Warren Visit - November 27, 2013

On November 27, 2013 "Warren" requested detailed schematics of buildings in Washington State. He also discussed, to some degree, his personal life and his attempts to rebuild the systems that he has lost since the destruction of Weaver's company.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

November 27, 2013

Warren enters the chat
Chat: Hey, Warren!
Warren: sonofabitch fucking password protected bullhonkey man.
Roppop: Haha, sorry.
Warren: I'm sorry I've had a bit to drank and shit.
Septentrionis: You feeling okay otherwise?
Warren: I must be there must be no pants like 40 times. HELLO PRETTY LADAY
Moogle: Oh god, Warren.
Warren: Yanno, I'm recently single to all you ladies. Also what?
Janelle: Warren, has weaver picked the three anchors yet?
Loxura: Do you know about the crap going on today/tonight?
Warren: I would think so since the fucking thing TURNED ON by itself earlier -_- it's not even done.
Samuelis: That would explain so much.
Loxura: …That would explain it's glitchyness.
Warren: I haven't even figured out how to compensate for the nural compasetor. Or something.
Phlogea: Have you tried hitting it with a hammer?
Warren: I hit it with a bag of hammers. (literally)
Phlogea: Hit it hard her.
Loxura: If I happened to see some random crap that knocked me out cold around the time of that happening…
Warren: Wait, ur the pretty english boy? The Weaver kid?
Loxura: …is it connected? I am. I suppose…
Warren: GODDAMMIT. That's not supposed to happen…
Loxura: That was my reaction too.
Warren: I'm sorry…
Loxura: Didn't think so.
Warren: I have never built the weaver's eye…there are locks and barriers…and, well, a lot of shit.
Loxura: Do you have any info on why I got what I'm imagining was feedback?
Warren: Some cerebral connection must be…fucked…or…something
Loxura: Because…that was some shit I didn't expect man.
Warren: That's really not supposed to happen. I'm so sorry mate, we had technicians, and like….fucking…like you don't even know man…a whole crew of people. Who built this shit.
Samuelis: It's okay, Warren.
Warren: I'm like, fucking.
Loxura: Wasn't so bad. What came after would have been, but that was averted as well. Thankfully.
Warren: I'm all alone here.
Samuelis: You're doing your best.
Croesus: You did pretty damn good, all things considered.
Warren: I don't know how to do any of this. The whole fucking thing is gonna fucking fucked fuck collapse.
Phlogea: Flying a tardis solo is no easy task Warren, don't worry.
Warren: And…
Loxura: You're doing the best you can with what you've got. I'm just happy to know there's some confirmation on what it was, really.
Septentrionis: You got the thing working. That's pretty damn impressive.
Warren: GODDAMMIT. You don't even get it man. It's fucking chaos out there.
Loxura: Yeah, if that's what I actually saw, then I can fucking agree with you.
Croesus: We've kinda gotten this shit working…
Warren: I have to get this shit working…but I don't know if I can.
Loxura: Am I right in thinking I'm going to get further feedback?
Warren: I'm drnk enough to be honest with yall. Beyont what I should tell you.
Croesus: Warren, you can do this.
Warren: Cause shit I don't know you, not REALLY, but what the fuck ever, yauh know, like, we stopped so much from getting out of hand. A lot of it before it could really hurt anyone. Fuck. Devin killed…like over 70 people just to keep people safe. Dammit I miss him. Anyway man, like, fucking like, bad terrible shit. We stopped it. I was fucking RAISED to stop it, all I've ever known is this shit, and now its all fuucking broken and i'm not ready for THIS.
Guest_24601: You can keep doing it, Warren.
Warren: I can't build THIS THING.
Croesus: yes, you can warren.
Warren: I don't even know how it works. I'm like…blind.
Samuelis: We're here to help in whatever way we can.
Warren: following schematics I don't understand.
Guest_24601: Warren, what problems are you having?
Roppop: Blind or not, I'd say you've been doing a damn good job.
Warren: I need schematics. I need schematics of buildings, in seattle. Washington. Old fucking warehouses or old like constructions has beens. I need something non-populated and large.
Phlogea: How would we get you schematics?
Goose: To build it in?
Selene: Heh, need a seattle-ite to go out in search of said buildings?
Warren: Internet yo fuck I dunno. I would get it but I need to finish installing these security doors. You know some fuck tried to take me out TODAY. IM A FUCKING CRIPPLE YO.
Roppop: What? Are you alright??
Phlogea: A fuck named Mars?
Warren: gimmie some fucking space. Haaa no. If it was them fools id be dead.
Guest_24601: Warren, have you considered asking somebody for help?
Warren: I can't handle that…ask who guest.
Phlogea: Oh. Well there's a whole empty building near Value Village.
Warren: Who in the holy fuck would I ask. Everyone is fucking gone. Hell, I would be all for running and gunning.
guest_24601: I believe you're in a chatroom full of willing people.
Warren: But I can't well run. And it's only now I realize…I never actually told yall…that…did I? Wheeeeeelllp. I'm sorry.
Septentrionis: Shh, you're okay sweetheart.
Croesus: You've got nothing to be sorry for warren.
Warren: I'm ok. I just need a moment.
Chat: Take your time.
Warren: ok.
Croesus: You good?
Warren: Think is I need a large confined non-populated place to finish the link. I won't know who the weaver chose in the end, yall have to tell me if you get symptoms and I will log that shit. Again, this is all above my pay grade as it were.
Samuelis: I started showing a symptom. I have a pretty fanfuckingtacular headache.
Warren: I have not done this before…I was always just the fuckin conduit. There was a whole group of fucks who dealt with the eye but they're gone now. So yeh.
Croesus: Warren, it's ok. Deep breaths.
Warren: I was gonna take care of it. Gonna find the place…I didn't wanna put too much on yall. And well.
Samuelis: Warren, it's okay man.
Warren: Anyway now I'm installing security doors. So I'm a bit busy.
Chat: We understand, it's okay.
Samuelis: :-/ You weren't kidding about the headache though, seriously.
Warren: I warned yall, so that's one. Hopefully, not to be happy for your hurt head or nothin, it's just…again, I haven't done this and if the weaver rejected all yall. Well, that would be fucksville.
Samuelis: It'll be ok :) One down, heh.
Warren: But yeah, I need something to find me some schematics of useful locations, derelict buildings, warehouses that aren't in use some days. Anything. And I need them quick-ish.
Selene: I'll definitely keep an eye out.
Warren: Then I can finalize the link.
Glaucopsyche: How do we get them to you?
Guest_24601: I might have a contact or two I can press.
Warren: And make this fucker work properly. Hopefully…
Selene: Does it have to be in the city, or can it be in the surrounding suburbs?
Warren: When you find 'em, post 'em somewhere, I'll find em. Surrounding is doable too, anywhere in Washington.
Selene: I think I know of some places up around where Phlogea and I live.
Warren: Prolly shouldn't have told yall where I'm cooped but well, the wine is talking and…this is a fucking hot spot. So, here I am.
Yeh, just keep an eye to the youtubes Warren, ma petit chou fleur.
Warren: Are you frenching me boy?
Guest_24601: He's cauliflowering you, I believe.
Warren: Brb I need to pee like a mother. OK, yo, fuck sorry there was an infomercial on about a vacuum that can pick up a cat. A CAT.
Warren: BAUGHT IT. Yes, please, gimme all the cats. Though I did get to thinkin, I said I was a cripple and yall didn't seem surpized. The fuck is that about?
Guest_24601: Devin mentioned it.
Warren: That little shit.
Hellion: He came in, warned us about getting too close and messing around with the weaver.
Guest_24601: I feel at this stage we can hardly get the man into trouble.
Warren: that fuckin' guy. you know he taught me how to ride a two wheel? Serious shit man. I miss that fuck.
Hellion: Likewise, he was a good man, a rare specimen to be sure.
Warren: He was, and that fucking bitch…anyway. Anyway, she'll get hers.
Mari: Wait, she's still alive?
Warren: I said she may still be out there. I searched government datas and shit. Her body wasn't taken in . So, maybe, of all the fucking people to get out…Makes sense 'cause she was (maybe is) fucking good. Don't mean I like it…
Guest_24601: If she is, let it be. If you claim revenge somebody else will only do the same to you.
Warren: everything's fucked up.
Mari: Wait, wasn't she gonna go after Loxura if Devin died? Is that still a thing?
Warren: I don't know Mari. With the power gone, who knows she lived by the fucking code. I never really "got" her. In all the years I knew her. She has conviction but I don't know where it really lies. Yanno?
Mari: If she did, would the Weaver protect Loxura against her do you know?
Warren: Weaver will protect our pretty englishman from anything that would try and harm him. Weaver doesn't operate by contractual obligation. Not ours anyway.
Phlogea: Did you just imply there are multiple weavers?
Warren: No? How did I imply that?
Phlogea: Oh. The "not ours anyway" confused me.
Warren: Naw, I mean not by our human contracts, like, how we see them.
Phlogea: Got it, Dr. Faust.
Warren: I feel like you are frenching me again boy. Germaning me? Your something me.
Croesus: If anyone is gonna french Warren, it'll be me. I mean what >.>
Warren: I have to tell yall. I was gonna stop straight up.
Croesus: Oh?
Warren: Everything's gone, I was gonna hang it up, but here yall are. Fucking saving the goddamned world. Haha.
Croesus: Yeah, we're stubborn like that.
Warren: I've dealt with a lot of cults, a LOT, but yall, shit. I've not dealt with a cult so set on helping others, regardless, yall are a cult man, you set on to do a function not understanding it. Fell under the leadership of a power you don't get, and fucking "magic". Complete with sparkles.
Guest_24601: To be fair, they do not fit the definition of a cult. I know my cults.
Warren: Yall are a cult.
Thyodamas: It's not a cult until we get fancy cloaks.
Warren: Hey shuttup Thyodamas, you sold your soul. You are amung the cultiest.
Thyodamas: I did not sell my soul I made a spirit clone, it was for science.
Warren: In ANY CASE my POINT is yall…I think yall are worth investing in so here I am.
Chat: Thanks <3
Tarquinius: Hey warre, how exactly can the machine thing start by itself?
Loxura: And send ma bunch of feedback.
Warren: How can the weaver's eye start up without me? It should not be able to…
Tarquinius: yeah, oh well, shit.
Warren: All I can think is that it somehow tapped into the pretty boys synapses or some shit, cause they are connected. In any case, I'm assuming the connection was a shit storm, I doubt it changed anything, other than mentally abusing your buddy. I've had some contact due to the eye with your firend. But it's best I don't really talk about that, as this shit has been known to be watched.
Heliconioides: by…? >.>
Warren: *Plays a lovely song* by them fucks. Oh hi there heliconioides-lady.
Heliconioides: o.o Hi. Nice to meet you >.>
Warren: What I'm saying is I'm not gonna talk about what I spoke about with your friend. Not yet, he's safe now.
Heliconioides: Safe is good!
Warren: Take that shit and be comforted. I'm not gonna get him killed making yall feel better.
Guest_24601: For how long is he safe?
Warren: guest, what did I just say, who the hell even are you?
Antiopa: He's a guest that stops by sometimes, he's a cool dude, chill.
Warren: I know he's cool. He's too fucking cool. He knows shit people don't usually know asks smart questions, doesn't shit around, so I wonder who the hell you are mate.
Guest_24601: I'm a man whose had a lot of experience.
Warren: Yeah, that I gathered.
Guest_24601: With a lot of things.
Warren: You and I are gonna have a deep conversation another time. When I'm not a bottle deep.
Guest_24601: I think that's probably a good idea, Warren.
Warren: Anyway your pal is cool for now so just trust him. It's all you can do. He is a Devin type, he's gonna do that crazy shit, all you can do is love on him, and help.
Goose: And how should we help?
Warren: As far as I can tell yall have done your part. You're culty thang.
Heliconioides: So there's nothing else you could think of?
Warren: We had a lot of tools man, recepies, that make things that could help, but that shit is in the wind. At the moment it's all on you.
Guest_24601: You need to restock the toolkit.
Warren: exactly, when I find some of that shit yall will be the first to know.
Chat: Thanks Warren.
Warren: Hell…I need that shit back in capable hands to stop the shit typhoon that is rolling out there.
Hesperiaris: How bad is it? exactly?
Warren: I can't quite roll up in my wheely and beat up bitches yanno.
Phlogea: Think of the combo weapon wheelchair from Dead Rising 2
Warren: Accurate. hahaha XD aight yall so, Ima try and get this shit together. I need them schematics by friday.
guest_24601: Let us know if you need further help.
Warren: It's REALLY important I get them by then.
Hellion: Washington area right?
Warren: Anywhere in Washington, yeah.
Hellion: Gotcha, Not D.C.?
Warren: Hell if you find something in a surrounding state by the end of tomorrow that could work too. No, not DC smartass XD. Yall take care O yourselves. l8ah yall.
Chat: Bye!
Warren leaves the chat

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log.