Warren Visit - November 18, 2013

On November 18, 2013 "Warren" entered the chat asking for volunteers to assist him in recreating the machines used to monitor the Weaver. Calling for three volunteers to act as anchors for the "Weaver's Eye" he outlines the ritual necessary and explains that a Weaver's eye might allow him to assist Laparus. He also admits that he knows little of Showtime, given their association to the "vault".

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

November 18, 2013

Warren enters the chat
Chat: Hello
Warren: Will be back to talk with yall crazy kids l8ah.
Denitza: I hope you're actually gonna talk.
Warren: Have to get some stuff…just wanted to say a quick hey, finally al set up here.
Denitza: 'Cause the last time we were promised that, well, you probs already know what happened.
Warren: yeh, part of why I need to go out and get stuff. Some brain scan stuff, wiring, I need a new monitor everything…get properly set up here.
Antiopa: Well, you do that.
Warren: Anyway I'm out, lil hitcha guys soon.
Denitza: We'll be waiting.
Warren: Much love yo!
Antiopa: We'll be here like always bro!
Warren: Stay safe yall
Warren leaves the chat
Warren enters the chat
Chat: Warren! Hi! Good to see you!
Warren: Aw you guyssssss
Maraho: How things and stuff and things?
Warren: Make a guy blush. Sorry, still setting up here.
Denitza: Whatcha setting up?
Hellion: Whats the gear for?
Warren: And it's well…it's a mad house out there, so right quick, mr. handsome and British is still breathing, yes?
Urbanus: Paradox is doing well, he was here this morning.
Apollo: Things have been calmer for him. Don't know why, but it's hard to look a gift horse in the mouth.
guest_24601: Unless the horse was manufactured in Troy.
Warren: So, I will be honest after my brothers and sisters got taken out I zoned for a bit.
Maraho: that is understandable bud.
Warren: Thought of running but then I looked into it a bit and it seems like they are all gone. Not just the ones on site, from what I can gather looks like I'm all that's left, which…is bullshit.
Guest_24601: So running is now pointless. Convenient if unpleasant.
Warren: And I was ON site, which means lets be blunt I should be dead.
Urbanus: Do you think maybe your connection to the weaver saved you?
Warren: Impossible, I'm not under that umbrella.
Guest_24601: Maybe the Beast has some sort of purpose for you then.
Warren: There are a few others I have not been able to track down, so they MAY be alive. But those few are not anyone I can really…trust anymore sooo. May as well be alone.
Apollo: We'll do what we can for you when you need it. <3
Warren: In any case, sing them happy songs cause look like im sticking around…which means I need to get weavers eye back online.
Hellion: Weaver's eye?
Warren: And get to work.
Allyni: Is that a technical term?
Apollo: There's a thing that you might wanna know about in that case. It didn't just affect Loxura though, Allyni too.
Warren: Yeah, my bad, Weaver's eye is a machine. Well, it was, it will have to be more like a mashup of things the way I will have to build it.
Apollo: And it might be good maybe?
Guest_24601: And this Weaver's Eye is how you keep watch over active situations?
Warren: The weaver's eye lets us see, what the weaver sees, more or less, it's also how we find people in need, it's how we found your british buddy. Otherwise we would have never known how to find him ourselves, and be here.
Chat: Cool.
Warren: The way I will have to build it, it will be more like science fair.
Apollo: Hey, if it works, it doesn't have to be pretty.
Warren: Well, firstly, I'll need it to be able to offer any help to your buddy out there in the wind. Secondly I do need help or I may as well build an x-wing out of paper napkins cause the shit won't work.
Chat: How can we help?
Warren: And I only build paper napkin x-wings for fun baby. Weaver's eye requires three anchor points to function.
Hesperiaris: Anchor points being…?
Warren: Anchor points being three living people, and the anchor points we had, well, you know.
Apollo: What does that entail?
Warren: Well, first, a disclaimer. The anchor points ted to get pretty bad headaches sporadically, and have been prone to a vertigo like sickness. So no one who doesn't feel like they can handle that should not attempt to help with this. The brain monitoring equipment is for my end. I get my pretty ass in the seat, hook up and the weaver feeds through me so the images weaver sees display on monitor, and yes it hurts like a mother.
Papilio: Like in Ahhh real monsters?
Warren: Shit yeah! XD I mean…apt. Quite apt.
Guest_24601: So you are a conduit as part of the device?
Warren: Pretty much yeah. Other than the vertigo and the headaches, some anchor points have heard voices, but it's not as common.
Roppop: How bad were the voices they heard?
Warren: Bad?
Roppop: As in, were they loud, rude, etc?
Warren: Oh well it varies. The voices are the potentials.
Roppop: Ah, I see.
Warren: The people the weaver is noticing that need something. Like I said though that's rare.
Apollo: Okay. Anything else?
Warren: Yeah, like the other stuff if you don't figure you can handle it, then don't try this.
Allyni: If you value any bit of peace and quiet at all, think long and hard before electing to hear voice.
Warren: Yes, how are you Allyni you foxy lady?
Allyni: fxdcvghbvgcfbgh I've been doing ok. A little better actually but under kind of suspect reason.
Chat: *various volunteers*
Warren: Well, yes the device only needs three, but what three is not up to any of us. Many can attempt to become an anchor point but the weaver will select three. First you guys fully understand the side effect I just explained?
Chat: Yes.
Warren: Ok. To attempt this you will need leaves from a tree, bush, some kind of living plant life no more than a quarter mile from where you sleep and an item of significance. You will also need a marker.
Roppop: Any color needed?
Warren: I feel like I am setting up a do it at home craft project here. Black marker. You will also need a camera to display the act, more for my records than anything else.
Eresimus: The leaves, since it's fall, need to be green?
Warren: Not really, but sooner the better seeing as we want to use it to help Laparus: I will be gathering the rest of my materials through the week, some of it will be harder to get than others…but I think I can manage it.
Hesperiaris: So what do we do with the leaves, item and marker?
Warren: Ok so, for the act itself. First of all you will have to clear your mind out as well as you can. Take a bubble bath, play with a puppy, anything to get your head clear. If you need some advice I would ask Allyni as I'm fairly sure ol hokey helper must have had a similar requirement to do what they did.
Guest_24601: Forgive me, Warren, but you sound like Han Solo.
Warren: When you are confiden that your mind is clear, you will need to draw this symbol, on the back of each hand.
Warren links ritual image in chat
Warren: Then, form that symbol out of the leaves on a wood table in front of you, with the item of significance in the center.
Allyni: Han didn't believe in that Jedi nonsense.
Guest_24601: That's what I mean Allyni, "ol' hokey Help3r"
Warren: haha I am obi han ca-liea thank you very much
Phlogea: *places Warren back on track*
Warren: I HAVE BEEN PLACED. Once you have done this, place your hands over your eyes, and speak the words "I lend the weaver my sight". This must be said in whatever tongue you first learned to speak with. Speak in? I don't think many people get new tongues, so yes, speak in. and that's it. If there are three among those who try that the weaver accepts, we will be golden.
Guest_24601: How will this help Laparus, may I ask?
Warren: It will at the least let me find him, I will also be able to help in the hunt. Meaning I can find the bad guys before htey find him and I can lead him to them in a more effective manner. Sneaky sneaky basically.
Chat: Thanks you Warren?
Warren: I doubt these two will be just whistling flowers out their ass on main street. So if we could set up a sneak attack, that would be good.
Chat: Thanks for some good news, Warren.
Warren: Hey, it's what I do. Like I said it's a mess out there. I intend to clean that shit sparkly.
Urbanus: Speaking of messes, can I ask you something? Like, do you have a minute?
Warren: How do I keep this glimmering sheen in my hair? Coco butter, dear.
Urbanus: How did you know that was my question? ;D Okay, but srs question tho.
Warren: XD yeah
Urbanus: Helper gave me info as to showtimes pick for a second effigy for me.
Warren: Ok.
Urbanus: And under Roivas suggestion, I'm going to Seattle to try and save her. Do you have anything on showtime that might be of assistance?
Warren: Honestly dude, people who deal with the vault are a pain in my ass. They don't tend to leave a trail and I don't even know how.
Urbanus: Wait, showtime deals with the vault??
Warren: You know, the big guy who killed all my family? Anything to do with that thing is hard as hell to track down, hell these mars brothers are the same way.
Urbanus: So he is being hunted by slonds. Fuckin wonderful.
Warren: No real trail, just those old ass reports.
Urbanus: Do you have any of those reports?
Warren: Not anymore, I lost everything man. And I don't like being without my everything let me tell you.
Urbanus: Well, I'm fucked, so nice knowing you guys. Thanks anyway, man. Whatever, I can still save her. Hopefully I just won't run into Showtime.
Maraho: If you run into him make sure it's with a car?
Warren: XD, yes do this.
Urbanus: I don't drive.
Warren: A segway then. Covered in barbed wire.
Apollo: Maybe she drives. Or in a taxi. Or an emergency getaway like in a movie.
Guest_24601: Even better. If you can't drive you're more likely to kill him and make it look accidental.
Warren: Ok yall, I gotta be off and get to work on this motherboard. You stay safe.
Urbanus: Thanks for all the help and stuff.
Warren: No worries, the hell else am I gonna do…I gotta be alive for some reason.
Hellion: That's the beautiful thing about life warren, you make those reasons.
Warren: Aint that the truth. Aight l8ah yall!
Chat: bye.
Warren leaves the chat

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