: Not ringing any bells.
Hesperiaris: We have entered into a cult centered around Roivas.
Warren: OH! THAT EXPLAINS IT! You're a cult.
Hadyn: We're not. We swear.
Glaucopsyche: He wasn't…serious…
Warren: Yall creepy cults be gettin yourselves killed ALL tha time.
Papilio: That's actually a joke Warren.
Warren: I get it now ok.
Hesperiaris: No cult ever actually calls itself a cult :P They call themselves things like…Family…
Warren: You would be surprised how often yall cults say that shit.
Hellion: Um Warren, if not "RoivasSevil", how about "Dawn Flower".
Hadyn: Or "Ulysses"?
Warren: I read that shit once. SNORE TOWN.
Haydn: Say, Warren, could you look through your files for something?
Warren: uuuugh, for what?
Hesperiaris: Did one of the more interesting files mention a "Scott"? Or a "Melaney"?
Hadyn: Do you have one for "Adam Denhim" or a Scott, containing a journal?
Warren: Homeboy, even if I find something, I'm not supposed to share the file. Kinda a rule.
Hadyn: Aww, so no info.
Hesperiaris: Well, Roivas is connected to Scott, as is Help3r, so it seems rather relevant to us.
Warren: I'm sure it is.
Allyni: Or rather, is "Caught" in our file then?
Warren: What did I just say! Even if there is stuff in the file on these people, I can't show you what it is. I am imparial, as I said the weaver has no inherent feelings. It is not good or bad, yall on the other hand COULD be very bad. So I can't tell you shit.
Hellion: Very fair warren. I apologize.
Allyni: So, then back to Loxura's situations then.
Warren: I can help you best as I can through your issue weaver was called for. Outside of that (which I should not even be doing). Yall on your creepy cult own. Get me?
Chat: Okay, fair.
Thyodamas: So if we find something born of searching, what do we do with it? Do we burn it or something?
Warren: Always burning with you. Why you burning everything!?
Hellion: Some of us use water
Septentrionis: We like fire. It's our thing.
Warren: Does your mom know about this issue?
Thyodamas: Yes she does. She helps me out OwO
Wollastoni: That's all we've been told to do, is burn things.
Warren: Burning won't do shit to something born of fire yo.
Hesperiaris: …this thing is born of fire?
Thyodamas: Ok, that's a new one.
Warren: Fire is not an end all.
Thyodamas: So what would you recommend?
Warren: sigh I'm being rhetorical.
Allyni: Ok.
Warren: You don't know what it is, so you have no way of knowing if fire will hurt it.
Thyodamas: True…
Warren: Use the bit born of it to find out what it is. Then you can adapt and fight it.
Samuelis: So our hands are basically tied until we can get something born of it.
Hellion: How do we use the bit?
Allyni: How would we figure out what it is by just a bit of hair or something though. We don't have a lab…
Warren: You have a person here and a person there. That's usually enough.
Apollo: Unknown's tested stuff for us before.
Hellion: Makes sense.
Warren: Yall stay chill my pizza's here. L8.
Warren leaves the chat

Special thanks to Banana for compiling this chat log